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fhalt live the more heavenly and angelical a life. Therefore,

4. Labour, above all things, most exactly to forsake all for him; and chiefly to forsake and contemn thyfelf, purely loving him, and in a manner forgetting thyfelf and all things, for the vehement burniog love of him : thus thy mind will run so much upon him, that thou wilt take no heed what is sweet or bitter, neither wilt thou confider time or place, nor mark one person from another, for the wonder and love of thy Lord God, and the desire of his bleffed will, pleasure, and honour in all things, and whatsoever good thou doft, know and think that God doth it, and not thou.

5. Choose always (to the best of thy skill) what is moft to God's honour, and most like unto Christ and his example, and most profitable to thy neighbour, and most against thy own proper will, and least ferviceable to thy own praise and exaltation.

6. If thou continue faithful in this fpiritual work and travel, God at length, without doubt, will hear thy knocking, and will deliver thee from all thy fpiritual trouble, from all the tumults, noile, and incumbrance of cogitations and fancies, and from all. earthly affections, which thou canst by no better means put away, than by continual and fervent desire of the love of God.

7. Do not, at any time, let or hinder his working, by following thine own will; for, behold, how much thou dost the more perfectly forsake thine own will, and the love of thyself, and of all worldly things, so much the more deeply and safely shalt thou be knit unto God, and increase in his true and pure love.


1. If thou still, above all things, seek that union, thou must transfund and pour thy whole will into the


high pleasure of God; and whatsoever befals thee, thou must be without murmuring, and retraction of heart, accepting it most joyfully for His love, whose will and work it is.

2. Let thy great joy and comfort evermore be, to have his pleasure one in thee, though in pains, fickness, persecutions, oppreslions, or inward griefs and pressures of heart, coldness, or barrenness of mind, darkening of thy will and senses, or any temptations, spiritual or bodily. And,

3. Under any of thefé, be always wary thou turn not to sinful delights, nor to sensual and carnal pleasures, nor set thy heart on vain things, seeking comfort thereby, nor in any wise be idle, but always, as thou canft, compel and force thyself to some good spiritual exercise or bodily work; and though they be then unsavoury to thee, yet are they not the less, but the more, acceptable to God.

4. Take all afflictions as tokens of God's love to thee, and trials of thy love to him, and purposes of kindness to enrich thee, and increase more plentifully in thee his blessed gifts and spiritual graces, if thou persevere faithfully unto the end; not leaving off the vehement defire of his love, and thy own perfection.

5. Offer up thyself wholly to him, and fix the point of thy love upon his most blessed increated love; and there let thy soul and heart rest and delight, and be, as it were, resolved and melted, most happily, into the blessed Godhead; and then take that as a token, and be assured by it, that God will grant thy lovely and holy desire; then shalt thou feel, in a manner, no difference betwixt honour and shame, joy and forrow : But whatsoever thou perceivest to appertain to the honour of thy Lord, be it ever so hard and unpleafant to thyself, thou wilt heartily embrace it, yea, with all thy might, follow and defire it; yet, when thou hast done what is possible for thee, thou wilt think thou hast done nothing at all, yea, thou shalt


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be ashamed, and detest thyself, that thou hast so wretchedly and imperfectly served so noble and wor thy a Lord; and therefore, thou wilt desire and endeavour every hour to do and suffer greater and more perfect things than hitherto thou hast done, forgetting the things that are behind, and presling forward, &c.

6. If thou hast in any measure attained to love, and abide in, God, then mayest thou keep the powers of thy soul and thy fenses, as it were, shut up in God, from gadding out to any worldly thing or vanity, as much as poffible, where they have so joyfully a security and safeness: Satiate thy soul in him, and in all other things still see his blessed presence.

7. Whatsoever befalleth thee, receive it not from the hand of any creature, but from him alone, and render back all to him, seeking in all things his pleasure and honour, the purifying and subduing thyself.

What can harm thee, when all must first touch God, within whom thou hast inclosed thyself.

8. When thou perceivest thyself thus knit to God, and thy soul more fast and joined nearer to him than to thine own body, then shalt thou know his everlafting, and incomprehensible, and ineffable goodness, and the true nobleness of thy soul, that came from him, and was made to be reunited to him.

9. If thou wouldft afcend and come up to thy Lord God, thou must climb up by the wounds of his blessed humanity, that remain as it were for that use; and when thou art got up there, thou wouldst rather suffer death, than willingly commit any fin.

10. Entering into Jesus, thou castest thyself into an infinite sea of goodness, that more easily drowns and happily swallows thee up, than the ocean does a drop of water. Then shalt thou be hid and transformed in him, and shalt often be as thinking without thought, and knowing without knowledge, and loving without love, comprehended of him whom thou canst not comprehend.


'SE C T. VI.

1. Too much desire to please men mightily prejudgeth the pleasing of God.

2. Too great earneftness and vehemency, and too greedy delight, in bodily work and external doings, scattereth and loseth the tranquillity and calmness of the mind.

3. Caft all thy care on God, and commit all to his good pleasure ; laud and praise, and applaud, him in all things, small and great; forsake thy own will, and deliver up thyself freely and cheerfully to the will of God, without reserve or exception, in prosperity and adversity, sweet or four, to have or to want, to live

or to die.

Disunite thy heart from all things, and unite it only to God.

5. Remember, often and devoutly, the life and parfion, the death and resurrection, of our Saviour Jesus.

6. Defcant not on other mens deeds, but confider thine own; forget other mens faults, and remember thine own.

7. Never think highly of thyself, nor despise ang other man.

8. Keep silence and retirement as much as thou canft, and, through God's grace, they will keep thee from snares and offences.

9. Lift up thy heart often to God, and defire in all things his aslistance.

10. Let thy heart be filled, and wholly taken up, with the love of God, and of thy neighbour, and do all that thou dost in that sincere charity and love.

The sum is : 1. Remember always the presence of God. 2. Rejoice always in the will of God. - And, 3. Direct all to the glory of God.

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1. Little love, little trust; but a great love brings a great confidence.

2. That is a bleffed hope that doth not slacken us in our duty, nor maketh us secure, but increaseth both a cheerful will, and gives greater strength to inortification and all obedience.

3. What needest thou, or why travelleft thou about so many things ? think upon one, defire and love one, and thou shalt find great rest. Therefore,

4. Wherever thou be, let this voice of God be ftill in thine ear; My son, return inwardly to thy heart; abstract thyself from all things, and mind me only : Thus,

5. With a pure mind in God, clean and bare from the memory of all things, remaining unmoveably in him, thou shalt think and defire nothing but him alone; as though there were nothing else in the world but he and thou only together; that all thy faculties. and powers being thus recollected into God, thou mayest become one spirit with him.

o. Fix thy mind' on thy crucified Saviour, and remember continually his great meektiess, love and obedience, his pure chastity, his unspeakable patience, and all the holy virtues of his humanity.

7. Think on his mighty power and infinite goodness; how he created and redeemed thee; how he juftifieth thee, and worketh in thee all virtues, graces, and goodness; and thus remember Him, until thy memory turn into love and affection. Therefore,

8. Draw thy mind thus from all creatures, unto a certain filence, and rest from the jangling and com, pany of all things below God; and when thou canst come to this, then is thy heart a place meet and ready for thy Lord God to abide in, there to talk with

thy soul.

9. True

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