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extent of the benefit, which Christ obtained for us upon the cross. We are informed in Scripture, that we are dead in Adam, but alive in Christ, dead in trespasses and sins, but quickened by Christ; that we have offended our heavenly Father, but that Christ has reconciled us to him, so that we are redeemed by Christ and sanctified by the Holy Spirit. This doctrine is the very first, that should be impressed upon our hearts; it is the very heart and soul of divine truth. "As in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive." This simple text contains in itself the Christian's creed; by it, he discerns his sinful nature; by it, he perceives at once, what he inherited from Adam, and what he obtained through Christ's death-he perceives that a resurrection has been promised, that that which was buried a natural body in Adam, will be raised a spiritual body in Christ; that man "dead in trespasses and sins," will be made alive with a glorious body, raised in honour by Jesus Christ, who has redeemed it, who has saved it from punishment and eternal destruction. The redemption of Jesus

Christ is indeed a glorious theme; but it is only the humble mind, that can comprehend it in all its fulness. We say fulness, because it is unlimited-we dare not confine its effects to a few solitaries; for the effect of the Gospel is salvation. And shall man with an ill-judged hand measure out Christ's salvation to a few creatures, and leave the rest to perish ?—This is not our custom; ye yourselves are the witnesses; we proclaim the Gospel to all; as all are dead, so by it all are made alive. As the sun, when he arises in the firmament, chasing away the gloom of the night, emitting his light upon every man, so the Gospel preached sheds those beautiful rays upon the hearts of all, dispersing the gloom, and lighting up man's path with the beauty of holiness and love, which bring peace on earth, and good will towards men. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is circumscribed by no bounds, is limited by no place, is co-extensive with time, is co-mensurate with human wants; as well might we endeavour to place a bound to the mighty ocean, or count the sands, upon

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which it flows, as to take away the effect of Christ's redeeming love. Oh! no, my Christian Brethren, you all have the advantage of the Gospel, and by it alone are you enabled “to work out your own salvation.” Christ, when on earth, did not assure the Apostles themselves of salvation; indeed one trembled, lest at the last he should be a cast-away; but Christ said, "Go, and teach all nations," proclaim aloud the knowledge of God, not only to the Jew, but to the Gentile-not only to the rich man, but to the poor, for my love is as extensive as the human race; the banner, which I have unfurled, is large enough for all to come under it; and my standard so secure and firm, that all those, who flock to it, "shall not perish, but have eternal life."

Again, to an attainment of the knowledge of God, it is necessary, that we submit ourselves to the influences of the Holy Spirit. His operations are wonderful towards us-"He," we are told, "maketh intercession for us with groanings, which cannot be uttered." But what are his ordi

nary actions in man's behalf? Have you the knowledge of them? Does he not prevent or go before us, and excite us to good works? and should we resist his influence? Does he not assist us in our arduous struggle between life and death? Know you not, that it is the Holy Spirit who worketh with you, and that his influence shines upon all alike? that he remains with us, unless we resist and grieve and quench his divine workings. What say you to these things? Feel you not often your conscience aroused? a secret working within reminding you of your sinful state? and when in your humbleness you become thoroughly acquainted with this, does not the thought, that Jesus Christ came to save that, which was lost to revive the drooping spirit, to place you in a state of salvation, stimulate you by God's grace to bring to effect better resolves? We say, do not such thoughts as these ever break in upon your mind, even when it is involved in your every day concerns? Oh! doubtless it was the Spirit

of God, exciting you to good works, moving you to holiness, that you might be saved in the day of the Lord. But the Holy Spirit is also a comforter. "I will pray the Father, and he will give you another comforter, even the Spirit of Truth.” One can scarcely ask the pious Christian, whether in the hour of need the Comforter has not indeed been a comforter to him, whether his sober, but sensible influences have not directed him in the right path, far from the devious mazes of this life. But whatever holy feeling it may cause, let me ask, what effect the Comforter has had upon your hearts? In the time of youth, when the heart will not resist outward gratifications, and can feel with ardour and love the attentions of an earthly friend, let me ask, if, in this season, the mind has not been turned from terrestrial to celestial objects, contemplating the mercies of God and the love, which he bears to us? And in old age, do not the things of this world become insipid? have they not lost their relish? and does not the mind turn to

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