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xt; of which time and place, you hereby have nstitutional notice."

The President, (or Vice President,) acknowAges the notice by an inclination of the head; ad the Speaker, and House of Assembly, imediately retires.

Sec. 59.-Pay and Certificate.

"And be it enacted, that there shall be paid O the Vice President of Council, and Speakr of the House of Assembly, the sum of three lollars and fifty cents; and to every member of Council and Assembly, the sum of three dollars, for each and every day they have respectively attended this, or shall attend any future sitting of the Legislature; and to every member of Council, and Assembly, the additional sum of three dollars for every twenty miles of the estimated distance, by the most usual route, between his place of residence and the seat of government, in going and returning, on a certificate, to be produced to the Treasurer, expressing the sum due, and the number of days and miles, signed by the President, or Vice President, of Council, for the members of Council; and by the Speaker of the House of Assembly, for the members of Assembly, or by Henry Hilliard, John J. Chetwood, John Young, Benjamin Davis, or any two of them, for the members of Assembly."

The above section is usually introduced into the "bill for the support of government."

The following is the form of a certificate:

n office for

Treasurer shall

Nov. 12, A. D. 1835.

and that the

by the Counc


First sitting of the Sixtieth Legislature. This is to certify that Caleb H. Valentine, a member of the General Assembly, has attended sixteen days, this present sitting, for which he is entitled to receive forty-eight dollars, from the Treasury of this State. And the said Caleb H. Valentine is further entitled to receive fifteen dollars, his place of residence being fifty miles distant from the seat of Legislature.

Given under my hand, in Assembly, this twelfth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five.



foresaid and

or in his abs
: Provided
e of being
severally b
said officers

il, on an in
Art. 12.
That from a

ice of the p
this State, o

by the la

bject to im


which art


ainst him d

ented to th

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one under clared to be AD.1830

"That a


ing autho

impeach shall for of fifty

an acti

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e in office for five years, and the provintreasurer shall continue in office for one ar, and that they shall severally be appointby the Council and Assembly in manr aforesaid and commissioned by the Goverr, or in his absence by the Vice-President of ouncil: Provided always, that they shall be pable of being re-appointed at the end of the erms severally before limited, and that any of he said officers shall be liable to be dismissed, when adjudged guilty of misbehaviour by the ent of the Assembly." Council, on an impeachment of the Assembly."Const. Art. 12.

"That from and after the passing this Act, no justice of the peace, judge of any of the Courts of this State, or any other officer, who is or may be, by the laws or Constitution of this State, subject to impeachment, shall, during the time in which articles of impeachment are pending against him or them, the same having been presented to the Council, do, or perform, any act relating to his or their said office, but every act done under color of such office, is hereby declared to be null and void."-Act of March 1st A. D. 1830.

"That any such justice, judge, or other officer, presuming to act under color, or pretence, of being authorized so to act, while such articles of impeachment are pending and undetermined, shall forfeit and pay, for each offence, the sum of fifty dollars, to be sued for and recovered in ht with costs of suit, before any

court of competent jurisdiction, in any county where the offence shall be committed, for the benefit of the person who shall sue for the same." -Ibid.

Proceedings.-The committee to whom would be referred the petition complaining of the official misconduct of an officer, would be empowered to send for persons and papers: the committee sometimes give notice to the accused in order that he may be heard before the committee in person, or by counsel.

Should the facts substantiated before the committee, be of an impeachable character, they will report

"That they have examined the evidence produced in behalf of the complainants, from which the following facts appear to the committee to be supported, viz. "First,


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"It therefore appears to your Committee, that the said John Doe, Esq., in violation of the Constitution and laws of this State, regardless of his high station, has been guilty of misdemeanour in office, and that sufficient appears, wherefore he should be impeached by this House at the bar of the Council. They therefore offer the following resolution:

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"Resolved, That John Doe, Esq., a judge, &c., be impeached at the bar of the Council, and that a committee be appointed to prepare articles of impeachment against John Doe, Esq., for misdemeanour in office.

ing at an

or impea

of the C

replying Doe, sh or eithe

said pr


be exh do de


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Should the House adopt this resolution, a ommittee will be appointed to prepare articles f impeachment in the following form.

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