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in his address to the General Assembly utterly blotted away from amongst the of that State, on the 19th of January, nations of the earth—but her honor will 1860, thus speaks of this:

be vindicated in the struggle; and she Unquestionably there is risk; but I will prove that she was born to be imthat risk is from the perseverance of our mortal in the history of the good and enemies in the wrong. If they do right great

If they do right great; and with her will perish the all will be well. Must we then accept liberty of the world. the alternative of unconditional submis- We have finished our work, and we sion, because there is a risk of revolu- must bid our readers adieu. What we tion? Was there ever a prize to be at- have written, we have written in a spirit tained without risk? It is the law of of kindness and love for the Union, as God that everything valuable must be our fathers made it.

We love all porattained by effort. In the sweat of thy tions of it, and would see equal justice face shalt thou eat bread;' and this sen- done to all. If it can honorably be tence is in wrought in all human posses- avoided, we would not, for any consions. Free institutions are among the sideration, see “one single star dimmed, most valuable of these, and they can only or one stripe effaced” in its “ banner of be maintained by constant and untiring glory."-We would see it ever as it has effort.

been, for almost a century, the beacon

light of liberty--the home of the exiled • Oh Freedom, thou art not as poets dream,

and the oppressed. A fair young girl with light and delicate Oh! that we could point out to our limbs,

blind and misguided brethren at the And wavy tresses gushing from her cap. A bearded man,

North, the folly the and danger of their Armed to the teeth, art thou ; one mailed course; that we could bring them back

to kneel at the altar where our fathers Grasps the broad shield; and one the sword;

worshipped in the days of yore.

We Thy brow Glorious in beauty, though it be scarred

trust that the Divine Ruler who has With tokens of old wars.

prospered us for so long will bring all


this to pass.

We leave this part of our subject, sin- We trust that our humble efforts may cerely hoping that the States of the not be in vain—but that they may help South will respond favorably to the invi- to calm the storm of Fanaticism now tation of South Carolina, and unite with ready to burst upon us. her in devising means for their common

We know that Conservatism exists at defence, and the preservation of this the North; but alas! it is in a hopeless Great Republic. But should all peacea- minority. Every day we are in receipt ble measures be in vain. Should the of the news of “Union Meetings” and North continue to oppress us, and scorn Conservative Speeches,” which show our appeals and warnings,--then, we

arnings,--then, we that there are those at the North who say, let the South withdraw and defend sympatbize with us and love the Union. herself.

But these are not sufficient. The Should the storm ever burst, and the South must have action- legislative acland be bathed in blood, let the South tion at the North; her rights must be maintain her independence at all risks-- acknowledged and protected; the Coneven though her land should be laid stitution must-be enforced, or the Union waste; her homes destroyed; her sons must be dissolved. and daughters slaughtered.

But, in leaving our readers, we beg let her defend herself, even if it should to express the hope, that peace and come to this. She may be destroyed- tranquillity may soon be restored to us.

We say:

Then will we again have a Union of free | the prayer of every true American heart and equal sovereign States. A Union will go up to Heaven. of Freemen; then we will have such a

· ESTO PERPETUA." Union as our Fathers made for us, and

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