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GLORY be to God on | high :// and on earth | peace, good- I will toward | men.
We praise Thee, we bless Thee, we | wor-ship | Thee : il we glorify Thee, we give

thanks to Thee for | Thy great | glory.

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O Lord God, heavenly | King : || God the | Fa-ther | Al | mighty.
O Lord, the only-begotten Son, Je-sus Christ : || O Lord God, Lamb of God,

| Son – of the Father,

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That takest away the | sin of^the world : || have mercy up- on | us.
Thou that takest away the sin of~the world : || have mercy up-1 on

- us. Thou that takest away the , sin of^the | world : || re- | ceive our prayer. Thou that sittest at the right hand of God the Father:// have mercy up-Ion - us.

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For Thou only art - | Holy : || Thou on-ly | art the Lord.
Thou only, 0 Christ, with the Holy | Ghost: || art most high in the glory of

God the Father. || A | MEN.

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1. We praise | Thee, O God; || We acknowledge | Thee to be the Lord. 2. All the earth doth / worship | Thee, || the Father | ever- | lasting. 3. To Thee all angels cry a-| loud : || the heavens and all the | powers there-| in. 4. To Thee Cherubim and Seraphim || continual- | ly do | cry, , 5. Holy, holy, holy Lord God of Sabaoth. || Heaven and earth are full of the

majesty | of Thy | glory. 6. The glorious company of the apostles / praise— | Thee : || the goodly fellow

ship of the prophets | praise- | Thee: 7. The noble army of martyrs / praise- | Thee: || the holy Church throughout

all the world | doth ac- | knowledge | Thee, 8. The | Fa- | ther, || of an | infinite | Majes- | ty ; 9. Thine adorable, true, and / only | Son: || Also, the Holy | Ghost, the |

Comforter. 10. Thou art the King of Glory, 10– Christ: || Thou art the everlasting | Son

| of the Father. 11. When Thou tookest upon Thee to de- | liver | man, || Thou didst humble

Thyself to be born-- of a virgin. 12. When Thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death, || Thou didst open the

kingdom of heaven to all believers. 13. Thou sittest at the right | hand of God, || in the glory of the Father. 14. We believe that Thou shalt come to l be our | Judge: || we therefore pray

Thee, help Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious

| blood. 15. Make them to be numbered | with Thy | saints, || in | glory | ever- | lasting. 16. O Lord, I save Thy | people, ll and | bless— | Thy- | heritage. 17. Gov- ern- | them, || and | lift them | up for- | ever. 18. Day by day we | magnify | Thee: || And we worship Thy name ever, | world

with-out- end. 19. Vouch-safe, O Lord, || to keep us this day with out- | sin. 20. O Lord, have mercy up- | on us, || have | mer - 1 cy up- | on us. 21. O Lord, let Thy mercy | be up- on us, || as our | trust is | in- i Thee. 22. O Lord, in Thee | bave I trusted : || let me | never | be con- | founded.

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1 The strain upraise of joy and praise, Alle- | lu-ia !
To the glory of their king shall the ransomed | people sing,

Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! 2 And the choirs that dwell on high,

Shall re-echo | through the sky, || Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! 3 They in the rest of | Paradise who dwell,

The blessed ones with joy the chorus swell, || Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! 4 The planets glitt'ring on their heavenly way,

The shining constellations, I join and say, || Alle- | luia ! || Alle | luia ! 5 Ye clouds that onward sweep, ye winds on pinions light, Ye thunders, echoing loud and deep, ye lightnings, wildly bright,

|| In sweet con- sent unite || Your Alle- | luia ! 6 Ye floods and ocean billows, ye storms and | winter snow, Ye days of cloudless beauty, hoar frost, and summer glow,

|| Ye groves that wave in spring, and glorious | forests sing, || Alle- | luia ! First let the birds with painted | plumage gay,

Exalt their great Creator's | praise and say, || Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! 8 Then let the beasts of earth, with varying strain,

Join in creation's hymn and cry again, ll Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! 9 Here let the mountains thunder forth so- | norous, || Alle- | luia !

There let the valleys sing in gentler | chorus, || Alle- | luia ! 10 Thou jubilant abyss of ocean cry, || Alle- | luia !

Ye tracts of earth, and conti- | nents, reply || Alle- | luia ! 11 To God, who all cre- | ation made,

The frequent hymn be duly paid : || Alle- | luia ! || Alle | luia! 12 This is the strain, the eternal strain, the Lord Al- | mighty loves : | Alle | luia! This is the song, the heavenly song, that Christ, the King approves :

|| Alle- | luia ! 13 Wherefore we sing, both heart and voice a- | waking, || Alle | luia !

And children's voices echo, answer | making, || Alle- | luia ! 14 Now from all men-be outpoured || Alle- luia-to the Lord;

With Alleluia,—ever more || The Son and Spiritwe adore. 15 Praise be done to the-- Three in One. || Alle | luia!

Alle- | luia ! || Alle- | luia ! Amen.

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Thy saints, who here Thy good-ness see, Thro' all the world do

wor-ship Thee.

2 To Thee aloud all angels cry,

4 From day to day, O Lord, do we The heavens and all the powers on high: Highly exalt and honor Thee ! Thee, holy, holy, holy King,

Thy Name we worship and adore, Lord God of hosts, they ever sing. World without end, for evermore ! 3 The apostles join the glorious throng; 5 Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray, The prophets swell the immortal song; To keep us safe from sin this day ; The martyrs' noble army raise

Have mercy, Lord ! we trust in Thee; Eternal anthems to Thy praise.

Oh, let us ne'er confounded be!

Moravian Col. 1754. To

Thomas Cotterell, 1810, a. 5



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2 O God, my heart is fixed; 't is bent
Its thankful tribute to present ;
And, with my heart, my voice I'll raise
To Thee, my God, in songs of praise.

3 Thy praises, Lord, I will resound
To all the listening nations round;
Thy mercy highest heaven transcends;
Thy truth beyond the clouds extends.

Tate and Brady, 1096.


ONIDO. 78, D.

3 1. God e-ter-nal, Lord of all! Lowly at Thy feet we fall: All the world doth worship Thee;

We a-midst the throng would be,

All the ho-ly an-gels cry, Hail, thrice ho-ly,


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God most high! Lord of all the heavenly pow'rs, Be the same loud anthem ours.

Sovereign Father, Heavenly King !
Thee we now presume to sing ;
Glad Thine attributes confess,
Glorious all, and numberless.

2 Glorified apostles raise,
Night and day, continual praise ;
Hast Thou not a mission too
For Thy children here to do?
With the prophets' goodly line
We in mystic bond combine ;
For Thou hast to babes revealed
Things that to the wise were sealed.
3 Martyrs, in a noble host,
Of Thy cross are heard to boast;
Since so bright the crown they wear,
We with them Thy cross would bear.
All Thy Church, in heaven and earth,
Jesus ! hail Thy spotless birth ;-
Seated on the judgment-throne,
Number us among Thine own!

J. E. Miilard, tr.
1 GLORY be to God on high, -
God, whose glory fills the sky;
Peace on earth to man forgiven, -
Man, the well-beloved of heaven.

2 Hail, by all Thy works adored !
Hail, the everlasting Lord !
Thee with thankful hearts we prove, -
God of power, and God of love !
Christ our Lord and God we own, -
Christ the Father's only Son ;
Lamb of God, for sinners slain,
Saviour of offending man.

3 Jesus ! in Thy name we pray,
Take, oh, take our sins away !
Powerful Advocate with God !
Justify us by Thy blood.
Hear, for Thou, O Christ ! alone
Art with Thy great Father One ;
One the Holy Ghost with Thee
One supreme eternal Three.

C. IVesley.

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