Sidor som bilder

preserve the channels of theology pure and Lord Francis Egerton has announced untainted.

his intention of subscribing 1001. per “ Deeply as we regret that an occasion annum to the Manchester Church-Build. for the exercise of this jealousy should ing Society, and Lady F. Egerton bas adhave arisen, we feel tbat, under the cir. nounced a subscription of 501.Manchester cumstances which called it into action, we Courier. owe to you, to ourselves, and to the CHAPEL AT MELLOR BROOK, NEAR Church of which we are ministers, a pub- BLACKBURN.—This chapel was formerly lic profession that we are not insensible to in the hands of the Independent or Con. the magnitude of the interests involved in gregational Dissenters, having been erected the points at issue, nor to the debt of gra- by that body about fourteen years ago. titude due to you for the noble stand you But, although a considerable population bave made in defence of sound doctrine." immediately surrounds it, and although

it is situate upwards of a mile from the LANCASHIRE.

episcopal chapel of Balderstone, the conNew CHURCH AT AIGBURTI. - The

gregation was unable to maintain itself, foundation stone of the new church about and the chapel was entirely closed about to be erected at Aigburth, near Liverpool, five years ago. It was purchased about a by the voluntary contributions of the gen- year ago by the vicar, with the aid of a tlemen of that beautiful and improving few zealous friends, and bas since been neighbourhood, was laid, on March 30th, considerably enlarged and improved. On by Jobn Moss, Esq., of Otterspool, in the Sunday, Mar. 27, it was opened for divine presence of the Rev. Aug. Campbell, the service, and, both morning and evening, vicar of the parish of Childwall, in which was crowded to excess. After each serthe church is situated, and of a large as- vice, collections were made in aid of the semblage. Previous to the laying of the funds for repairing and furnishing the foundation stone, Mr. Campbell, who, with building.1b. the consent of the bishop, bas surrendered New CHURCHES.- The first stone of a bis claim to the patronage of the church, third new church to be erected in the and to all fees received at it, came for- parish of Preston, is intended to be laid ward at the request of the trustees, and on Monday the 2d of May, near the House addressed Mr. Moss in an impressive of Correction, upon land presented by Mr. speech. Tbe land was given by Mr. Moss; Jobn Smith. There will be a grand the sum necessary for erecting it, amount Masonic procession on the occasion. ing to 26001., was raised by subscription Cbrist Cburch, Bow-lane, and St. Anamongst the gentlemen of Aigburth. The drew's, Ashton, both commenced in Auminister will bave settled upon him about gust last year, will be reared in the 1001. a-year, secured on the ground rents, course of a few weeks.- 1b. which the trustees are bound to pay to A vestry meeting for the parish of War. him; he is to have a parsonage-house, rington was held on Easter Tuesday, acrent free, and is to receive the rents of a cording to ancient custom—the Hon. and certain number of the seats in the church, Rev. Horace Powys in the chair-for tbe the total salary being probably about 2801. purpose of appointing churchwardens, and per annum. The seats are to be partly the laying the requisite church-rate for the property of the subscribers of the church, ensuing year ; when a numerous train of each subscriber of 1001. being entitled to the destructives, headed by some of the a pew for his own family, another for his most restless and dissatisfied amongst the servants; partly, as we have stated, of the dissenters, crowded to the meeting, and minister; and partly of the poor; a consi. endeavoured to prevent the laying of the derable number of seats being altogether church-rate, voting for an amended mofree, and others let for very small sums, tion, that the question for imposing the as low as balf-a-crown, and even a shil. rate should be adjourned to that day six ling. The patronage is in the hands of months. Several of those who held up the trustees. The church, which is situate their bands had no votes, and many were on the road side, near Otterspool, is to be neither residents nor ley-payers in the built in the Roinan stylo, aod, when finish- parish. These were glad to make their ed, will accommodate about 700 persons. escape wben a scrutiny was called for ; - Manchester Herald,

and the majority thus attempted to be A poll took place at Manchester last foisted on the parish was, on a scrutiny week' for the election of church wardens, of the votes being demanded and forth. when the candidate proposed by the with proceeded in, declared to be as fol. church party was chosen by a majority lows:-For the rate, 227 votes ; against of 235.

it, 159-majority for the rate, 68. Amount

of assessment of those who voted for the rate, 5,7 291. 10s.; of those who voted against it, 1,2811.- 1b.

On Monday, March 28, a very gratify. ing scene was witnessed at Radcliff, in the presentation of a very handsome tea ser. vice to the Rev. Samuel Johnson, M. A., who has been curate at the parish church for the last fourteen years. The chair was taken by T. P. Hutchinson, Esq. Mr. James Mather, the senior church. warden, then presented the tea service, which bore the following inscription « Presented to the Rev. Samuel Johnson, M. A., by his congregation and friends, as a mark of their respect and esteem for him as a clergyman and private friend, and in testimony of their sorrow and regret on parting with him. It is only justice to ibe kind-heartedness of the rector to say, that bis respect for the character of Mr. Jobnson, bas induced him to resign the living of Chowbent in that gentleman's favour.–16.

LEICESTERSHIRE. The late Bishop of Lichfield was, for between twelve and thirteen years, Rector of Lutterworth, and was greatly respected and beloved by bis parishioners. On receiving the intelligence of his decease, they immediately raised a subscription to bang the pulpit and reading desk, at wbich he had so long officiated, with black cloth. --Northampton Mercury.

MIDDLESEX. The anniversary dinner of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge is fixed for the 26th of May. The annual meeting of the Society for Promoting the Enlargement and Building of Churches, will take place, May 18th. The anniversary of the charity children at St. Pauls', will take place on June 9th. The exami. nation of the National Schools takes place on Wednesday, the 8th June, and the rebearsal of the Sons of the Clergy, May 17th--the anniversary, May 19th.

Bishop Chase is on the point of returning to America. Nearly 2,0001. bave been subscribed by the friends of religion in England to enable him to establish a theo. logical seminary in the diocese of Illinois.

FIREAT CHRIST Church, SPITALFIELDS. - According to estimates delivered, the repair of this fine editice will require above 5,0001.

--- an expenditure wbich would press heavily upon any parish, but which, to one like Spitalfields, must prove absolutely insupportable. Under these circumstances the liberality of the public is again earnestly solicited. A treasurer

VOL. IX.-May, 1836.

and committee bave been appointed to receive subscriptions, and to apply them so as not to supersede, but to assist, the limited resources of the parish. Amount of subscriptions already advertised, 1,1821. 58. 2d.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's public dinners, at Lambeth Palace, commenced on Saturday, the 23d of April. Those who intend to honour His Grace with their company on any Saturday, are requested to leave their cards at the palace on ibe Friday preceding, before twelve o'clock. Prayers at half-past six o'clock.

TESTIMONIAL TO ARCADEACON BUTLER. -A very numerous meeting of gentlemen who have been educated under the Venerable Archdeacon Butler at the Shrews. bury School, and their friends, was held on Friday, April 8, at the Thatched house Tavern, to consider the best mode of testifying their respect for that eminent scholar, on the occasion of his retirement from the Head-mastership of the scbool. Sir Francis L. Holvoake Goodricke, Bart., M.P., was in the chair, and shortly stated the object of the meeting. A coinmittee of twenty-four gentlemen were appointed to carry into effect the object proposed.Morning Heruld.

An attempt was made, about tbree weeks since, to introduce in the parish of Paddington Sir J. Hobhouse's Vestry Act, for the purpose of depriving the bigber and wealthier inhabitants of the plurality of votes, which, by Sturges Bourne's l'estry Act, they now enjoy; of reducing all the rate-payers to the same level of single votes, and so, by means of overwhelming numbers, of carrying the parochial elections. Two-thirds of the whole number of votes polied must be recorded in favour of Sir J. Hobbouse's act before the parish can adopt it—that is to say, the friends of the measure must poll double the number of their opponents. In the present instance, however, the radi. cal voies did not even equal tbose polled on the opposite side. The numbers, at the close of the poll, being

For the adoption of the act. .507
Against it...

.544 So that, instead of the 1,088 votes whicla they should have polled against our 544, they were in an actual numerical minority of 37. On Easter Tuesday, the respectable party proposed two churchwardens and a list of vestrymen, in place of those retiring from office, and carried both, with large majorities. In the election of churchwardens, the association dispute the legality of voting by plurality, and iberefore

4 G



the poll was taken both by single and nister of Sir George Wheler's chapel, plural votes, and the numbers at the close Spital-square, London, was presented by

his congregation with a very bandsome Single Votes.

and useful service of plate, as a " testi. For the churchwardens

mony of their high sense of his faithful proposed by the re

and devoted labours in promoting their spectable party 331 673

spiritual interests.”

329 667 For the association can

Parish of St. BotolpH, BishopSGATE. didates 322 385

-The radicals of this parish bare also 320 387

sustained a defeat. Thursday, 14th April, The association's list of vestrymen was

a vestry was held in the parish church, also defeated, by a majority of nearly 200:

pursuant to notice, to appoint an organist; the lowest number of votes polled for the

Dr. Russell, the rector, in the chair. Mr. lowest candidate on our list being 616, and

Rodgers rose to move that Mr. Cope be the highest number for the highest candi.

appointed organist for the year ensuing. date on the association list being 427.

Mr. Richards seconded the motion. To Correspondent of the Times.

this motion the previous question was It was recently stated in the House of moved by Mr. Springal, and seconded by Lords that, forty years ago, not more than

Mr. Davis ; upon which a division took about thirty places of catholic religious

place, when there appeared — For the worship were to be found in England,

amendment, 73; against it, 89_majority whilst in the year 1835 there were 510,

in favour of putting the motion, 16. Mr. and others were in progress ; that at Kid

Hall said that, with a view of allaying all derminster a protestant chapel had been party animosity, and preventing strife recently converted into a Roman-catholic among neighbours, he would move as an place of worship; that there were eight

amendment-" That the organist should popish colleges now, besides several mo. be paid by subscription, and that a comnasteries and nunneries; that “the chief

mittee should be appointed for carrying reporters of the public journals were said

that object into effect.” This amendment to be Irish papists ;" and, in short, that

was seconded and lost, and Mr. Rodgers' the Roman-catholic religion was greatly

original motion was then carried. Thanks on the increase.

having been voted to Dr. Russell, the At a meeting of the National Society for vestry was dissolved.-Morning Herald. the Education of the Poor, &c., bolden at The anniversary of the St. Ann's Society the Central School, Westminster, on Wed- Schools was celebrated at the London Tas nesday, the 13th of April, there were pre- vern on Thursday, 21st April. There sent the Lords Bishops of London, Win- were present the Bishop of Exeter, Mr. chester, Bangor, Chester, and Gloucester; Freshfield, M.P., Dr. Kenny, and other Hon. M. Justice Park, Rev. Archdeacon warm friends of the institution. The Cambridge, Rev. Dr. Walmsley, Rev. H. Hon. William J. Ashley, M.P., in the H Norris, Wm. Cotton, Esq., James chair. Since 1828, the children received Trimmer, Esq., Joshua Watson, Esq., within its walls bave increased to 151, and the Rev. J.C. Wigram.

who are wbolly maintained at the Brixton SALE OF ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Asylum, and to 62 boys and girls, who -By a provision of the Municipal Reform are clothed and educated in London, Act, the ecclesiastical preferments in the making a total in the two establishments patronage of the several corporations were of 213. The old debts, amounting to directed to be sold under the superintend- 1,4001., have been liquidated, the town ence of the church commissioners. We school-house rebuilt at an expense of understand that the advowson of the rec- 1,4701., and the new asylum erected at tory of Portisbead, worth 7001. a year, in Brixton, the cost of which has been de. the patronage of the corporation of Bristol, frayed, except 6001. Such was the numthe first of these livings offered for sale, ber of applications to be received into the bas been, with the consent of the commis- asylum, that but a few of the applicants sioners, purchased for the full value, by a could be admitted. Since the establishgentleman of fortune in the immediate ment of the society, 1,653 children had neighbourhood. The commissioners de. been received within its walls, of whom cided, shortly after the passing of the act, about 90 boys and 360 girls have been that those sales should take place by placed out in service or apprenticed. The tender.

secretary reported that her Majesty had A short time since, the Rev. J. Gar. sent 351. in aid of its funds. Donations wood, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, and mi- were announced in the course of the even.

ing, amounting to upwards of 1,1001.- so frequently occurring should make disIbid.

senters more sparing of their boast of the VESTRY ClerKS. - A letter from Mr. 'voluntary principle.”—Bristol Journal. Chadwick states the opinion of the Poor The visitation of the Archdeacon of Law Commissioners to be, that no pay- Bath was held on Thursday, the 14th of ments can legally be made from the poor- April, at the Abbey Church, rates to vestry clerks.—York Paper.

STAFFORDSHIRE. The consecration of the episcopal chapel In the Vice-Chancellor's Court, on Saat Hounslow took place on Wednesday turday, 16th April, Sir C. Wetherell moved the 20th April. The ceremony was performed by the Lord Bishop of London, in

that the injunction which had been obthe presence of a great number of specta

tained er parte, restraining the Dean of

Windsor from presenting the Rev. Mr. tors. A collection was afterwards made at the doors, wbich amounted to 431, 13s.

Fletcher, or any other person, to the Cha

pel of St. Leonard's, Wolverhampton, 6d. A prior subscription had been made

should be dissolved. The rev. gentleman among the inhabitants, amounting to upwards of 1201. Windsor Erpress.

was elected by a majority of the votes of

the parishioners in February last, having NORFOLK

contested the election with another rev. On Tuesday, March 22, an examina- gentleman, named Fisk. His bonour the tion took place at St. Andrew's Hall, be

Vice-Chancellor being of opinion that fore the very Rev. the Dean of Norwich, sufficient notice had been given of the elecof 500 children from the infant schools in tion, and that there had not been anything that city. The examination was conducted unfair in tbe proceedings, said it was not by Mr. Wilderspin, who attended for tbis a case which called for the interference of purpose with a view to make the system the court, and accordingly dissolved the better known. The Hall was crowded by injunction with costs. at least 2000 persons, of all ages, sexes,

SURREY. and degrees. The examination was highly A new church is about to be erected at interesting to all.-- Norwich Mercury.

Chertsey.- Times.

PARISH OF ST. MARY, NEWINGTON.Church-RATE. _At the vestry beld last Defeat of the Radicals

. This parish bas week at Banbury, the churchwardens' ac- been kept in a continual flame of excitement counts were passed, the old churchwardens from Easter Tuesday until Wednesday re-chosen, and a rate of 2d. in the pound night, 13th April, when the signal defeat granted for the ensuing year.-Oxf. Herald.

of the radicals restored it to something ap

proximating its usual tranquillity. The SALOP.

contest lay between the lovers and the Churches, the expense of building and haters of the church establishment. Mr. endowing which is raising by public sub- Jobnson, a conservative, was proposed for scription, are now in the course of erection the office of churcbwarden ; Mr. Cheese. at Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Whitchurch, man, an uncompromising radical, was noand Tunbridge. Lady Bridgewater is minated in opposition. At the final close likewise building a handsome church in the of the poll the numbers were as follows: parish of Whitchurch, for which she also For Mr. Johnson, (conservative,) 805 ; provides a liberal endowment; and the Mr. Cheeseman, (radical,) 592—majority Duke of Sutherland has given the requi. for Jobnson, 213. For the organist's salary site sum for erecting and endowing a to be paid out of the parish rates, 710; church in a populous district of the parish against the motion, 572—majority, 138. of Wellington.Record.

Thus both points were carried by a triSOMERSETSHIRE.

umphant majority in favour of the friends The Bishop of Bath and Wells has

of the church.-Morning Herald. sanctioned the proposal to build a new

WARWICKSHIRE. church in Taunton, the expense of erect. The dissenting deputies of this town ing which, and its endowment, will be having made an application to the Chanprincipally defrayed out of a subscription cellor of the Exchequer for the remission to be raised for that purpose, and partly of the stamp duty on the renewal of trust by the government grant.

deeds of dissenting places of worship We hear tbat there is another schism at generally, the right hon. gentleman has, in Zion Chapel, Bedminster, which has led reply just received, assured them, “that to the resignation of 36 Sunday-scbool the representations of the dissenting deteachers. These congregational disputes puties will receive from him all the atten

tion wbich the numbers and respectability Columbus, Master Hubert Holden ; English of the parties give them a just right to ex. Verse, subject Egypt, Master T. H. Gill. pect."'--Birmingham Advertiser.

On Friday, 15th April, a synod of the At a meeting of clergy and laity, held

clergy of the archdeaconry of Coventry in Birmingham, on Thursday, April 14th,

was beld ; Archdeacon Spooner in the for the purpose of considering the best

chair ; when it was unanimously agreed means of testifying public respect to the by a large assembly of the clergy, to memory of Bishop Ryder; the Right petition the king, in all his ecclesiastical Ho!, the Earl of Dartmouth'in the chair; appointments to command the advice of the following resolutions were unani.

those chief pastors of the church wbo may mously adopted, viz. :—That, fully parti.

be privy councillors. The petition is cipating in the sentiments of affectionate

now ia ibe act of being circulated through res; ect and deep regret so generally enter

the archdeaconry, for the signatures of tained on occasion of the death of our late those of the clergy wbo did not attend the pious and exemplary diocesan, this meet

meeting. ing cordially approves, and is most anxious

TRIUMPUL OF THE BIRMINGHAM CHURCH to promote, the design recently proposed

Party.-(From a correspondent of the at the Quarter Sessions for the County of Standard. )-The ultra-liberals bave long Statford, of erecting a suitable monument

succeeded, by dint of clamour and menace, to bis lordship's memory in the cathedral

in appointing their own churchwardens; church of Lichfield.—That, should any

but we have this year defeated their surplus remain, afier defraying the ex.

abominable machinations, by returning penses of the funeral and monument, such

Mr. James Brown, a staunch member of surplus be applied, together with any

the church of England, by a great majority. other funds which may be contributed to

The struggle commenced on Easter Tues. that specific object, in aid of the erection

pay ; a poll was demanded, votes were of a church at or near Gosta-green, in the

recorded, and at length a scrutiny took immediate vicinity of Birmingham, to be place, the result of which is as follows :designated by the name of “ Bishop Ryder's

Of 937 persons who voted, 261 were Church ;" the erection of an additional struck off as disqualified, not being rated church in that populous neighbourhood

to the relief of the poor ; of these twentybeing an object which, it is well known,

three voted for Mr. Brown, and 238 for his lordship bad deeply at heart, and to

his opponent, Mr. Winfield, a thorough which he feelingly alluded at a public meet

radical. The total number of votes re. ing in this town a very short time before

corded for Mr. Brown were 848; and for he last quitted the diocese.

Mr. Winfield, 418; the amount of pro

perty assessed to the voters of Mr. Brown New CHURCHES.—On Wednesday, 31st was 25,7001., while that assessed to Mr. March, at a meeting of the general com

Winfield was 10,7901. This check will .mittee of the Lichfield and Coventry Dio.

do the town much good. cesan Church Building Society, lield at tbe Blue-coat School in Birmingham, the

WILTSHIRE. following grants were made :-- For a new The report, for the last year, of the cburch at Coleham, in the parish of St. Salisbury Diocesan and District Committee Julian, Shrewsbury, 60001.; for a new of the Society for Promoting Christian church in the parish of Burslem, Stafford. Knowledge, for South Wilts, is just pub. shire, 300l.; for purchasing St. George's lisbed. It contains a very satisfactory Church, Derby, 6001. ; for purchase of a abstract of the proceedings of the parent school, to be adapted for a chapel in the society.-Salisbury Heruld. same town, 2001, ; for a new church at A monument, bearing the following inRidgway, Eckington parish, Derbyshire, scription has been erected in the cathedral 3001. ; for a gallery in Betley church, at Salisbury, by the Rev. Canon Bowles, Staffordshire, 351.- Derby Mercury. to the memory of the "learned and judi

The annual examination of the pupils in cious" Hooker :the Free Grammar School in Birmingham “To the memory of Richard Hooker, took place on Tuesday the 12th, and Prebendary of this cathedral, and autbor Wednesday the 13th of April. The two of the book'entitled “ Ecclesiastical Polity," exbibitions were awarded to Mr. Arthur who, exhibiting in his writings the proBaynham and Mr. Alfred Clifton ; the foundness of a scholar, and in his life the Bailiff's Prize, for an essay, subject, boly simplicity of an apostle, successfully Oratio in Periclem, Master Charles Haw- vindicated the forms and ordinances of kins; Head Master's Prizes for Compo- the episcopal church of this nation, and sition in Verse, Latin Hexameters, subject, her primitive usage of the sweetest songs

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