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can we find it. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, whose heart is fixed trusting in the Lord.

The scriptures taught him to account, not this world, but the next, his portion: taught him to think more of eternity, than of time and brought him to choose what would make him happy there, by which means he could not but be happy here also.

5. They made him not only happy in this world, but ready for the next. They taught him all that he should believe concerning God, and his soul, heaven, and hell and a right belief in these points, will produce a right life in all others. It is only by faith and holiness we can have hopes of heaven. Faith gives us a right to it, and holiness makes us fit for it: both which can be obtained only by the bible. Were there no other advantage but this it were enough. If we did but consider, that by nature we are not fit for heaven, but for hell; are not going to glory, but to misery; that even little children, if they die ignorant of Christ, and his salvation, will share with the devil in his damnation: we should see the greatest advantage in reading, and knowing the scriptures, as Timothy did, even from our childhood.

Let therefore ignorance be ashamed. Are there any of you that cannot read? do not for shame let it be so any longer, when so young a child as Timothy knew the scriptures so well.

Let industry be encouraged. Are any of you trying hard to learn? be not disheartened, or afraid? you see Timothy though but a child succeeded, and so may


Let vanities be disregarded. Learn to despise idle talk, and idle books; it is only wasting your time. Idleness leads to sin,

and sin leads to hell.

Let true glory be pursued: holiness," and happiness. The favor of good men, the blessing of God, are set before you in the scriptures. Read, search, pray, that these blessings may be yours: that with Timothy, you may from a child know the holy scriptures; and with him, sit down at the right hand of God, to be happy there for ever


BLESSED Bible, book divine,
Let me ever read and learn;
"Tis of truth the golden mine;
'Tis my highest, best, concern.

Open thou the sacred page,
Holy Spirit while I read;
Open to my tender age,

That I may be wise indeed.

Many snares my steps surround,
Teach me how to guide my way;
Timothy, here wisdom found;
Let me find it, Lord, I pray.

I am ignorant, and weak,
Liable to sin, and fall:

Hear the pray'r I lisping speak,
Be my guide, my God, my all.

Thou will not a child despise,

Thou hast many infants heard, Thou canst make the simple wise,

Lord, instruct me by thy word.



2 Kings, ii. 23, 24.

And he went up from thence unto Bethel, and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, go up thou bald head, go up


bald head. And he turned back and looked upon them, and

cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

IT is good to learn wisdom by the faults of

others. Were we walking upon the ice, and should we see some of our companions slip in and be drowned; we must be fools indeed if we did not avoid that place, and c 3

watch very carefully lest we should meet with another as dangerous. Believe me, falling into sin, is more dangerous to the soul, than falling into the water is to the body. Let us beware, therefore, and especially when we see others sin, let us not join with them, but carefully avoid them, and their sin too.

God has left us many examples in the bible for this very purpose: and those who have learnt to read their bibles, will be inexcuseable if they do not attend to them. Here is one in which such as you are concerned: in which little children were punished by God, in the very act of sin.

Now consider who the sinners were, little children;-what their crime was, insulting Elisha; and---what their punishment, they were torn by wild beasts.

1. Let us consider the sinners, children, little children, just such as you. Some younger, and some older, but none of them grown up. A giddy, thoughtless crew, who did whatever they chose without considering if it was right or wrong: without any care to do good, or any fear of doing harm. Without any thought of to-morrow, of eternity, of their own souls, or of God,

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