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Sec. 115. Treasury.

Trenton, January 26, 1836. New Jersey Treasury Office.


Dear Sir,-In conformity with the request ntained in your note of yesterday, I have the onor of forwarding to you the annexed stateent of the fiscal condition of the State Treary; the revenue subservient to it, with the mount of the State debt, if any; how soon it an be extinguished by the surplus revenue; and enerally, a statement of the resources of the tate, with the value of stocks, and other proerty belonging thereto, specifying each, and its alue.

The fiscal condition of the State Treasury on he 27th day of October last, with the probable ncome, and expenditures for two successive ears may be estimated as follows:

From works of internal improve

[blocks in formation]

By the foregoing estimate, it appears that if the revenue laws are continued, as at present, the receipts into the treasury, will be sufficient, on, or before the 27th day of October, A. D. 1837, to meet the expenses of the government, liquidate the State debt, and interest, and, at the same time, may be made applicable to an appropriation of $17,000, to finish the new State penitentiary, and leave in the treasury, at the period mentioned, an unappropriated balance of $2,549 47 cents.

The resources of the State, and State property, are as follows:

1000 shares of Camden and Amboy

Rail Road and Trans. Co.

1000 shares Joint Stock of Canal

[blocks in formation]

0 shares of Paterson and Ham-
burgh Turnpike,

ransit duty or guarantee on Canal
and Rail Road, worth annually
and and property in Trenton and
Paterson, other than the State
House and lot, estimated at
Sonds for debts due for land sold
at Paterson,
All which is respectfully submitted.
Yours, Respectfully,

[blocks in formation]
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