The Elizabethans

Random House, 1 sep. 2011 - 448 sidor
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England under Elizabeth I.

A time of war and plague, politics and rebellion, personal heroism and religious fanaticism. When if you were born poor you stayed poor, and the thumbscrews and the rack could be the grim prelude to the executioner's block.

But it was also an age that encouraged literary genius, global exploration, and timeless beauty. When the lowly privateer Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe with no reliable navigational instruments and only a drunken, mutinous crew for company. When the Queen's favourite, the wealthy and handsome Robert Dudley, was widely suspected of having killed his wife. And when only the machinations of ruthless intriguers like William Cecil and Francis Walsingham prevented Elizabeth's kingdom from descending into anarchy and political chaos.

The Elizabethans is a panoramic, exhilarating depiction of an intensely colourful period by master-historian, A N Wilson. This is what life under Elizabeth I was really like.

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Review: The Elizabethans

Användarrecension  - Goodreads

Having read AN wilson's 'Victorians' I knew his writing style would be detailed and scholarly, yet readable. I was not disappointed and this book covered the whole of Elizabeth's reign via many ... Läs hela recensionen

Review: The Elizabethans

Användarrecension  - Goodreads

This book delved into the different aspects of Elizabethan lifestyle, foods, government and upper and lower classes of people. It was very informational. Läs hela recensionen

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A. N. Wilson was born in 1950 and educated at Rugby and New College, Oxford. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, he holds a prominent position in the world of literature and journalism. He is an award-winning biographer and a celebrated novelist, winning prizes for much of his work. He lives in North London.

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