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Barnes, R. N.

Pembroke Camb. Exeter Barnes, H. M. B. ......


Oxford Exeter Boyle, R. C. T..........

Christ Church Oxford Bath and Wells Burrough, J. W.

Queen's Oxford Exeter Bush, J. C...........

Pembroke Camb. Bath and Wells Clarke, T.

Queen's Oxford Exeter Du Sanfoy, W. S. O...

St. John's Oxford Exeter Eales, W. T. H.

Trinity Camb. Exeter Eyre, F. J................ Trinity Camb. Exeter Grylls, C........


Camb. Exeter Hill, P. G......


Dublin Exeter Jones, H. W............

St. David's, Lampeter Exeter Keigwin, J. P.

Wadham Oxford Exeter Langmead, G. W....... Exeter

Oxford Exeter Lee, W. M.

St. John's Camb. Exeter Lightfoot, N. F......... Exeter

Oxford Exeter Mackie, G.

Pembroke Camb. Exeter Morshead, J. P. A.


Oxford Exeter Pitman, W. P.


Oxford Exeter Quirk, C, T.

St. John's Camb. Exeter Radclyffe, C. E.......

Brasennose Oxford Exeter Riley, R. W.

St. John's Camb. Exeter Rodd, H. T.


Oxford Exeter Tracey, J.

Wadham Oxford Exeter Watts, N..........

University Oxford Bath and Wells Wolley, T. L..........

Magdalen Hall Oxford Bath and Wells The Candidates for Holy Orders, who have given notice of their desire to be ordained by the Bishop of Oxford, on Trinity Sunday, are required to deliver their testimonials and certificates to the Archdeacon, at Christ Church, on or before Saturday, May 7th.

The Bishop of Gloucester will hold an Ordination in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster, on Sunday, the 5th of June.










Baker, Thomas

Rural Dean of the Deanery of Kidderminster
Brammall, D............. Chaplain to the Blean Union Workhouse
Coddrington, H......... A Surrogate for the Diocese of London
Hutchins, William...... Archdeacon of the Island of Van Dieman's Land
Steele, J., (of Trinity College, Cambridge,) Assistant Master of Harrow
Mills, William

Head Master of the Exeter Free Grammar School, and

Chaplain to the Chapel attached to the same
Spyers, Thomas Master of Aldenham School, near St. Alban's, Herts
Vidal, Francis

Chaplain of the Devon County Prison
Weldon, James I. Second Master of Shrewsbury Grammar School
Wordsworth, C.......... Head Master of Harrow School


Bassett, F. W. D. { Heanton Punchardon

Heath V. and Ault} Derby



Diocese. Patron. Atkinson, G. J.... Kettlethorpe R. Lincoln Lincoln Sir W. A. Ingilby, Bt.

Devon Exon J. D. Bassett, Esq.

Wacton P. C. and
Booth, John

Hereford Hereford Vicar of Bromyard
Grendon Bishop P.C.

Buckland Brewer V.
Colling, T. Adam w. Bulkworthy C.


Exon Lord Chancellor & East Putford C. Curry, —

L. & C. Duke of Devonshire Hucknall

The Crown, during Grey, Hon. John, Wooler V.

Northum. Durham the vacancy of the

See Harding, T. H....

T. Kinnersley and

Ashley R.

L.& C.

Meynell Hart, Richard Catton V.

Norfolk Norwich D. & C. of Norwich Howes, T. F....... Wingfield P. C. Suffolk Norwich Bp. of Norwich Hughes, H. H. ... Leyham R.

Suffolk Norwich St.John's Coll.,Camb. Tal-y-Llyn P. C. & Hughes, Evan


Merioneth Bangor Bp. of Bangor

Pennant Hume, W. W. Scaldwell

Northam. Peterboro’Duke of Buccleugh Jenour, Alfred Pilton R.

Northam, Peterboro’Lord Lilford Leathes, Fred. Wickhampton R. Norfolk Norwich J. F. Leathes, Esq. Liddell, Hon. R., Barking V.

Essex London All Soul's Coll., Oxf. Lowther, B. Vow Church V. Hereford Hereford Rev. H. Lee, B.D. St. Helen's V.,

Middlesex London A. Macdougall, Esq. Matchett, J. C. Easton V.

Norfolk Norwich E. R. Fellowes, Esq. Morrison, Rimpton R.

Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Winchester Poole, Walter...... Moulton V.

Northam. Peterboro'G. V. Stanton, Esq. Radcliffe, C. E.... Sydenham Damarel R. Devon Exon J. Carpenter, Esq. Swainson, C. L.... Crick R.

Northam. Peterboro'St. John's Coll., Oxf. Todd, Fortescue...

Middlesex London The King

Trevenen, T. J.... St. Ewe R.

Cornwall Exon Rev. T. Carlyon
Walter, F. M.
S Dartmouth St. Pet-

Devon Exon
1 rox P. c.

{ of Stoke Flemming

Pec. of
Warre, Francis ... Bishop's Lydiard V. Somer.

D. & C. D. & C. of Wells
of w.


, C. ...{St.Bishopsgate



{ St. C.


County. Diocese.

Patron. Watkins, T. Llantsantfraed R. Brecon St. David's Earl of Ashburnham Whipham, Arthur, Gidley R.

Devon Exon Williams, R. H., Stanford Bishop P.C. Hereford Hereford Vicar of Bromyard Woodhouse, G. W. Albrighton V. Salop L. & C. Haberdashers' Comp. Woodhouse, John, Huish Champflower Somerset B. & W. Sir J. Trevelyan, Bt. Wolley, T. L. Nailsea w. Bourton R. Leicester Lincoln

The King

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Brooke, Charles... {


} Middlesex London


The Lord Bishop of Ely
The Lord Bishop of Lichfield
The Lord Bishop of Clonfert
Barrow, W., LL, D., Beelsby R.

Lincoln Lincoln Southwell C. Ch.
Ufford R. and

Norwich A. Arcedeckne, Esq. Blaxhall R. Burney, R. A. Rimpton R.

Somerset B. & W. Bp. of Winchester Chambers, T....... Studley V.

Warwick Worcester R. Knight, Esq.
S Spernal R.

Warwick Worcester
Chambers, John... & Neen Sollers R.

Hereford Worcester Coll., Oxf. w. Milson C. Chester, George, Master of the Free School at Stamfordham, Northumberland Davis, John, Ř. of Clonallen in the See of Dromore, and Chancellor of that Diocese Salton V.

Pec. of G. W. Dowker, Esq. N.

Master of Hemsworth

of York S School Flower, R. H.

S St. Giles's-in-the

Fields C.

Odcombe R. French, P. A.

Somerset B. & W. Christ Church, Oxf. & Thorn Falcon R.

E. & J. Batten, Esqrs.

D. & C. Dean of York
Great Givendale v. E.York J Pec. of

of York
Chorlton cum Hardy
Hordern, Peter

Manch. Coll. Ch. Knipe, Isaac Aldermaston V. Berks Sarum Queen's Coll., Oson Mark, Mathew ... S

W. York York in Silkstone P. C.

Archbishop of York Massingberd, C.B. Kettlethorpe R. Lincoln Lincoln Sir W. Ingilby, Bart. Moxon, Richard, C. of Ilkeston, Derbyshire Newman, E. S. ... Sparkford R.

Somerset B. & W. H. Bennett, Esq. Nicholson, John... Widdial R.

Herts London C. E. Heaton, Esq.
Cholderton R.

Wilts Sarum
Pickford, Joseph,

Oriel Coll., Oxon & Eaton Little P. C. Derby L. & C. Dean of Lincoln Rogers, John Clodock V.

Hereford St. David's W. Wilkins, Esq. Royds, Edward | Brereton R. w.

Smethwick R.

J. Royds, Esq. Rowland, W. Llantsantfraed R. Brecon St. David's Earl of Ashburnham Sedgwick, John Howgill P. C. Chester York

V. of Sedberg
Stanton, J.
Moulton V.

Northam. Peterboro'G. V. Stanton, Esq.
Valpy, Richard, D.D., late of Reading
Walker, W. .... Leyham R.

Suffolk Norwich St.John's Coll.,Camb. Wasney, Robert, C. of St. Thomas's Chapel, Newcastle

Chebsea V: & Dil- } Stafford L. & C. D. & C. of Lichfield White, Henry

and Sacrist of Lichfield Cathedral

Holmes, Edmund, {


P. C., Manchester } Stafford L. & C.

} Chester



The Rev. Brabazon Ellis, late Curate of Ballinakill, to the Perpetual Curacy of Turlo, vacant by the promotion of the Rev. Edward Powell.

The Rev. J. Delmege, to the parish of Youghalarra.

The Rev. R. Gaggin, to the living of Clonmult, vacant by the resignation of the Rev. James Kingston.

The Rev. Richard Hedges Eyre Maunsel, to the Curacy of Newmarket, vacant by the promotion of the Rev. John Aldworth.

The Rev. Joseph Gabbett, Curate of Cahernarry, to the Prebend of Effin, vacant by the death of the late Rev. James Ellard.

Rev. Giles Eyre, to the living of Kilmina, in the diocese of Tuam, void by the resignation of the Rev. C. Hargrove.

Rev. Francis Kinkead, to the Curacy of Athenry, vacant by the promotion of Mr. Eyre.




Aperte igitur dicendum est magistri !--qui tacet trahit-causam trahit adversariis. Qui

cunctantèr eloquatur in eo gravissimè peccat, THE SPEECH OF THE REV. V. THOMAS, B.D.,

quòd in certissimis ipse incertus, quòd in me

diis periculis ipse consilii expers hùc illùc disLEGE, IN CONVOCATION, ON TUESDAY,

trahatur; et si fortiùs aliquid, vel apertiùs 22ND OF MARCH.

dixero, quam hodierne placeat BlandiloquenInsignissime Vice-Cancellarie vosque egregii tiæ, totum id Quæstionis magnitudini appoProcuratores.

nendum est, non Dicentis indoli, non voluntati. Prudentiæ vestræ, atque integritati non- Vestrûm esse, Procuratores egregii, vetare nulla de statuti interpretatione subministranda si vobis ita placuerit-concedo--si quæ in hâc sunt; ante autem quam ad legalia accedam parte statuta fuerint, syllabatìm veluti, et littepauca quædam in genere dicenda sunt.

ratim perlegatis, vim, finem, spiritum parum In tantâ hâc magistrorum frequentia virorum curantes, fateor, sed invito penes vos esse neintegerrimorum, qui Fidei Catholicæ studio, gandi et vetandi facultatem : vestrům autem et Ecclesiæ adducti, ad gravissimam hanc quæs- non esse, nec fuisse unquam, nec futurum petionem a negotiis, a sanctissimis muneribus, riclitante Religione, et tantum non everså sine morâ, (non autem sine gemitu) convene- Ecclesiâ, Defensores et propugnatores subrunt, nollem in argumentis, nollem, (ut ita movere. Neque id officiis vestris annumerandicam) in repetitis, repetendis immorari. Tem- dum est, quòd a sententiis vestris tota pepenporis enim Ratio, et rerum ipsarum momenta, derit Reipublicæ nostræ dignitas, Fidei puriid unum à diligentiâ nostrâ postulare viden- tas, vis illæsa Scripturarum, quæ omnia detritur, nempe ut agamus-in scriniis paulisper mentum ex eo capient quam maximum, si conquiescant argumenta sive ad Theologiam suffragia vestra, magistri ! auctoritate Procuspectant, sive ad Theologum.

ratoriâ eripienda sunt. Impræsentiarum nostrum erit (uti spero) Ante autem quàm ad alia transeat oratio id qui proposito faveamus statuto, constantiæ nos- a vobis, egregii Procuratores! enixè peto sed træ consilia non verbis, sed factis non oratiun- observantissimè, ut de sententiis vestris dececulis, sed uno omnium ore atque Reclamatione datis-Rectè enim sentientium est, de suo sive -unâ omnium manu syngraphâ, conscriptione, jure, sive judicio nonnihil concedere, ut paci comprobare.

meliùs publicæ consulatur et communi omnium De sacris Fidei nostræ veritatibus agitur- famæ, atque utilitati; sin autem precibus imagitur Academici ! de RELIGIONIS non fulcris, moti verba revocare nolitis, omnia exinde ves. sed fundamentis ; non de minoribus, qualia træ improvidentiæ referenda sunt, quæcunque sunt ea, quæ ad Ritus, aut Cærimonias atti- a turbatâ Academiâ, a Collegiis intus dilaceranent, ad ecclesiæ disciplinam, regimen, cultum, tis, mala exorientur. sed de maximis, et sarctissimis ; de iis scilicet, Liceatne ergo sperare aliquid a supplicatione quibus nituntur tota doctrina Christianae nostrâ ? compages, verbi ministerium, sacerdotii utilitas, Vereor profecto ne id a silentio concludatur, universa omnium salus; Si in ipso Universita- nullum esse sperandi locum, nullam indulgentis gremio, in ipsis Prophetarum scholis pro tiæ expectationem. Ad legem ergo et ad tesveris falsa, pro falsis vera, pro certis dubia, pro timonia–Irritis jam precibus argumento dimidubiis itidem certa venditentur, ubinam gen- candum est, eoque e statuti verbis educto. tium doctrinam indocti, solatia miseri, medici- Ante autem quam ad rem ipsam, accessero, nam, ægroti, cibos esurientes exquirere possunt. id a vobis, Academici, oro ut mihi indulgeatis, VOL. IX.-May, 1836.

4 F




qui de rebus insolitis linguâ insolitâ, dicturus perspectæ ac probatæ, subministrare æquum

Tota hæc quæstio in statuti interpreta- decorum et academicum esse credidimus. tione versatur.-Auribus benignè lectioni nostræ Vestrûm erit magistri pro re natâ cavere ne faveatis, cum jam ad recitationem Paragrapha, quid detrimenti capiat academia. e Tituli decimi sectione secundâ extractæ de

Saturday, April 2. scendam. “Causa Convocationis per Vice-Cancellarium

On Saturday, the last day of Lent Term, expositâ, de negotiis propositis muturè delibe- the following Degrees were conferred :rent, et (pro naturâ negotii) vel scriptis per

Doctor in Medicine_W, Dallas Bernard, scrutinium, vel viva voce, vel in aurem Procu

Wadham College, grand comp: ratoris vel denique per secessionem ad alteram

Masters of Arts - C. Winser, Wadham ; partem Domus, suffragia ferant.

Rev. J. Longueville, Wadham; J. Phillips, “ Nihil autem pro decreto aut concesso ha

Scholar of Pembroke. beatur, quod Cancellarius, sive ejus Vice-Can

April 9. cellarius ; vel ambo Procuratores, sive eorum Deputati ; vel major pars Regentium et non

Congregations will be holden for the

purpose Regentium, negaverint. Præterquam in Elec

of granting Graces, and conferring Degrees, tionibus, quas liberas esse volumus, secundum

on the following days in the ensuing Term, viz : antiquam consuetudinem, per majorem partem April, Wednesday,

13 omnium suffragantium.”

Thursday, Perpendatis, quæso, animis vestris Insignis


28 sime Vice-Cancellarie! vosque Egregii Procu

May, Thursday, ratores ! vosque itidem Academici; quid sibi


13 velint horum verborum consecutiones, quid,


21 ordinata ea rerum dispositio, et successio præ

Mrs. Denyer's Prize Dissertations for the scripta. De negotiis propositis maturè deliberent

present year were decided yesterday :-"On

the Doctrine of Faith in the Holy Trinity," to qnod primum est--et deliberatione ad finem

the Rev. Henry William Wilberforce, M.A., perductà (prout rei ratio postulat) deinde suf

of Oriel College ;-“On the Sufficiency of the fragia ferenda sunt quod secundum est,non ferenda sunt ante deliberationem, non ferenda

Holy Scriptures for the Salvation of Man,"

to the Rev. James Stevens, M.A., of St. sunt interceptâ deliberatione -- non ferenda

John's College. sunt, vi Procuratoriâ, prohibitâ deliberatione

Yesterday the following gentlemen were -quæstione tandem penitùs jam ventilatâ

ele Fellows of Oriel College :—W. Shepac perspectâ, voluit Academia, ut ad suf

pard, B.A., Scholar of Trinity; C. Daman, fragia ferenda accedat Convocatio

B.A., Demy of Magdalen; H. Shepheard, scrutinum, vel vivâ voce, vel in aurem Procuratoris vel per secessionem. Hæc omnia,

B.A., Scholar of Worcester ; E. A. Litton,

B.A., Balliol. serie quadam naturali, lex ipsa statuit decrevit, imperavit.

Yesterday, Mr. J. T. H. Peter, B. A., of Sed si hæc omnia retrorsùm veluti atque

Ch. Ch., was elected a Fellow of Merton ordine vel reversa, vel mutatâ, vel perturbatâ,

College. facta forent, summâ cum observantiâ, nec

vel per

April 16. minore constantiâ vobis, Viri integerrimi ! On Wednesday last, being the first day of edico, ut in eo peccaveritis quod statuto violato, Easter Term, the following Degrees were convos ipsi vobis novam legem sanxeritis.

ferred:Sed forte instabit adversarius ubi tandem Masters of Arts — Fitzharding Berkeley interponenda est auctoritas Procuratoria-Res- Portman, Fellow of All Soul's, grand comp. ; pondeat statutum-“ Nihil autem pro decreto J. Basset, Ch. Ch., grand comp.; Rev. F. aut concesso habeatur, quod Cancellarius, F. Fawkes, Ch. Ch.; H. Wall, St. Alban sive ejus Vice-Cancellarius ; vel ambo Pro- Hall; H. B. Carr, University ; Rev. J. W. curatores, sive eorum Deputati; vel major Burrough, Queen's; Rev. W. Stone, Wadham ; pars Regentium et non Regentium, negave- J. M. Cholmeley, Fell. of Magdalen; Rev.

T. H. Whorwood, Fell. of Magdalen; T. H. Deliberatione jam factâ atque confectâ, suf- Newman, Demy of Magdalen; Rev. H. T. fragiis omnium latis et collatis, tum demum Wheler, Merton. Procuratorum est, vetare, tum demum, sed Bachelor of Arts-W. S. Raine, Exeter. non ante Deliberationem factam, non ante

In a Convocation holden in the afternoon of suffragia lata, solenni formulâ dicendum est

the same day, the Proctors of the last year nos Procuratores Vetamus vel nobis Procuratoribus non placet.* Quæ singula Vice-Cancellarii integritati quidem cum rei ipsius ratione et consilio plane

. Hinc enim exorta est, eoque spectat

tota hæc tribunitiæ quasi potestatis Delegatio, * Ut verbo omnia complectar, sententias pro. ut, si quid imprudenter, vel festinanter decretum ferant Procuratores eâdem quam in Congrega. foret (majores enim nostri a recto et æquo in tione, eâdem quam in Convocatione sequantur hac parte non nunquam defiectebant,) Procura. ordine, cùm de gratiis pretendis agitur vel de tores intercedebant ad instar Tribunorum et Dispensationibus cæterisque id genus negotiis, veterunt ne id pro statuto haberetur quod latis nempe ultimi, non primi vel inter primos ; quod jam suffragiis, inajori parti jam placuisset.


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