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ways, even unto the end of the world.”_ Now, faithful ministers, Robert, are obeying that command; and if they are faithful, Jesus Christ is with them.

Frank. Uncle, I do not understand well enough what the meaning of conscience is, which the law allows to tell a man how he must worship God.

Mr. Hilton. Your grandfather, perhaps, can tell you plainer than I can.

Grandfather. The best way, I can think of is, that it is like a judge in our minds that tries our actions, and our thoughts, and then gives sentence upon thein, whether they are good or evil.

Frank. And will we always do right if we do what our conscience bids usi

Grandfather. If we have a right conscience we shall. Frank. What do


mean? Grandfather. One that will judge according to the law of God.

Mr. Hilton. Hand me that Bible, Peggy, and I will read a passage in it that I have thought of: the Apostle Paul says of persons

“ who profess that they know God, but in works, deny him,” “Even their mind and conscience is defiled:and in another place, speaking of hypocrites, says, “ Having their conscience seared as with a hot iron.". Now, this shows that conscience is not always to be trusted to. Peggy, what kind of a conscience would you say a person has, who can sin without feeling any fear of God?

Peggy. A wrong one, father, or he would know how bad sin is; and how God has said he will punish it, and so be afraid.

Mr. Hilton. Peggy says what is true: the best way to have a conscience that we can trust to for direction, is to have it well instructed in the law of God, which is contained in the Bible.

Peggy. I heard you say, father, “ liberty of conscience:" what does that mean?

Mr. Hilton. It means freedom from all laws of men, in every thing that belongs to religion. But remember, that conscience is not free from the law of God as a rule to direct it. Let your conscience, my child try your thoughts and actions by the law o: God,

in which it is instructed, and it will tell you if you have kept that law with all your heart.

Peggy. But, father, you have told me that no one keeps God's law with all the heart,

Mr. Hilton. Conscience can tell you so too, Peggy; and when it does show us that truth, it is our best friend.

Robert. How can that be, father?

Mr. Hilton. When conscience shows us that we sin against God, we will desire to gain forgiveness; will cease to trust in our own goodness; and seek for mercy in that way, in which God has promised we 6 shall find it;" you know, Peggy, what that way is.

Peggy. Yes; I know that Jesus Christ says, 6 I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.

Mr. Hilton. May we all seek that way, and enter into the happy rest to which it leads. Amen! said the old man, joining his feeble hands together. It is time now, said Mr. Hilton, to go to our beds, that we may be ready to rise on a new day, (if God per mits) fresh for our duties.

The Bible lay before him, and opening it he read, as was his practice, a passage of its sacred page; and then in humble, but sincere worship of that Almighty Being, who has made himself known as the “ Heaven of prayer,” Andrew Hilton and his family closed Election Day.

Such “Righteousness exalteth a nation;"
But Sin is a reproach to any people.


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