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T HIS Sermon makes it's

Entrance into the World

under your Patronage and at your Request.

I am sensible of my Inability for such a publick Undertaking. But at such a Time as this, if Ministers should altogether hold their Peace, the Stones would immediately cry out.

In a Day when the Crown of his moft excellent Majesty King GEORGE, with the Liberties and Religion of his faithful Subjects, are threatened with an Over

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iv DEDICATION. throw, 'tis high Time to look about us to see our Danger, and to look upwards for our Relief.

We have the best of Kings, the best of Governments, every Thing that can be reasonably desired for Soul and Body; but for the abounding Wickedness of our Land among all Sorts of Persons, we deserve to come under the most severe Resentment of Divine Providence: Nevertheless, God has saved us, for his Name's Sake, and there is Room to hope he will not pour out all his Wrath, by the Hand of them that are risen up to seek our Ruin.

This is the Scope of this Difcourse; which, as it is published by your Approbation, I hope, will be useful in the perusing, as it was made so in the preaching of it.

It comes out indeed with this Disadvantage among others, that my preaching several Sermons from the fame Text, makes this a little in



DEDICATION. v compleat: But that, I hope, will be easily overlooked.

That you, dear Sir, may be farther owned as a publick Instrument for maintaining the Doctrines of Religion, and the Liberties of the People, is the Prayer

of your obliged

humble Servant,


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PSALM lxxxv. 9. Surely his Salvation is nigh them that

fear him; that Glory may dwell in our land.

YN these Words we may observe :

(1.) The Character of good People,

They are fearers of God. This Fear is 1 a Principle implanted by a divine Hand. I will put my fear into their hearts a. ?Tis conducted in a filial Way. God has sent forth the Spirit of his son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Fatherb. It fills the Soul with the greatest Reverence for God, as Jacob fays, how fearful is this place ? &c. < And 'tis the best Preservative against Sin. So did not I, says Nehemiah, because of the fear

(2.) Here's a Privilege attending them. God's Salvation is nigh them. This is a Deliverance from every Evil, and an Exaltation to every Favour. The Author of this Salvation is none other than God. God the Father laid out the Scheme and Design of it. God the Son revealed, procured, and gives it; and God the Spirit makes the Application of it effectual. This Salvation is nigh. God is

a prea Jer. xxvii. 40. 6 Gal, iv. 6. • Gen. xxviii. 17. Neh. v. 15

of Godd

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