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26. That the President of Council, when pret, shall be called by the clerk, in all cases, en by the constitution, he has a casting vote. 27. No member shall be suffered to have his te recorded on any question, when the yeas d nays are called, unless he be present to anwer to his name; and no person shall be peritted to change his vote, without the unanious consent of the members present, unless he, t that time, declares that he voted under a mistake of the question.

28. On filling up blanks, the question shall First be taken on the largest sum, greatest numper, and most distant day.

29. A majority of members of Council shall constitute a quorum for legislation, and whenever a less number than a quorum of Council shall convene, at a regular meeting and shall adjourn, the names of those present may be entered on the journals.

30. When a less number than a quorum of Council, shall convene, at any regular meeting, they are hereby authorised to send their Sergeant-at-arms, or any other person or persons by them authorised, for any or all absent members.

Sec. 62.-Council.

actice of the Council, order


he is chosen pounds, pro sonal estate Art. 3.

"That the Council shall also have power to prepare bills to pass into laws, and have other like powers as the Assembly; and, in all respects, be a free and independent branch of the Legislature, save only, that they shall not prepare, or alter, any money bill, which shall be the privilege of the Assembly: that the Council shall, from time to time, be convened by the Governor, or Vice President, but must, at all times, be convened when the Assembly sits."-Const. Art. 6. "Any three or more members of Council, shall, at all times, be a privy council to advise the Governor, in all cases, where he may find it necessary to consult them."-Const. Art. 8.

"The Go

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"Any member of Council is authorized to administer the oath of allegiance to the Governor elect, and to his fellow members."- Revised Laws, 441.

the United est number of Dec. A.

Members o















Qualification of Members of Council. "The counties shall severally choose one person to be a member of the Legislative Council of this Colony, who shall be, and have been, for one whole year next, before the election, an inhabitant and freeholder, in the county in which

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e is chosen, and worth at least one thousand ounds, proclamation money, of real and peronal estate, within the same county."-Const. Art. 3.

"The Governor and Privy Council to determine, in elections of representatives in Congress, and of President and Vice President of the United States, who have received the greatest number of votes."-Revised Laws, 534, Act of Dec. A. D. 1807.

Sec. 63.-Of Vacancies in Council.

Sec. 64. Of the Vice President. "The Council themselves shall choose a Vice President, who shall act as such in the absence of the Governor."-Const. Art. 7.

"That the Governor, or, in his absence, the Vice President of the Council, shall have the supreme executive power, be Chancellor of the Colony, and act as captain general and commander-in-chief, of all the militia, and other military force in this Colony.”—Const. Art. 8.

"The President, for the time being, shall not engage in any debate, without leave of the House, except so far as shall be necessary to regulate the form of proceeding: but shall, on all occasions, support the strictest order, agreeably to the rules here laid down."-Rule 1 of Council.

[blocks in formation]

"The Vice President of Council is a trustee of the school fund."-Act of Feb. 12th. A. D. 1818. (For his other duties, see title "Speaker," ante, page 192.)

Vacancy in office of Vice President.—(Vide page 168.)



"I, James Swear, that giance to the under the a God."

do solemnly promise and swear, that I will faithfully, impartially, and justly, perform all the duties of the office of Vice President of Council, according to the best of my ability and understanding. So help me God."

"I, Jame and swear,

justly, perfo tary of Co abilities an

[blocks in formation]

"I, James D. Westcott, do sincerely profess and wear, that I do and will, bear true faith and alleiance to the government established in this State, nder the authority of the people. So help me God."

"I, James D. Westcott, do solemnly promise nd swear, that I will faithfully, impartially and ustly, perform all the duties of the office of Secreary of Council, according to the best of my abilities and understanding. So help me God."

Sec. 66. Sergeant-at-Arms.

He is styled Sergeant-at-Arms because he is designated Sergeant-at-Arms of the Court of Appeals.

His duties. (Vide Doorkeeper ante page 197.)

Sec. 67. Commitments in Council.

"That no bill shall be committed or amended until it shall have been twice read, after which it may be referred to a Committee." Rule 12 of Council.

In Assembly a Bill may be committed at any stage of its progress.

Sec. 68. Precedence of motions in Council.

That when question is under debate no

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