Fraser's Magazine, Volym 17

Longmans, Green, 1878

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Sida 224 - same good time there were to be at once a great material abundance and an abolition of commerce. ' There shall be seven halfpenny loaves sold for a penny ; the three-hooped pot shall have ten hoops ; and I will make it felony to drink small beer : all the realm shall be in common; and
Sida 402 - of the said United States, as well in matters of government as of commerce. VIII. Neither of the two parties shall conclude either truce or peace with Great Britain without the formal consent of the other, first obtained ; and they mutually engage not to lay down their arms until the independence of the United States shall
Sida 317 - slight variation one might quote the wellknown description : 'Everyone that was in distress, and everyone that was in debt, and everyone that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him ; and he became a captain [a merely nominal one] over them ; and there were with him about' three 'hundred men.' An odd, ill-assorted conflux. ' Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.
Sida 316 - when he came home triumphant ; and even so would the people of England greet their Essex, were he now returning in glory from his Irish campaign. But now behold, In the quick forge and working-house of thought, How London doth pour out her citizens ! The mayor and all his brethren in best sort, Like to the senators of the antique
Sida 224 - I thank yon, good people,' says Cade : ' there shall be no money ; all shall' eat and drink on my score ; and I will apparel them all in one livery, that they may agree like brothers and worship me their lord.
Sida 471 - what a golden age that must have been for our native quadrupeds. ' A forest,' says he, ' is a certain territory of woody grounds and fertile pastures, privileged for wild beasts and fowls of forest chase, and warren, to rest and abide in, in the safe protection of the King, for his princely delight and pleasure.
Sida 5 - the means and responsibilities by which the colonies should have been defended, and by which, if necessary, this country should call for aid from the colonies themselves. Mr. Disraeli next asked how was it that the policy of the disintegration of the Empire, long ago inaugurated, had utterly failed
Sida 87 - that dreary night A wondrous blaze was seen to gleam; Twas broader than the watch-fire's light, And redder than the bright moonbeam. Blazed battlement and pinnet high, Blazed every rose-carved buttress fair— Sj still they blaze, when
Sida 254 - Kilkenny and Rosseponte boord ; The third, the goodly Barow which doth hoord Great heaps of salmons in his deepe bosome ; All which, long sundred, doe at last accord To ioyne in one, ere to the sea they come ; So flowing all from one, all one at last become. There also was the wide embayed
Sida 87 - The poem, which narrates the fate of the hapless maiden, and describes the supernatural illumination of Roslin Chapel on the night preceding, is well known, but a few of the verses may not be unacceptable once again : Moor, moor the barge, ye gallant crew, And, gentle lady, deign to stay!

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