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"No one is to disturb another in his speech by hissing, coughing, spitting." 6 Grey, 332.

"Nevertheless, if a member finds that it is not the inclination of the House to hear him, and that, by any kind of noise, they attempt to drown his voice, it is most prudent for him to submit to the pleasure of the House and sit down." 2 Hats. 77, 78.

"If a member be called to order by a Senator for words spoken, the exceptionable words shall immediately be taken down in writing, that the president may be better enabled to judge of the matter."-Rule 7, of the U. S. Senate.

"It is a breach of order in debate to notice what has been said on the same subject in the other House, or the particular votes or majorities on it there; because the opinion of each House

should he left to ita own independency not to


be influenced by the proceedings of the other: and the quoting them might beget reflections, leading to a misunderstanding between the two Houses." 8 Grey, 22.

"No member may be present when a bill, or any business concerning himself, is debating, nor is any member to speak to the merits of it till he withdraws. 2 Hats. 219."

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"The rule is, that if a charge against a member arise out of a report of a committee, or examination of witnesses in the House, as the member knows from that, to what points he is to direct his exculpation, he may be heard to those points, before any question is moved or stated against him. He is then to be heard, and withdraw before any question is moved. But if the question itself is the charge, as for breach of order, or matter arising in the debate, there the charge must be stated, that is, the question must be moved, himself heard, and then to withdraw." 2 Hats. 121, 122.


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"When the private interests of a member are concerned in a bill or question, he is to withdraw. And where such an interest has appeared, his voice has been disallowed even after a division. In a case so contrary, not only to the laws of decency, but to the fundamental principles of the social compact, which denies to any man to be a judge in his own case, it is for the honor of the House that this rule, of immemorial observance, should be strictly adhered to." 2 Hats. 119; 6 Grey, 368.


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"A question of order may be adjourned in order to give time to look into precedents." 2 Hats. 118.

"In parliament all decisions of the Speaker may be controlled by the House." 3 Grey, 319.

Sec. 16. Opening of the Session.

The members of the Legislature assemble in their respective chambers at the State House in the City of Trenton, on the second Tuesday next succeeding the day of the general election, usually at three o'clock P. M. Custom has appropriated certain seats to each county, in the hall of Assembly, (the entire delegation of each County sitting together.) In Council, the member who first comes, selects his seat by taking possession of the key of the desk, excepting the seat on the left of the President, which is appropriated to the oldest member.

"The Assembly when met shall have power to choose their Speaker, and other officers, to be judges of the qualifications of their own members." Const. Art. 5.

"Any person or persons who shall be elected as aforesaid, is hereby empowered to administer to the said members, the said oath or affirmation." Const. Art. 23.

The members elect of the Assembly having taken their seats, and the clerk of last year at his desk (or in case of his absence a Clerk pro tem.) with a list of the members arranged in

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"You do solemnly declare that, as a member of he Assembly, of the State of New Jersey, you will not assent to any law, vote, or proceeding, which shall appear to you injurious to the public welfare of said State, nor that shall annul or repeal that part of the third section in the charter of this State, which establishes that the elections of members of the Legislative Council and Assembly, shall be annual, nor that part of the twenty-second section in said charter, respecting the trial by jury; nor that shall annul, repeal, or alter any part or parts of the eighteenth and nineteenth sections of the same."

"You do solemnly swear that you will support the Constitution of the United States."

At the conclusion of each oath the member from Hunterdon will add-" so help you God," and the member from Monmouth will give his assent by kissing the book.

If a member request it, the ceremony of touching and kissing the book will be dispensed with and the "oath of the uplifted hand" will be administered as follows: the member to whom the oath is to be administered holds up his right right hand towards Heaven, and lieu of " you do swear," the Clerk says, "you do solemnly, sincerely and truly swear, by the ever living God;" and at the conclusion of the oath the member administering will add "so help you God."

If the member is conscientiously scrupulous

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