A new way to pay old debts. The great duke of Florence. The unnatural combat. The bashful lover


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Sida 32 - Who must at his command do any outrage ; Rich in his habit, vast in his expenses ; Yet he to admiration still increases In wealth and lordships.
Sida 80 - End me no ends ! engage the whole estate, And force your spouse to sign it, you shall have Three or four thousand more, to roar and swagger, And revel in bawdy taverns.
Sida 48 - ... howl at her brightness. I am of a solid temper, and, like these, Steer on a constant course : with mine own sword, ' If call'd into the field, I can make that right Which fearful enemies murmur'd at as wrong.
Sida 48 - Rob me not, madam, of all joys at once; Let my nephew stay behind. He shall have my coach, And, after some small conference between us, Soon overtake your ladyship.
Sida 43 - I took her up in an old tamin' gown, (Even starv'd for want of twopenny chops,) to serve thee; And if I understand she but repines To do thee any duty, though ne'er so servile, I'll pack her to her knight, where I have lodg'd him, Into the Counter,* and there let them howl together.
Sida 36 - Mar. No, sir, he lives ; Lives once more to be made a prey to you, A greater prey than ever.
Sida 76 - I have used to raise The fortunes of your joy and mine, young Allworth, Stand yet in supposition, though I hope well : For the young lovers are in wit more pregnant Than their years can promise ; and for their desires, On my knowledge, they are equal. L. All. As...
Sida 24 - The gallant-minded, popular Lord Lovell, The minion of the people's love. I hear He's come into the country, and my aims are To insinuate myself into his knowledge, And then invite him to my house. MAR. I have you; This points at my young mistress.
Sida 48 - For though I do contemn report myself, As a mere sound, I still will be so tender Of what concerns you in all points of honour, That the immaculate whiteness of your fame, Nor your unquestioned integrity, Shall e'er be sullied with one taint or spot That may take from your innocence and candour.
Sida 48 - To my wish: we are private. I come not to make offer with my daughter A certain portion, — that were poor and trivial : In one word, I pronounce all that is mine, In lands or leases, ready coin or goods, With her, my lord, comes to you; nor shall you have One motive to induce you to believe I live too long, since every year I'll add Something unto the heap, which shall be yours too. Lov. You are a right kind father.

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