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I fuppofe it is needlefs to inform the public, that the reafon of printing these sermons, arifes altogether from the favourable reception which the fermon given as a fample of them in TRISTRAM SHANDY met with from the world. That fermon was printed by itself fome years ago, but could find neither purchasers nor readers, so that I apprehended little hazard from a promise I made upon its republication, "That if the fermon was liked,

thefe fhould be alfo at the "world's fervice;" which, to be as good as my word, they here are; and I pray to GoD, they may do it the fervice I wish. I have little to say in their behalf, except this, that not one of them

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was compofed with any thoughts of being printed ;-they have been haftily written, and carry the marks of it along with them. -This may be no recommendation ;-I mean it, however, as fuch for as the fermons turn chiefly upon philantropy, and thofe kindred virtues to it, upon which hang all the law and the prophets, I trust they will be no lefs felt, or worse received, for the evidence they bear of proceeding more from the heart than the head. I have nothing to add, but that the reader, upon old and beaten fubjects, must not look for many new thoughts,'tis well if he has new language: in three or four paffages, where he has neither the one nor the other,

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other, I have quoted the author
I made free with.-There are
fome other paffages, where I fuf-
pect I may have taken the fame
liberty---but 'tis only fufpicion,
for I do not remember it is fo,
otherwife I fhould have restored
them to their proper owners; fo
that I put it in here more as a ge-
neral faving, than from a confci-
oufnefs of having much to an-
fwer for upon that score. In this,
however, and every thing elfe
which I offer or fhall offer to the
world, I reft, with a heart much
at eafe, upon the protection of the
humane and candid, from whom
I have received many favours, for
which I beg leave to return them


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