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Companion to the Altar :

Shewing the


Of A

Sacramental Preparation,

In order to our Worthy

Receiving the Holy COMMUNION,


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Those FEARS and SCRUPLÉS about Eating and

Drinking Unwortbily, and of incurring our Damnation thereby, are proved groundless and unwarrantable.

Unto which are added,


Preparative to a SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION, according to what the Church of England requires from her Communicants.

I will was my Hands in Innocency, O Lord, and so wili i go to think

Aliar. Psal. xxvj. V. 6.


Printed by JOHN



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HE ufual Reason which Men assign for their not

coming so often to the Holy Sacrament as they would do, is their Fear of Eating and Drinking unworthily, and consequently of incurring their own Damnation thereby. The Design tben of this short Discourse is, to flew what that Sacramental Preparation is, which is absolutely necessary to qualify Men for a worthy Participation of the Lord's Supper, that so Mon may come without the least Fear of Eating and Drinking Damnation to themselves : For which Purpose, I conceive no Rule, no Instruction more safe, easy, and instructive, than that of our Church Catechism, which I bave endeavoured to explain, and accommodate for the Use and Benefit of the meanest Capacity.

The concluding Part of this Discourse contains PRAYERS and MedITATIONS preparative to SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION ; and though they be few in Number, yet I hope they fully answer all those Several Parts of a Communicant's Duty, according to that Rule and Standard wbich our Church has fixed for



our Guide and Companion to the Holy Altar. By the Addition of those Psalms, and proper Lessons annexed to each particular Prayer and Meditation the Communicant may enlarge bis Devotions to what Degree or Length be pleaseth: through which Method you have as much Matter for actual Preparation in this little Book, as in any other Discourse of this Nature whatsoever,


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LL those Blessings which we now enjoy, and hope

hereafter to receive from Almighty God, purchased for us, and must be obtained thro' the Merits and Intercession of the Holy Jesus, who has instituted and ordained Holy Mysteries, as Pledges of his Love, and for a continual Remembrance of his Death and Paffion, to our great and endless Comfort, Lyke xxii. 19. 1 Cor. xi. 24. But then we must remember, that these Benefits and Blessings (which the Son of God hath purchated for us) are no where promised, but upon Çondition that we ourlelves are firit duly qualified for them. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is a solemn Rarification of our Baptismal Covenant, wherein God for his Part hach faithfully promised Pardon and Remifhon of Sins to all true Penitents; and we for our Parts are therein solemnly bound to be faithful and obedient unto kim, 2 Tim. ii. 19. Before then we can promise to ourselves any Benefit or Advantage from the Participacion of this folemn Rite and Covenant between God and us, we must en deavour (what in us lies) to posels our Souls with all those

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