Letters Written During a Journey in Spain and a Short Residence in Portugal, Volym 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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Sida 95 - ¡Ay! que ya presurosos suben las largas naves: ¡ay! que tienden los brazos vigorosos a los remos, y encienden las mares espumosas por do hienden.
Sida 172 - Or a shady bush or tree, She could more infuse in me, Than all Nature's beauties can In some other wiser man. By her help I also now Make this churlish place allow Some things that may sweeten gladness, In the very gall of sadness. The dull...
Sida 33 - Men's death I tell by doleful knell ; Lightning and thunder I break asunder ; On Sabbath all to church I call...
Sida 31 - The passing bell was anciently rung for two purposes : one to bespeak the prayers of all good Christians for a soul just departing ; the other to drive away the evil spirits who stood at the bed's foot and about the house, ready to seize their prey, or at least to molest and terrify the soul in its passage...
Sida 95 - La lanza ya blandea El árabe cruel y hiere el viento Llamando á la pelea; Innumerable cuento De escuadras juntas veo en un momento. Cubre la gente el suelo, Debajo de las velas desparece La mar, la voz al cielo Confusa y varia crece, El polvo roba el día y le oscurece.
Sida 94 - Llamas, dolores, guerras, muertes, asolamientos, fieros males entre tus brazos cierras, trabajos Inmortales a...
Sida 132 - A savage and inhuman young man ;" and, after inflicting upon him twenty-five stripes, he proceeded, " Inhuman young man, you have now felt a very small degree of the pain with which you tortured a helpless animal in its hour of death. As you wish for mercy from that God who created all that live, learn humanity for the future*" He then executed the remainder of the sentence.
Sida 4 - Spain, 1795 OTHER PLACES attract the eye of a traveller, but Coruna takes his attention by the nose. My head, still giddy from the motion of the ship, is confused by the multiplicity of novel objects . . . the dress of the people . . . the projecting roofs and balconies of the houses . . . the filth of the streets, so strange and so disgusting to an Englishman; but what is most strange, is to hear a language which conveys to me only the melancholy reflection, that I am in a land of strangers. ROBERT...
Sida 86 - Lisbon. Dr. H. was in his chaise when it began ; the driver leapt off: " You may get home how you can," said he, " as for my part, I must make the best use I can of the little time this world will last;" and away he ran into the next church.
Sida 94 - Ya dende Cádiz llama el injuriado Conde, a la venganza atento y no a la fama, la bárbara pujanza, en quien para tu daño no hay tardanza. Oye que al cielo toca con temeroso son la trompa fiera, que en África convoca el moro a la bandera, que al aire desplegada va ligera.

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