Interesting Historical Events, Relative to the Provinces of Bengal, and the Empire of Indostan: With a Seasonable Hint and Perswasive to the Honorable the Court of Directors of the East India Company. As Also the Mythology and Cosmogony, Fasts and Festivals of the Gentoo's, Followers of the Shastah. And a Dissertation on the Metempsychosis, Commonly, Though Erroneously, Called the Pythagorean Doctrine, Volym 2

T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1767
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Sida 82 - A patient, useful creature, born to bear The warm and woolly fleece, that cloth'd her murderer. And daily to give down the milk she bred, "' A tribute for the grass on which she fed.
Sida 83 - And in the water views perhaps the knife Uplifted, to deprive him of his life; Then broken up alive, his entrails sees Torn out, for priests t' inspect the Gods
Sida 90 - Hindoo great law-giver and prophet, Bramah, his wives, inconfolable for his lofs, refolved not to furvive him, and offered themfelves voluntary victims on his funeral pile. The wives of the chief Rajahs, the firft officers of the ftate, being unwilling to have it thought that they were deficient in fidelity and affection, followed the heroic example fet them by the wives of Bramah. The Bramins, a tribe then newly...
Sida 152 - Gentoos in general are as dangerous and wicked a people as any race of people in the known world, if not eminently more so, especially the common run of brahmins.
Sida 95 - ... held over the flame, whilft he dropped three times fome ghee on it, which melted, and fell into the fire...
Sida 82 - And plough'd with pains, thy else ungrateful field ? From his yet reeking neck to draw the yoke, That neck, with which the surly clods he broke ; And to the hatchet yield thy husbandman, , Who finish'd Autumn, and the Spring began J Nor this alone ! but Heav'n itself to bribe, We to the gods our impious acts ascribe : First recompense with death their creatures...
Sida 96 - Bramins fell at her feet — after fhe had bleffed them they retired weeping— by two fteps fhe afcended the pile, and entered the arbour ; on her entrance fhe made a profound reverence at the feet of the deceafed, and advanced and feated herfelf by his head...
Sida 95 - She then divested herself of her bracelets and other ornaments, and tyed them in a cloth which hung like an apron before her, and was conducted by her female relations to one corner of the pile. On the pile was an arched arbour, formed...
Sida 97 - With what dignity, and undaunted a countenance, fhe fet fire to the pile the laft time, and aflumed her feat, can only be. conceived, for words cannot convey a juft idea of her. — The pile being of combuftible matters, the fupporters of the roof were prefently confumed, and it tumbled upon her.
Sida 93 - Russel, and sent her word she had now nothing to live for, but recommended her children to her protection.

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