The Life and Defence of the Conduct and Principles of the Venerable and Calumniated Edmund Bonner: Bishop of London, in the Reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth: in which is Considered the Best Mode of Again Changing the Religion of this Nation

Seeley and Burnside, 1842 - 382 sidor

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Sida 221 - Be of good comfort, master Ridley, and play the man. We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out.
Sida 70 - ... but the very body of the tree, or rather the roots of the weeds, is the popish doctrine of transubstantiation, of the real presence of Christ's flesh and blood in the sacrament of the altar (as they call it), and of the sacrifice and oblation of Christ made by the priest, for the salvation of the quick and the dead.
Sida iii - Bishop of London, in the Reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI., Mary and Elizabeth. In which is considered, The Best Mode of again Changing the Religion of this Nation. By A TRACTARIAN BRITISH CRITIC. Dedicated to the Bishop of London, " Tenditnusin Latium," — We are going to Rome.
Sida 155 - The prevailing notion of bringing forward the atonement explicitly and prominently on all occasions, is evidently quite opposed to what we consider the teaching of Scripture ; nor do we find any sanction for it in the Gospels.
Sida 179 - Complaints came up from all the parts of England, of the injustice and violence used in elections, beyond what had ever been practised in former times. And this was so universal over the whole nation, that no corner of it was neglected. In the new charters that had been granted, the election of the members was taken out...
Sida xxvii - I am but one of yourselves, -a Presbyter; and therefore I conceal my name, lest I should take too much on myself by speaking in my own person. Yet speak I must ; for the times are very evil, yet no one speaks against them.
Sida 164 - I am more and more indignant at the Protestant doctrine on the subject of the Eucharist; and think that the principle on which it is founded is as proud, irreverent, and foolish, as that of any heresy, even Socinianism.
Sida 50 - Why do you praise Ridley? Do you know sufficient good about him to counterbalance the fact, that he was the associate of Cranmer, Peter Martyr, and Bucer?
Sida 70 - The doctrine, then, of the early Church was this; that ' in the Eucharist an oblation or sacrifice was made by the Church to God, under the form of his creatures of bread and wine, according to our blessed Lord's holy institution, in memory of his cross and passion ;' and this they believed to be the
Sida xxvii - SYSTEM WHICH CERTAIN PARTIES ARE LABOURING TO RESTORE, that truths should be clearly stated, which as yet have been but intimated, and others developed which are now but in germ. And, as we go on, WE MUST RECEDE MORE AND MORE FROM THE PRINCIPLES, IF ANY SUCH THERE BE, OF THE ENGLISH REFORMATION.

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