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ence upon a wise and gracious Providence, and to warm and purify our hearts with sentiments of piety, and of zeal to promote the honour of God by labouring for the real interests of his creatures, and by

walking in all his commandinents blameless:-And Separately, as they influence the fate of rational and accountable beings, fallen from their first estate of innocence and immortality-restored to hope of future happiness by the marvellous work which has accomplished their Redemption; and urged to the performance of duty in this short probationary life by the assurance of Divine assistance, and by the promise of that Eternal reward which is held out to

every man for his rejection or acceptance, without any respect to his rank or situation—his great or little sphere of action ;-since the final allotment of happiness and glory is made to depend wholly (through the merits of our Redecmer) upon his performance of the part assigned to him upon the theatre of life, whether he be a “ hero or a serving man,” a Sovereign or a Slave.

Let All, then, who bear the name of CHRISTIANS, consider the real dignity of the character, and “walk as children of the light amidst a crooked and perverse generation,


looking for the glorious appearing of their Lord.”

Let those who remain unconvinced of the truth of Revelation by the evidence derived from PROPHECY, remember, that many '

other unanswerable proofs may be drawn from other sources. Let them examine the various arguments presented by the INTERNAL EVIDENCE of the SCRIPTURES. Let them pursue the opening path of OriENTAL LITERATURE, and consider with particular attention the Chaldean sphere, recording, at it were, the earliest annals of the world first written in the HEAVENS. Then let them search the Earth for testimony, for the earth itself bears constant witness to the truth of the Mosaic History“. What shall I say more? IF THEY WILL NOTthen MOSES AND THE PROPHETS, NEITHER WILL : THEY BE PERSUADED, THOUGH ONE ROSE FROM THE DEAD.'


1. See Maurice’s Hift. and Antiq. of India.

» See De Luc's Letters on Geology, Howard on the Structure of this Globe, &c.


Additional Note to the Second Edition.

It has been suggested by a perfon, eminently diftinguished by his zeal and exertions in the service of Religion, that this work bears hard upon the Roman Catholics, at a time when Chriftians of all denominations should lay aside antient animofities, and unite against the common enemy. The Author cannot therefore fuffer another Edition to appear, without observing, that nothing has been advanced inconsistent with the most cordial wish for union among the Members of the different Christian Churches, upon real christian principles. But how far that is likely to be effected, while the Members of the Church of Rome adhere to the authority of Councils, and of Popes, for the rule of their faith and practice, and while so many of the Protestant Churches and fectarists maintain the supreme authority of human Reason, as the judge of revealed doctrines, and the guide of life, let others determine. In point of fact, both parties ' reject the authority of Scripture; the one often ignorantly, when it disagrees with the decifions of their Church; and the other often arrogantly, when it exceeds their comprehenfion, or opposes their opinions. THE AUTHORITY OF SCRIPTURE MUST THEN BE MADE THE POINT UNION; and therefore those Churches which maintain this authority, and prove their doctrines to be founded upon it, cannot quit their station, without evident injury to the great cause of Religion, and without incurring individual guilt: for temporifing measures with respect to the fundamental doctrines of Chriftianity can never be justified, even upon the ground of expediency, though they may be highly laudable' when confined to unimportant points of difference. Let the Roman Catholics, who profefs to venerate the Scriptures,


but fairly examine the persecuting, the tyrannical, the idolatrous decrees, and the unfounded dogmas of their Church, by the light of the Gospel, and the testimony of History, and they must acknowledge them to be ioconfiftent with the Word of God, and cease to think their Church infallible. Let them compare the Prophecies concerning Antichrist with their corruptions, and with their present calamities; and they will see the indispensable necessity of reforming their Church, or of leaving her communion, according to the example of their predecessors, who led the way to the separation of the truth from the errors with which it had been unhappily mingled. Surely then what. ever tends to open their eyes to a conviction of these truths, must tend to effect a union between them and the Episcopal Protestant Church, to whose truly Christian principles they are indebted for receiving good for evil, and whose doctrines are the same with those held by the Church of Rome itself, in the primitive ages of Christianity-a Church which, aware of the mischiefs attending the undue exaltation, as well as the depression, of human Reason, erected the sandard of her faith upon the Scriptures, and has preserved it with the blessing of God, unchanged *, amidst the din of controversy, as the beacon of a troubled world.

Let those Protestants, who, relying upon Reason as the fole director of their faith, disclaim every species of authority, and renounce every doctrine not level to their understandings, be warned by the fatal tendency of their principles towards Anarchy and Atheism. Let them," while they stand fast in the liberty, with which Christ has made them free,” “ bring every thought under captivity to the Gospel of Christ,” and,“ avoiding questions that do gender Itrifes,” remove the odium of a presumptuous versatility in their opinions.---Thus indeed may the various Churches,

See the Bishop of Lincoln's Christian Theoloxy, rol. ii.


slow distracted by divifions; be reconciled; and though not in perfect unity of faith and practice, preserve the bond of peace in Christian charity, and strengthen themselves against the enemy of all Religion, whatever are its forms and doctrines.

· Additional Notes to the Fourth Edition,

Vol. i. p. 364. It has been objected by some zealous Protestants, that the term faints cannot be properly applied to Roman Catholics, and therefore that the persecution of the priests by the infidel power of France cannot be deemed any fulfilment of this prophecy. But surely the piety and exemplary conduct of many professors of the Romish religion, may certainly entitle thein in the opinion of all Christians, to the name of saints, or holy men. We should ever distinguish the personal excellence of the professors, from the corrupt and antichristian doctrines of the Church of Rome : just as we must distinguish the profligacy of many of its members, from the purity of the doctrines of the Church of England; and no one will deny that the French Revolution has separated the Wheat from the Chaff in a very remarkable manner. The persecution of all religious principles is, however, a fufficient mark of the antichristian power in the Image set up in France.

Vol. ii. p. 50, The present situation and conduct of the pope and of the ecclefiaftical states of Germany, so strongly mark the subjection of the papal to the infidel power, that we seem authorized to expect another step of degradation will soon be apparent; yet the formation of a new order, or rather perhaps the revival of an abolished order, under a new name, feeins to point towards a future struggle.

P. 60, line 19. Christ commanded that " the gospel should be preached to the poor,” and quoted the prophecy which he fulfilled by preaching it himself, in proof of his

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