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These Prophecies, i when considered collectively as forming one grand assemblage of proofs of their divine authority, and as having a reference to one grand connected fcheme, bear a strong and clear testimony to the truth of every particular recorded in the holy Scriptures. They establish the truth of Prophecy upon acknowledged facts, and point out the ufe and ultimate end of Prophecy to be the establishment of the Christian Religion upon the basis of Divine Revelation. They show, that the establishment of Christianity was only the beginning of the Messiah's reign--and that the objections to Christianity drawn from the corruption and distresses of the Church, and the small number of Christians, result from a partial and confined view of the whole scheme, as it is displayed by the Prophetical writings -it being clear, from the Prophecies themfelves, that a long series of time is required for their fulfilment.

They show, that the different powers of Antichrist were clearly predicted; and as it has evidently appeared under different forms, it furnishes an additional argument, upon Prophetic and Historic ground, for the truth of that Religion it aims to destroy.


They prove, that the History of the Church of Christ agrees exactly with the Prophecies concerning it, and that the present state of the world not only agrees with the Prophecies which have been uniformly understood to belong to the later ages, and from the combined light of History and Prophecy are seen to be now in their regular succession before us, but that it seems to point towards the accomplishment of those Prophecies which remain to be fulfilled, and which will gradually complete the stupendous scheme of Providence, it has been the design of this work to point out; as a protection against the torpor of Indifference, the artifice of Scepticism, and the violence of Infidelity, which so dreadfully infest the present


These Prophecies are a warning voice to the thoughtless, to reflect, and to “ search the Scriptures, and examine whether these things be so.” In them we see the plain traces of a Deity, the proofs of his Providence, and the authentie evidence of a Revelation.

Prophecy is indeed the voice of God appealing to the records and the observation of man for its eternal truth: it speaks to unbelieving Jews, to careless Christians, and to infidels of all denominations, and it adapts its awful declarations to the spiritual wants of all mankind in every age. The truth of Prophecy admits not only the clear illustration of History, but the evidence of daily experience, and common observation. The prefent hour bears witness to its Divine origin, as well as the generations that are passed.


Jerusalem is now trodden down by the Gentiles" - its walls are beaten down, its ditches are filled up, and it is surrounded with ruins of buildings--it is the residence of the despotic Turks, and superstitious Christians, divided into various communities of Greeks, Armenians, Copts, Abyssinians, and Franks.

The Jewish People are now dispersed among all the nations of the earth,” yet diftinct and separate from all —"afflicted, but not forsaken,” “ reviled as a proverb and a by-word,” yet numerous, and, in general, opulent ; " enriched with the spoil of their enemiesthey abide without a king, and without a priest P, and without a sacrifice," a conspicuous monument of the truth of Prophecy, to every people among whom they dwell. Where are the Assyrians, and the Romans? They are swept off from the face of the earth. The name and the remnant has been cut off.” “ I will make a full end of all the nations, but I will not make a full end of thee.” The conquerors are destroyed, and the captives remain.

See vol. i. p, 241.





Babylon, great city,” is fulfilling her destiny of " never being inhabited; it has not been dwelt in from generation to generation;" " it has never rifen from the desolation brought upon her : the wild beasts of the desert lie there," and all is folitude and de-' folation.

The Sons of Ishmael still wander over the deserts, and “have their habitations in the tents of Kedar," and are “ wild men;" their hands are still “ against every man,


every man's hand is against them.” Every act of plunder committed by the unsubdued and roving tribes' of the wild Arabs upon the Caravans that traverse the deserts, bears witness to the truth of the memorable prediction pronounced 4000 years ago.

4 See Gibbon's testimony, that not one of the antient Roman families remained in the eleventh century. Decline and Fall, c. lxix.

Egypt Egypt remains “ á base kingdom” according to the Prophetic word '; “ It shall not exalt itself any more above the nations.” The Babylonians, the Persians, the Macedonians, the Romans, the Saracens, the Mamalukes, and the Turks have held it in constant fubjection for near 2000 years since this Prophecy was uttered.

The Mahometan Antichrift still rears its proud crescent in the East, though its avenging sword, having done its appointed office, has been long put up into the scabbard.

The corruptions and superstition of Antichristian Romie continue, though the time of her tyranny is past

---" The decree is gone forth, who shall disannul it?” The exact time of its full accomplishment it is not given to us to know ; “ the one day in which her plagues shall come upon her, when she shall be thrown down with violence, and found no more at all,” cannot be yet discovered with certainty; but the time is declared with sufficient accuracy to explain the wonderful events now passing in the world. Some of “ the kings,” or nations who gave her their strength and


" have

- Ezek. xxix. 14, 15,

B b 2


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