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VI.—1. Traite des Droits d'Auteurs dans la Litterature, les

Sciences, et les Beaux-Arts. Par Augustin-Charles

Renouard, Conseiller a la Cour de Cassation.

2. Three Speeches delivered in the House of Commons in

favour of a Measure for an Extension of Copyright. By

T. N. Talfourd, Sergeant-at-Law. To which are added,

the Petitions in favour of the Bill, and Remarks on the

present State of he Copyright Question.

3. An Historical Sketch of the Law of Copyright. By

J. Lowndes, Esq.

4. A Plea for Authors. By an American.

5. Brief Objections to Sergeant Talfourd's New Bill, &c.

By W. and JR. Chambers.

6. Observations on the Law of Copyright, in reference to

the Bill of Mr. Sergeant Talfourd, in which it is

attempted to be proved that the Provisions of the Bill

are opposed to the Principles of English Law; that

Authors require no additional Protection; and that such

a Bill would inflict a heavy blow on Literature, and

prOve a great Discouragement to its Diffusion in this


7. Objections to and Remarks upon Mr. Sergeant Tal-

fourd's Scheme.

8. Speech of the Right Hon. T. B. Macaulay on Mr.

Talfourd's Bill. Mirror of Parliament, Feb. 5, 1841 -186

VII.—1. Report from the Select Committee on British Channel

Fisheries; with Minutes of Evidence and Appendix.

2. A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-water Fish,

with a View to making them a Source of Profit to

Landed Proprietors. By Gottlieb Boccius - 228

VIII.—Letters of John Adams, addressed to his Wife. Edited by

his Grandson, Charles Francis Adams ... 245

Note—Concerning the Article on the Order of the Gaiter, &c.,

in No. CXXXVI. 280

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