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In the publication of the Local Laws, the following plan has been adopted: Where a superfluous word has been found, it has been printed in the Roman character but enclosed within brackets, thus [ ]. Where a word has been found necessary to sustain the sense of the context, it has been supplied but placed within brackets, and printed in Italics. Where one word has obviously been mistaken for another, the mistaken word has been preserved, and the word, supposed to have been intended, follows in brackets and in Italics.





NO. 1.

AN ACT to amend the Act entitled an Act to organize the County of Walworth, and to establish the seat of justice therein.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That the several county officers elected at the last general election in said county, shall be Officers elected. and continué in office the respective terms for which they were Term of elected, and all the acts and proceedings of said officers, shall be as valid and effectual in law, as if the said county had been organized previous to their election-and further, the said officers shall be allowed to qualify as such, at any time until the tenth Time of qualify day of January next, any law to the contrary thereof notwith- ing, extended. standing.

SEC. 2. The seat of justice of said county shall be, and hereby is, established at Elkhorn in said county, subject at any time hereafter to be removed by law.

Approved Dec. 12, 1838.

Their acts valid.

Seat of Justice.

NO. 2.

AN ACT to incorporate the Iowa Copper Company.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That John D. Ansley, Samuel H. Traquire and Edward James, and such other persons

as they may associate with them, be, and they are hereby, declared to be a body corporate and politic, for the term of fifty years, by Style of Corpora- the name and style of the Iowa Copper Company, and by this


title shall be capable of sueing and being sued, of pleading and being impleaded, of defending and being defended in all courts and pleas whatsoever; and may have a common seal, and may change the same at pleasure.

SEC. 2. The capital stock of said company shall be divided into not more than ten thousand shares of one hundred dollars each, and the copper lands of the said John D. Ansley shall form a part of the said capital stock, and the said company shall be authorised to purchase, hold and convey, any other lands in the county of Iowa for the purpose of conducting their mining and smelting operations; Provided they shall not hold or possess during the

Not to hold more

than four thous- continuance of this charter more than four thousand acres of land;

and acres of land.

Capital stock

Business to be

and said operations of mining and smelting shall be confined to the limits of the present county of Iowa. And all deeds executed by the President in the name of said company, or to said company by their corporate name, shall be sufficient in law to convey the title to the land therein described. The business of said company managed by five shall be managed by five directors, who shall be annually elected Directors. on the first Monday in May, and shall hold their offices one year, Director must be and until others are elected: Provided always, that no person shall be elected as director of said company, or hold such office of director except he be a stock-holder in said company.

a Stockholder.

SEC. 3. The President and Directors of the company shall have power to appoint a Treasurer, to hold his office during their pleasure, and such subordinate officers as they may deem expedient; and the duties and compensation of all such officers shall be determined by the President and Directors.

SEC. 4. The President and Directors shall have power to transact all business of the company, to wit: That of mining and smelting, and every thing connected therewith, by themselves or their agents, and shall with a majority of the stock-holders have power to make such by-laws, rules and regulations, for the government of said company as they may deem proper: Provided, such by-laws, rules and regulations are not inconsistent with the constitution and laws of the United States, or the laws of this Territory.

SEC. 5. The shares of said company shall be personal property, Shares to be per- and shall be transferable in such manner as shall be prescribed by and liable to tax- the by-laws of said company, and shall be liable to taxation to the same extent and no greater, as other property is, and to be taken


Treasurer and subordinate officers.

General Powers.


in execution in the same manner as other personal property is, or may hereafter be liable by law to be taken; and it shall be competent for the Legislature at any time to prescribe the manner in which execution shall be levied thereon.

SEC. 6. The Legislature or either branch thereof may at any Powers reserved by the Legiala. time examine the affairs of said corporation, by a committee or ture. otherwise, and may alter, amend or repeal this act whenever the said corporation shall have abused the privileges herein granted, after the facts of such abuse shall have been ascertained by Judicial proceedings; and for that purpose it is made the duty of the Attorney General of the Territory, when directed by resolution of the Legislature, to cause a rule of court to be issued and served upon the Directors or some one of them, to show cause why the vacated. charter shall not be vacated; and like proceedings shall be had thereon as in other cases.

Charter how

SEC. 7. This act shall not be construed so as to confer any banking privileges, and shall take effect from and after its passage. Approved Dec. 13, 1838.

NO. 3.

AN ACT to legalize the proceedings of the Board of Commissioners of the
County of Milwaukee.

WHEREAS, The county commissioners of the county of Milwaukee, in consequence of the absence of the sheriff from said county, and his omission at the proper period to demand and receive the tax list assessed on the real and personal estate in said county, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, so that the same might be collected and closed, as is required by law, did proceed to appoint a collector to collect the said county tax:-and whereas, doubts exist as to the legality of said appointment.

SECTION 1. Therefore, Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That the proceedings of said commissioners in making the appointment of a Former acts of collector of taxes in said county as aforesaid, are hereby declared valid. to be legal and valid.


SEC. 2. That the collector appointed as aforesaid, may and he is hereby authorised to proceed and close the collection of the tax,

a list of which is now in his hands, and the said collector shall have Powers & duties the same powers and be subject to the like penalties and liabilities

of Collector

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