Is Data Human?: The Metaphysics of Star Trek

Boxtree, 1998 - 253 sidor
When is it okay to violate Star Fleet's Prime Directive? Is it cheating to be a telepathic psychiatrist? Is it possible to occupy someone else's body? Wouldn't it be great fun to look back at the carefully crafted philosophical constraints that guide all Federation behavior, except this time do so through the eyes of a trained philosopher? Filled with examples from all the best episodes, this book is for anyone who has ever found himself replaying, alone or with a fellow Trekker, an episode's philosophical challenges - for instance, whether or not Data is sentient (if so, what about Lore?); whether Captain Picard violated the Prime Directive to save the life of Wesley Crusher; or whether or not Tuvix had a right to live even if it meant the end of Tuvok and Neelix.

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Användarrecension  - Kirkus

For those who like their philosophy with a twist, Ö la The Tao of Pooh, an intriguing though sometimes too constricted elucidation of some of Star Trek's deeper meanings. Perhaps because it is such a ... Läs hela recensionen

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Episodes of Star Trek in all its forms are used to discuss issues surrounding personal identity and the nature of time. I'm not sure I really got it all, but it made me wonder about what the writers ... Läs hela recensionen

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