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In completing the First Year of the Ecclfsiastical Gazette, we think it due to the Subscribers and Friends of the Work, to give them some account of its progress. And we are able to do this more fully than could be done in the case of an ordinary periodical publication, inasmuch as it differs so entirely from all others, that there can be no apprehension either of rivalry or of competition.

The principal objects for which the Ecclesiastical Gazette were established were these: to provide the means of communicating perfectly with the whole of the Parochial Clergy, to convey to them authentic information, and a record of facts upon all matters relating to the Church, and to afford to Church Societies the benefit of such a medium of communication.

With these views it was determined to send a copy, free of expense, to the Resident Parochial Clergyman, of every parish in England and Wales, and to incur the risk attending such an attempt; the literary labour of the Work being also undertaken gratuitously.

This plan has been carried out to its full extent, as may be verified by a reference to the Stamp Office Returns. The whole number of Copies printed during the Year has been 137,250, making an average of 11,43" Monthly. Of the total number about 112,000 have been sent gratuitously to the Clergy: and we still have to furnish for this gratuitous circulation, nearly nine thousand copies every Month. This, of course, does not include the number paid for by Clerical Subscribers, which amounted in the course of the year to something short of sixteen hundred.

The value of the Copies thus sent gratuitously, estimated at the publication price, has amounted to little less than three thousand pounds. An impression seems to have gone abroad, that the burden of this expense has been sustained by some public fund, but this is not the case, nor have we had any other support, except the patronage kindly afforded to us by the Prelates of the Church, than those which are available to any other Periodical Publication.

Under these circumstances it will be satisfactory to the Friends of the Work to know, that it has so far succeeded as to have paid during the year the expenses of its Establishment, and that with their continued support it can be carried on without further risk or loss. But beyond that, it is evident, from the nature of the case, that it can never yield more than a very moderate remuneration for the labour and responsibility of conducting its affairs. This, however, is all that has been looked for on the part of its conductors, and wc have now no doubt but that it will be obtained. The value of the Publication as a medium of communication, has already been felt in the great questions relating to Education and the Church, and we feel satisfied that the Clergy at least will never allow such an auxiliary to fail for want of further support.

We do not wish, however, to press for that support, either unbecomingly or without discrimination. For we can assure those of our brethren, who are less able to afford it, that by far the greatest pleasure which we have derived from conducting this publication is the knowledge which we possess of its utility to them. It is a great gratification to feel that we have been instrumental in placing the humblest of the Parochial Clergy on a level in point of Ecclesiastical Intelligence, with the most favoured of their Brethren.


Abyssinia, expulsion of missionaries from, 179.

Acts of Parliament relative to the Clergy :—Bill for more effectually enforcing Church discipline, 28. Mr. Shaw Lcfovrc's bill for declaring the law of assessment on rent-charges for tithe, 30. Liverpool Clergy Endowment Bill, 3*2. Act to abridge the holding ot benefices in plurality, 44, (!1, 92, 134, 184. Act for providing fit houses for beneficed clergy, 75. Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill, 158; additional provisos to, 188. Proposed additional clause to Ecclesiastical Appointments Suspension Bill, 188. Church Discipline Bill, 211; proposed additional clause to, 237.

Algiers, religions of the population of, 66; establishment

of a Popish bishopric at, 143. Armagh, speech of the archbishop of, 19. Assessment, the law of, Mr. Shaw Lcfcvre's bill on,


Australia, letters from the Bishop of, 3, 5, GO, 131, 155, * 226; missionaries to, 179.

Baptism, adult, instance of, 64.

Barbados, clergy in, 22; state of freed people in, 178.
Bequests of the Rev. W. Richardson, 18; of Colonel
Ollney, 102.

Berkhampstead School, law-proceedings respecting, 30.
Bethnal Green, spiritual destitution of, 231, 243.
Birmingham Church Building Society, 102, 146.
Bishoprics, new arrangement of, 80.
Bombay, installation of the bishop of, 11.
Bray's { Dr.) Associates, report of, (1838) 231.
Brceks v. Woolfrey, 98, 137.

British and Foreign Bible Society, anniversary of, (1839) 215.

Burgess, Dr. (late Bishop of Salisbury), munificence of

to St. David's college, 32. Burials and Christenings, 117. Bury ing paupers, the fees for, 99, 139.

Calcutta, letters from the Bishop of, 2, 4, 5, 226.

Cambridge University Intelligence, 10, 31, 47, 63, 79, 100, 118, 140, 166,'l89, 214, 238.

Canada, clergy and teachers in, 20; spiritual wants in, 49, 130, 178; address of the clergy in, to Lord Durham, with reply, 49; on the clergy reserves in, 183; the Bishop of Montreal's official report of, 204.

Canterbury, the Archbishop of, speeches of, 25,211,232; letter from, on religious education, 120.

Cape of Good Hope, want of instruction at, 202.

Ca*hel, the late Archbishop of, 121.

Cathedral Establishments Bill, address to the Archbishop of Canterbury on, 190.

Catholic (Roman) chapels and clergymen, number of, in Great Britain, 92, 117.

Chester, speech of the bishop of, 207.

Christenings and Burials, 117.

Church room, religious instruction, &c, inquiry into, 77.

Church Discipline,proposed billon, 28.

Church of England Metropolitan Commercial Schools,

13-2. 8'

Church Missionary Society, proceedings of, 65, 75, 116,

132, 156, 179; annual meeting of, (1839) 205 Church Pastoral-Aid Society, annual report of, (1838)

27; proceedings of, 132; anniversary meeting of, and

report, (1H39) 207, 228. Clurches, new (building):—at Lambeth, 10; at Cleve-

lon, 11 ; in Southwark and at Blackheath, 32; at

Ashby-dc-la-Zouch, 48; Tipton, 49; Newton-upon

Ouse and Wakefield, 65; at Bury, Lancashire, 80;

several in the metropolis; and one at Clayton-le

Moors, 101; in Carmarthenshire, 216; at Sutton

near Macclesfield, 240.

Churches, new, annual report of commissioners on, (1838) 43.

Church-rates, defeat of the oppositionists to, at Greenwich, and Chri&tchuirh, Surrey, 10; at Hackney, 31; at South wark, Cambridge, and Halifax, 48; iu Southwark, Oxford, and Bungay, 64; at Cheltenham, M; at St. Neot's, 102; at Bridport, 1(17; at Tuuntou, and Brighton, 215.

Church-rates, proceedings for the subtraction of, 30; decision on the legality of, 47; intended abolition of, by government; instance of Church-rate invalid, 142. Lord Abinger on Church-rates, 186. Proceedings for a Church-rate riot, 186.

Church-ynrds, freehold of, in whom vested, 139.

Clergy Mutual Assurance Society, annual report of, (1838) 7.

Clergy Orphan Society, annual court of, (1839) 157.

Clergymen holding commissions of the peace, circular of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on, 11,

Colonial..- Installation of the Bishop of Bombay, 11. Colonial Church, Canada; formation of a society in Nova Scotia for extending the ministration of the Church, 32. State of the Church in Canada, with address to Lord Durham, and his reply, 49. Church Missionary Society in Australia, M. On the endowment of 57 rectories in Canada; embarkation of Roman Catholics for Dcmerara, 102. National Schools in Jamaica, 143. Form of petition in behalf of the colonial Church; visitation of the Bishop of Montreal, 167. Voluntary system in Canada, 192; Protestant Church at Malta; address to the Queen Dowager, with her answer, 192. Laying the foundation-stone of the Protestant Church there; Proclamation of the Governor for abolishing the censorship, 216. Letters from clergymen in Nova Scotia, 227, 228.

Colonial Church Society, 192.

Colonial Church, form of petition in behalf of, 167; Petition of Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge respecting, 1/8.

Colonics, expenses of ecclesiastical establishments in the, 184.

Consecration of new churches:—at Holloway; Goughsquare, Fleet-street; King's Cross; and at Out-Rawcliffc, 11; at Preston, Freckleton, Sussex, and in Dublin, 32; at Mile-end and Ratclifle, 47; in Wakefield, Uxbridge Moor, Doniathorpc, and five in the diocese of St. Asaph, 48; in the Old Kent Road, 63; at Donisthorpe, Ash by, Burrowbridgc, Devauden, and in the Scilly Islands, 64; at Fromc, Chesterfield, Smethwick, and Milkhonse, near C ran brook, 65; at Westcnd, 80; three in the metropolis; also at East Doniland, I^othcrsdale, Stoneyhurst Green, Settle, Burghcler, Trowbridge, Egham, and Wear, 101; at Leeds, and Edgbaston, 102; in Gray's Inn Road, 119; at Chcadlc and Hastings, 143; in Berwick-street, 166.

Deaths, 11, 33, 50, 66, 81, 103, 121, 144, 168, 193, 217, 241.

Dilapidations, opinion of counsel on, 186. Dissenters' Registers, report of, 91; on the fallacy of, 141.

Durham's, Bishop of, Letter relating to Turner's Sermons, N.

Durham University Intelligence, 10, 80, 118, 214, 239.

Ecclesiastical Duties and Revenues Bill, petition against, 213.

Ecclesiastical establishments in the colonies, expenses of, 184.

Education, papers on, 157; report of committee of

House of Commons on, M. Report of National Society, 179.

Exeter, the Bishop of, and the Rev. E. Head, 79.

Fanaticism in Ireland, 65.

Fees for burying paupers, 99, 139.

Fokkion.—religious liberty in France, 11. Confirmation of the crown prince, 32. Archbishop Quelcn's address to the king of the French, 49. The Archbishop of Cologne; Popish proceedings at Rome, Ace.; religions of the population of Algiers, 66. Prayers in France for the conversion of England to the Roman faith, W. A church erected at Hamburg; Census of Prussia; letter of the Archbishop of Cologne to the King of Prussia, 103. State of religion in France, 120. Establishment of a Popish bishopric at Algiers, 143. Abolition of the Helvetic confession of faith in Switzerland, 168. Demands made in Portugal by the see of Rome, 168. Expulsion of missionaries from Abyssinia, 179. Religious statistics of New York; King of Prussia and the archbishop of Cologne, 217. Canonization of new saints at Rome, 240.

France, state of religion in, 120; the Gallican Church,

Gibraltar, consecration of the Protestant Church at, 103. Hindoo, converted, obituary of a, 132.

Idolatry in India, petition on, 181.

Incumbent, on the right to appoint a curate, under the New Building Act, 98.

Ireland.—Circular of the Lord Lieutenant on clergymen holding commissions of the peace, H. Extraordinary requisition, 32. Fanaticism; Application for an increase of the grant to Mavnooth, 65. Meeting of Irish prelates; Address of 300 clergy, with answer, 117. Meeting of Roman Catholic bishops, 143. Irish Education Board; Church extension, 167. Address of the corporation of Dublin to the Queen, against the new Lord Lieutenant, 191. Meeting of Additional Curates1 Fund Society, 216. Church Education Society, 240.

Irish language, proposed professorship of the, 49.

Irish prelates, meeting of the, 117.

Jamaica, the bishop of, letter from, 4; circular of, 143. Jewish converts, the baptism of, at Liverpool, 64; of a

rabbi at Bethnal Green, 64. Jolly, the late Bishop, 204.

King's College, London, proposed scholarships at, 190; annual report of the council of, 207.

La Trobc, M., report of, on schools in the West Indies, 4.

Law.—Proceedings for tithe in kind, 9. On rating tithes to the relief of the poor, 29. New Registration Act; Suit of a-clergy man for dominicals; Subtraction of Church-rates; Berkhampstead School, M. Legality of Church-rates; Pews in churches; Possession of a parsonage-house by a curate, 47. Rating of tithes, 62, 79. Illegal licence, 98. Brceks v. "Woolfrey, for erecting a tombstone with inscription, &c., 98, 137. On the right of incumbent to appoint a curate to a chapel built under the New Building Act, 98. Libel on the Scorton and Darlington nunneries; Proceedings against select vestry of St. Margaret's, Leicester, to impose a rate for repair of the church, 98. Proceedings for burial fees for interment of paupers; Tithe

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