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cause he had none here. At death he goes to the bar of God, who will reckon with him for all his crimes, and doom him to that place of torment where the devil is sent for pride; and Cain for murder; Annanias and Saphira for lying; the man who gathered sticks for breaking the sabbath; the Egyptian for taking God's name in vain; Achan for theft; Jezebel for idolatry; Judas for apostacy; and the man of whom Christ speaks, for a worldly covetous heart. forbid that we should go to them. preserve us therefore from doing as they




8. Hell is worse than the paws of the bears. It was very terrible to be torn in pieces, but it will be worse to burn in everlasting fire. If these children cried and shrieked, what must the wicked in hell do. What weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth is there. Those who kill the body are dreadful, but God who can cast body and soul into hell is much more to be feared. Yet terrible as God is when provoked; he is full of mercy to those who fear and love and serve him. Three children who served him were once cast into a fiery furnace, and God kept them that not so much as their cloaths were burnt. Which is best then, to

love sin and have God your enemy; or to love God, and have him your friend. Oh pray to him for Christ's sake to forgive your sin, to keep you from doing evil any more, and to bless you with holiness here, and heaven hereafter.


WHEN children with insulting breath
Elisha's head revil'd;

Two ravʼning bears with wounds and death
Pursued each sinful child.

Great God, accept my humble praise
That I so long am spar'd,

How oft have I by sinful ways

Thy heaviest vengeance dar'd!

A thousand childish follies rise

Within this heart of mine,

And every hour I live supplies

Fresh instances of sin.

Preserve my infant steps, I pray,
They're open to thy view.

At worship, labour, or at play,
Thou knowest all I do.

Instuct the ignorance of youth,
And keep my riper years,

Till pity, holiness, and truth,
In all my ways appears.

When my companions call to sin,
Oh let me ne'er.consent.

Nor mock with them at things divine,
Nor share their punishment.

Grant me, while life and hope remains, Repentance for the past.

May Jesus wash away my stains,

And give me heaven at last!

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A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.


To be rich is a fine thing, those who are poor usually think nothing so desirable. Indeed money answereth all things. makes a man respected by his neighbours; at least it is so with many who have nothing else that claims respect it gives a man authority; most are willing to bow to a golden idol: it enables a man to get whatever he likes; more than is good frequently, more than is lawful. What therefore can be equal to riches—a good name. Nay a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. Every one of you have a character, but

possibly it is such a one as you ought to be ashamed of. The whole neighbourhood, perhaps, calls you a thief, an idler, saucy, or dirty. Or it is likely your name is good in some respects; you are good featured, and good natured, clever, and active; but if you are vain, apt to comply with sin, full of tricks and mischief, you are but little better than the others. A good patch upon a bad garment, though it mends it something, does not make it good throughout.

If you would have a good name do not patch your characters, by one or two good qualities, but let it be mended all over. Think good thoughts, speak good words, and do good actions.

Seek after those things which are good in all. Such as honesty; because better is a little that an honest man hath, than the treasures of many wicked: industry, for if persons think you idle, they will certainly call you a fool: be sober, for though a drunkard is sometimes called a good sort of a man, it is only by his fellow drunkards; real good men despise him, and God condemns him.

Be religious, serve God humbly, and love your neighbour sincerely; else should you get a good name among men, you

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