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resigned their offices, and the new Proctors, appointed by the Master and Seniors of that having been previously elected by their respec- society to succeed Dr. Butler as Head Master tive Colleges, were severally presented, for ad- of Shrewsbury Royal Free Grammar School. mission, to the Vice-Chancellor :

The Rev. James Ind Weldon, B.A., Fellow of Senior Proctor-Rev. R. Hussey, M.A., St. John's College, has also been lately apStudent of Ch. Ch.

pointed to the Second Mastership of the same Junior Proctor-Rev. H. Thorpe, M.A., school. late Fell. of St. John's.

On Friday last, Philip Howard Frere, B.A., The former was presented by the Very Rev. Scholar of Trinity College, was elected one of the Dean of Christ Church ; the latter, by the the Travelling Bachelors on the foundation of Rev. Philip Wynter, D.D., President of St. William Worts, Esq. John's. After taking the oaths, and being At the congregation on Friday (end of term) admitted by the Vice-Chancellor, with the a Grace passed the Senate appointing Joseph usual ceremonies, to the office of the Proctor- Watkins Barnes, M.A., Fellow of Trinity Colship, the new Proctors nominated the follow- lege, Deputy Proctor in the absence of Mr. ing gentlemen to be the Pro-Proctors for the Heaviside. ensuing year :- Rev. J. Ley, M.A., Student of Ch. Ch.; Rev. W. L. Brown, M.A., Stu

Regulations for Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Schodent of Ch. Ch. ; Rev. L. A. Sharpe, M. A.,

larships.- The Syndicate appointed to reconFell. of St. John's; Rev. G. Adams, M.A.,

sider and renew the Tyrwhitt's Scholarship Fell. of St. John's.

regulations, which have ceased to be in force,

have recommended to the Senate as follows: The number of Essays sent in for the Theo

1. That there shall in future be six Scholarlogical Prize founded by Dr. Ellerton, for the

ships, called Tyrwhitt's Scholarships. present year, is 23.

2. That the candidates for these scholarships April 23.

shall be, first, (actualiter) Bachelors of Arts Trinity College. - There will be an Election

or Inceptors who are not of sufficient standing of Four Scholars on Monday, May 30. Can

to be created Masters of Arts: or, secondly, didates must be above sixteen and under

Students in Civil Law or Medicine, of not less twenty years of age, and will be required to

than four or more than seven years' standing, present, in person, to the President, certificates who shall be required, before they are admitted of baptism, and testimonials of conduct, to

to become candidates, to produce certificates gether with a Latin epistle, to request permis

from their respective Professors, that they have sion to offer themselves, at nine o'clock on

kept the exercises necessary for the degree of Wednesday morning, May 25.

Bachelor of Law or Physic.
On Thursday last, the following Degrees

3. That out of the net annual proceeds of were conferred:

Mr. Tyrwhitt's benefaction the sum of 150%. Bachelors in Divinity-Rev. J. Menzies,

be divided among the six scholars, in the proFell. of Corpus Christi; Rev. T. Medland, portious hereinafter specified. Fell. of Corpus Christi.

4. That the electors to these scholarships Bachelor in Civil Law_Rev. J. Bucking

shall be the Vice Chancellor, the Regius Proham, Wadham.

fessor of Hebrew, the Professor of Arabic, and Masters of Arts_W. E. Surtees, Univer

two Members of the Senate, to be nominated sity, grand comp.; Rev. G. Lillingston, Wor

by the different Colleges according to the cycle cester; H. Hilton, Worcester ; G. W. Orme

of Proctors. rod, Brasennose ; D. C. Gill, St. John's.

5. That if the Regius Professor of Hebrew, Bachelors of Arts–J. M. Capes, Balliol ;

or the Professor of Arabic, or both of them, S. Dendy, Trinity; T. A. Matthews, Trinity.

shall decline, or be prevented from examining,

a deputy or deputies shall be appointed by a On Tuesday last, at a meeting of the Heads Grace of the Senate. of Colleges, the Rev. T. S. L. Vogan, M.A., 6. That if it shall happen at any time, that of St. Edmund Hall, was nominated to preach two of the offices severally constituting electors the Bampton Lectures for 1837.

are united in the same person, the deputy for The Public Examinations commenced yes

the elector in respect of one of the said offices terday; the number of pames inserted in the

shall be the Lord Almoner's Reader in Arabic; Proctor's list amount to 198, of which 59 are

but if in any case the Lord Almoner's Reader those of candidates for classes.

shall decline the office of deputy examiner, or shall be prevented from undertaking the said

office, a deputy examiner shall be appointed in CAMBRIDGE.

his place by a Grace of the Senate.

7. That if the Vice Chancellor, the Regius Friday, April 1,

Professor of Hebrew, the Professor of Arabic, The following gentlemen have been elected or any two of them, shall be members of the Fellows of St. John's College :-Rev. William same college, no elector shall in that case Pound and William Hey, on the foundation; be appointed by that college according to the and the Rev. James William Inman, on Mr. cycle of Proctors ; but the appointment shall Platt's foundation.

be made by a Grace of the Senate. The Rev. Benjamin Hall Kennedy, M.A., 8. That the appointment, when requisite, of late Fellow of St. John's College, has been an examiner or examiners by Grace of the

Senate take place at the first congregation in University Library, have been deposited in the the Lent term of the year, and that the ex- Library for the inspection of Members of the aminer or examniners so appointed continue in Senate. office until the first congregation in the Lent

April 22. term of the following year.

On Thursday, the 14th inst., the Rev. M. 9. That the examination for those Scholar- Prickett, M.A., was elected, by the Master ships commence annually on the second Wednes- and Seniors of Trinity College, one of the day in May; and that persons intending to be Chaplains of that society, on the resignation of candidates send in their names to the Vice the Rev. G. A. Smedley, M.A., Vicar of Chancellor, on or before the first day of May. Chesterton.

10. That two scholars be elected in each At the request of the Plumian Professor, year; that the first in the order of merit of with the sanction of the Vice-Chancellor and these two, receive an annual stipend of 301., Plumian Trustees, and by permission of the and the second an annual stipend of 201., for Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, the three years from the time of election. That in Astronomer Royal yesterday commenced a case of equality of merit, the stipend of each course of Experimental Lectures on Optics, be 251.

Mechanics, and Hydrostatics, in the room 11. That should it appear in any case to the beneath the University Library: majority of the electors that no one of the can- A meeting of the Philosophical Society was didates is deserving of a Scholarship with the held on Monday evening, Professor Sedgwick, stipend of 301. a year, it shall be competent for Vice-President, in the chair. Various presents them to elect one scholar only, with the sti- of books, &c., were announced. At the end pend of 201. a year.

of the meeting, Professor Sedgwick gave an 12. That in case there shall be a deficiency account, illustrated by drawings, of the geology of deserving candidates for the two scholarships of Wales, and the sequence of the older rocks, in any year, the electors shall have power, in as made out by his own researches and those the second or third succeeding year, to elect of Mr. Murchison. additional scholars into the vacancy or vacancies thus occasioned; after which time the stipends belonging to the scholarships which

DUBLIN have not been filled up shall be appropriated Trinity College.—The Prizes given by the in the manner appointed in the next regu- Lord Primate, for proficiency in the Hebrew lation. 13. That the residue of the net annual pro

language, were adjudged, at the end of Hilary

Term, to the following Students :ceeds of Mr. Tyrwhitt's benefaction, not already Senior Bachelors-(Psalms) Ds. Crawford disposed of by the third regulation, together (Fras.) Schol.; Ds. Butcher (Sam.) Schol. with all accumulations which may arise under Junior Bachelors (Genesis )-Ds. Benthe twelfth regulation, shall form a fund to be mohel, (Nathan.); Ds. Walrond, (Theod.); expended in the promotion and encouragement Ds. Jameson, (John). of Hebrew Literature, at the discretion of the Senior Soph.

(Genesis)—Monsell, (Riexaminers, provided that not more than a third

chard). part of such fund be expended in any year. The Rev. S. C. Sandes, D.D., Senior

14. That the accounts of this bequest be Fellow of Trinity, and Bursar, has been kept distinct from the general accounts of the nominated to the vacant Bishopricks of KillaUniversity, and be annually audited by the loe, and Clonfert. electors in Michaelmas term, before the first of November ; and being so audited, shall be laid

The University of Dublin have recently puron the Registrar's table in the Senate-House

chased a very singular Manuscript copy of the at the next congregation, for the inspection of

four Gospels, supposed, with some reason, to the Senate.

have been written in Ireland, in the seventh 15. That these regulations shall be in force until the first congregation in Lent term 1842.

century, for the use of St. Cronan, by one

Dimma, or Diman, a celebrated scribe. St. April 15.

Cronan founded the Abbey of Roscrea in the The following gentlemen of Trinity College early part of the seventh century, and died in were yesterday elected Scholars of that society :

the year 621, or thereabouts. The present c. M. Phillipps, J. A. Frere,

venerable relic of its founder was preserved in 'Thacker, Heath,

the Abbey, at Roscrea, until the dissolution of Sadler, Gregory,

monasteries, when it fell into private hands. Stooks, Vaughan,

It stood on the altar, and, like many similar Sykes, Edlestone,

books in Ireland, it was preserved in an ornaBlake, Pollard, sen.

mented box, or Cumhdach, which, as appears Maitland, Hardcastle,

from an inscription still legible upon the rim, Hodgkinson, Murray,

or border of the box, was repaired and gilt at Howson,

the expense of Thady O'Carroll

, Prince of Grant,


Scholars. Ely O'Carroll, in the twelfth century; and Barton,

restored by Donald O'Cuanain, who was

Bishop of 'Killaloe, from 1230 to 1260. The The designs for the enlargement of the artist employed by this last, was one Thomas, who records his services in the Irish language, although the rest of the inscription is in Latin. The manuscript contains, also, a form for the visitation of the sick, written some time after the rest of the volume, and probably to be referred to the tenth century. A full account of this curious manuscript, and of the rich box in which it is contained, has been already published by its late possessor, Sir W. Betham, in his Irish Antiquarian Researches ;" where those who are curious in such matters may see an accurate engraving of that side of the box on which the inscription already alluded to is found : together with fac-similes of the writing of the manuscript,

and of the drawings it contains of the four Evangelists—which may, perhaps, be taken as specimens of the ecclesiastical habits of the seventh century in the Church of Ireland. Sir W. Betham purchased this box and its contents from Henry J. Monck Mason, Esq., for the sum of 150 guineas, and has recently sold it to the University for 1501. The University Library is now rich in these singular relics of ancient Irish Christianity. It now possesses no less than six copies of the Gospels, all of which were undoubtedly written in lreland prior to the ninth century; and four of them certainly in the seventh.



and Tutor of Worcester Coll., to Joana Julia,

youngest d. of the late Rev. J. Armetriding, Of Sons

The lady of the Rev. J. S: M.A., r. of Steeple Aston, Oxon; Rev. T. Jenkinson, Hastings; of Rev. H. C. Knox, of England, M.A., c. of St. Mary's, Newington, Loughton, Sussex ; of Rev. J. A. D. Meakin, Surrey, to Caroline Ann, youngest d. of R. c. of Speenhamland, Berks ; of Hon. and Rev. Muggeridge, Esq., of Walworth ; Rev. J. F. A. Perceval, East Horsley; of Rev. W. H. Gabb, c. of Charlton Kings, to Eliza, only d. Whitworth, Kensington-square; of Rev. J. of W. Baylis, Esq., of Hearne House, in the Bentall, Little Dean's.yard, Westminster ; of

same place; Rev. T. R. Ibbotson, c. of EcclesRev. R. R. Faulkner, p.c. of Havering-Atte- field, to Ann, youngest d. of the late Rev. A. Bower, (still-born); of Rev. J. N. Edwards, Watson, incumbent of Ouseborn and HunsinMickleton V.; of Rey. T. G. Ferraud, Tun

gore; Rev. E. P. Morgan, late of Jesus Coll., stall R., Suffolk; of Rev. B. J. Harrison, Oxon, to Charlotte, third d. of the late Rev. Beaumont R., Essex ; of Rev. G. St. John, J. Sibley, r. of Walcot, Bath ; Rev. G. Knight, Merriman's-hill House ; of Rey. J. Kempster, B.A., of St. Edmund Hall, Oxon, to Sophia, Congleton ; of Rev. H. Allan, Cricklade R., eldest d. of the Rev. J. Hill, Vice-Principal of Wilts.

St. Edmund Hall; Rev. R. W. Wake, youngOf Daughters—The lady of the Lord Bishop est s. of the late Sir W. Wake, bt., and r. of of London, Fulham; the Hon. Emily Gray, Courtenhall, Northamptonshire, to Harriet, lady of the Rev. H. Gray, Almondsbury; the youngest d. of the late Rt. Hon. H. Grattan; lady of the Rev. C. Hardwicke, Ashleworth, Rev. J. B. Hollingworth, D.D., of St. Peter's near Gloucester ; of Rev. W. S. Escott, Great Coll., Camb., Archdeacon of Huntingdon, to Rissington ; of Rev. J. Dolphin, Southrepps ; Mary Ann Tabor, third d. of J. Tabor, Esq., of Rev. R. B. Pinniger, Baughurst; of Rev. of Finsbury-square; Rev. S. J. Love, of Keady, W. J. Hall, Amen-court, St. Pauls; of Rey. Armagh, to Emily, d. of R. S. Johnston, Esq., H. Stebbing, St. James's Chapel, Hampstead of Manchester; Rev. E. Powell, v. of Gurroad; of Rev. W. Andrews, Buckingham, teens, county Sligo, to Louisa, eldest d. of (still-born); of Rev. F. Valpy, Reading; of Lieut.-Col. É. T. Fitzgerald, K.H., of TurRev. H. Coddrington, Ware V.; of Rev. J. lough-park, county Mayo; Rev. G. Enoch, of Lynes, Hatton P., near Warwick; of Rev. R. Aberdovy, Merionethshire, to Elizabeth, eldest Swann, Brandsby, (still-born); of Rev. G. d. of the late Mr. J. Baskerville ; Rev. N. Cartmell, of Pwlicrochon, Pemb.

Wade, M.A., British Chaplain at Elsinore, to

Louisa, fourth d. of the late C. Fenwick, Esq., MARRIAGES.

his Britannic Majesty's Consul in Denmark; Rev. W. H. Hanson, r. of Hockwold-cum- Rev. J. Appleton, M.A., of St. Neot's, Huna Wilton, Norfolk, to Anne Frances, d. of the tingdonshire, to Lucy Mary, only d. of the late late Rt. Hon. Sir E. Knatchbull, bt.; Rev. E. Mr. N. Lea, of Birmingham; Rev. J. Wylde, of Thompson, to Miss Ellen Percy, fifth d. of the Bellbroughton, Worcestershire, to Jane, youngBishop of Carlisle ; Rev. E. Karston, of Bur- est d. of the Rev. T. Philpott, r. of Pedmore, ton-on-Trent, to Anna Grenville, eldest d. of Worcestershire; Rev. B. Hemming, c. of R. W. Buttemer, Esq., of Newington-place, Broadway, Worcestershire, to Caroline, youngKennington; Rev. R. Greswell, B.D., Fellow est d. of Mr. Beesley, of the city of Worcester. 586


The “ Events” are collected from the public papers, except where private correspondents are so

good as to send more authentic accounts, which are always marked “From a Correspondent."



tian Knowledge, in making their report John Wilkinson, residing at High Wy

for the last year, have again the gratifying combe, a minister* of the Society of duty of announcing a very considerable in. Friends, has lately sent in his resignation,

crease in the circulation of the Societr's and joined the Established Church, in publications, as compared with the tito which he has been solicited to take Holy is a continually

increasing demand for


former years, thereby shewing that there Orders.—Morning Herald. On Sunday, April 17th, Brill Church,

advantages conferred by this society. The Buckinghamshire, was opened for divine

committee would have been still more gra. service,

when the Rev. W. R. Freemantle, tified could they also have announced a Rector of Pichott, and late Fellow of corresponding increase in the list of subMagdalen College, preached an appropri- scribers ; but they have no fear that they ate sermon to a crowded and attentive shall bave that pleasing task to perform in congregation. The building is neat, and

their next report, as the benefits of the contains about seven hundred persons. Society become more known and appre. It has been nearly completed by private

ciated.” subscriptions, and a grant from the in- Comparative Statement of Books issued in corporated Society for Promoting the

the last Three Years. Building and Enlarging Churches and

1833. 1834. 1835. Chapels. Besides a munificent donation Bibles,

118 149 of forty guineas, the Marquis of Chandos Testaments,

44 97

207 bas ordered a bandsome cloth for the

Common Prayers, 162 269 434 pulpit, desk, and communion table.

Bound Books and


} 1442 1791 CHESHIRE.

Tracts, А very gratifying tribute of respect has been paid to the Rev. J. Porter, M.A.,


1926 2511 Incumbent of St. John's Church, Maccles- Being an increase in two years of 1763 field, by the teachers and children of the books. Sunday-school connected with the place There has been a strong contest at St. of worship, who have presented bim with Saviour's Church, Dartmouth, in the eleca pocket communion service in silver.- tion of church wardens for that parish ; at Macclesfield Courier.

the close of the poll the conservatives beat DERBYSHIRE.

their opponents by a majority of ten. The church of Disley, Derbyshire, which

DORSETSHIRE, has for some time past been shut up for William John Bankes, Esq., of Kingston enlargement and repairs, has just been re- Hall, Wimborne, and of Trinity College, opened. The expenses (amounting to Cambridge, has presented to the church 3,0001.) of the alterations and improve of Corfe Castle a piece of valuable meador ments of the church, have been entirely land, to be used as a burial ground for the defrayed by Richard and Thomas Orford, inhabitants of that parish, which is eaEsqrs., of High-lane, Chesterfield, who closed with a substantial stone wall serea have also presented a new organ to the feet high.-Salisbury Herald. church.-Derbyshire Courier.

On Tuesday, April 12th, the conserva

tives of Poole achieved a glorious victory. DEVONSHIRE. On Thursday, March 31st, the annual in the borough. This being the day when

and proved they possess the real strength meeting of the Tiverton District Society the churchwardens and other officers are for Promoting Christian Knowledge was

annually elected--and the radical party held at the Town-ball. The Rev. Mr.

having, in Easter 1835, elected two radical Spurway being called to the chair, the churchwardens, and cut off the salaries of secretary proceeded to read the following the ringers, &c.—the conservatives were report :- “ The Tiverton District Committee of the Society for Promoting Chris. elect conservative churchwardens, thus

determined to restore the salaries, and How curious these gross errors are! The

keeping up the good old principle of Friends have no ministers.-ED.

church and king. The radicals pui in

nomination the old churchwardens, Messrs. The Grammar School at Bromyard, Stanworth and Rickman (who are also founded by Queen Elizabeth, wbich has councillors in that interest for the south- been for many years in a state of dilapidaeastward); the conservatives proposed tion and decay, is now restored, through Messrs. Holland and Adey, and, after a the exertions of tbe Rev. W. Cooke, vicar sharp struggle, the result was as follows : of the parish, aided by local subscriptions For Holland and Adey, 275; For Rickman and a munificent donation of 1001, from and Stanworth, 170—majority for conser. the Worshiptul Company of Goldsmiths, vatives, 105.- The salaries to the ringers, patrons of the endowment funds. The &c. were all restored, the radical party school is now open for the gratuitous edudeclining to oppose.-Ibid.

cation of boys in that extensive parish. DURHAM.

KENT. (From a Correspondent.)

A deputation of gentlemen educated The CHAPEL OF THE HOLY TRINITY, or under Dr. Burney have waited upon bim of St. Cuthbert, near Nun's Lane, Gates- at bis house in Greenwich, and presented head. It was in the contemplation of the him with an elegant and costly candelalate lamented Bishop of Durham, Dr. Van brum, as a testimony of the respect and Mildert, to have repaired and restored this high esteem entertained for him among beautiful specimen of ancient architecture, bis pupils. The inscription was pithy for the purpose of divine worship accord- and appropriate—“ Carolo Parr Burney, ing to the church of England. Although S. T. P., olim discipuli nunc amici D.D.the source of this liberality is stopped, it Diocese of CANTERBURY.-At a nuis pleasant to find that voluntary contribu- merous meeting of the Archdeacon and tions have been entered into in the parish Clergy of the Diocese of Canterbury, held and neighbourhood for effecting the same on Tuesday, April 19, to take into consiobject. In the course of a few weeks these deration the Alarriage and Registration have already amounted to upwards of 4001., Bills, also the propriety of a declaration besides a munificent donation of 1001. from of sentiment on the proceedings at Oxford Mrs. Lawrence, of Studley Park.

in the matter of the Regius Professorship On the 5th of April a very numerous of Divinity, a petition against the bill and respectable meeting of the parishioners was agreed to ; in which, however, the of Houghton-le-Skerne, near Darlington, petitioners disclaimed the intention, and presented to their curate, the Rev. T. even the wish, to throw obstacles in the Austin, M.A., a handsome silver salver, way of any remedial measures for the relief value 601.Durham Chronicle.

of such grievances as, under the existing The proposition for alienating a large laws, dissenters from the established portion of the revenues of the See of Dur- church may justly be considered liable to. ham for the purpose of erecting a Bishop- The meeting next proceeded to consi. rick elsewhere bas been received with der the subject of Dr. Hampden's appoint. great disfavour throughout the county of ment to the Regius Professorship of Di. Durham. Petitions to the House of Com. vinity in the University of Oxford, when mons against the measure are now in the following letter was agreed to, (with course of signature in all parts of the the single dissentient voice of the Rev. diocese.-Durham Advertiser.

W. S. H. Braham, for reasons which the GLOUCESTERSHIRE.

rev. gentleman stated at the meeting, ACADEMICAL GRIEVANCE !--This is the

and has since assigned in a letter to the age for petitioning: in the House of Com.

Archdeacon,) and signed by the venerable

the Archdeacon on behalf of the meeting. mons, on Friday, March 25th, a petition was presented from a Mr. J. Williams,

To the Rev. Vaugham Thomas, B.D., who represented that tbe Bishop of Glou

and the Members of the Convocation, cester had refused him ordination, because

at Oxford, assembled in Common he was only an undergraduate of Trinity

Room at Corpus Christi College. College, Dublin, and praying some remedy diction in matters connected with the

“ Though not pretending to any jurisfor this grievance !-01ford Paper.

regulation of the Universities, yet we canHEREFORDSHIRE.

not, as ministers of the Established Church, The National School for boys, at Here- regard with indifference the events which ford, wbich has hitberto been confined to have recently taken place at Oxford ; nor the parishes of All Saints and St. Martin's, can we be satisfied that we should bave is now extended to all parishes in the city, done our duty, so long as we neglect to under the direction of the Dean of the express our sympathy in that godly jeaparochial clergy.

lousy with which you have struggled to

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