Poems of the fields and the town

Simpkin, Marshall, 1859 - 110 sidor

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Sida 27 - Washington to adjust sundry international troubles, have dined and been dined so much since they "opened1' that they are fairly entitled to the designation of a "High Joint Commission." How is this, by a Briton ? Let gloomy hearts that never knew One touch of laughing mirth, Tear-loving eyes, unused to view The beauties of the earth, Proclaim this life a dreary vale, The scene of dark despair: Hy tongne shall tell another tale — The world la very fair.
Sida 33 - Though her daughters be fair, and her warriors be brave, She shall fall, saith the Lord, she shall fall in her pride. 2 Her wealth and her glory shall nothing avail, Her merchants and traders, though princes they be; I will raze every fortress, and rend every sail 0f this lady of lands, of this queen of the sea.
Sida 34 - Her daughters' wild tears shall follow their mirth, And the low wail of sorrow succeed to their joy. She is doomed ! she is doomed ! where her children have fed, Shall the wolf and the raven find shelter and food ; O'er her pride and her glory my wrath will I shed, And her name shall be shrouded in darkness and blood.
Sida 95 - Eeligion's aspirations high ; For Faith, for Hope, for Charity ; For memories of joys long past ; For time, which brings the right at last ; For death uniting all who love, Let us give thanks to Him above.

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