Hours in a Public Library: Gleanings at the Norwich Free Library

Jarrold and Sons, 1891

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Sidan 20 - Nature's workmanship ; made, as it seems, only to be trodden on to-day, and to-morrow to be cast into the oven; and a little pale and hollow stalk, feeble and flaccid, leading down to the dull brown fibres of roots. And yet, think of it well, and judge whether of all the gorgeous flowers that beam in summer air, and of all strong and goodly trees, pleasant to the eyes...
Sidan 23 - ... and robed to the feet, and leaning to each other across the gates, their figures indistinct among the gleaming of the golden ground through the leaves beside them, interrupted and dim, like the morning light as it faded back among the branches of Eden, when first its gates were angel-guarded long ago.
Sidan 22 - And well may they fall back, for beyond those troops of ordered arches there rises a vision out of the earth, and all the great square seems to have opened from it in a kind of awe...
Sidan 206 - The old order changeth, yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways, Lest one good custom should corrupt the world Comfort thyself: what comfort is in me?
Sidan 20 - Gather a single blade of grass, and examine for a minute, quietly, its narrow sword-shaped strip of fluted green. Nothing, as it seems there, of notable goodness or beauty. A very little strength, and a very little tallness, and a few delicate long lines meeting in a point, — not a perfect point neither, but blunt and unfinished, by no means a creditable or apparently much cared for example of Nature's workmanship ; made, as it seems, only to be trodden...
Sidan 23 - ... a confusion of delight, amidst which the breasts of the Greek horses are seen blazing in their breadth of golden strength, and the St.
Sidan 20 - ... lowest service, — appointed to be trodden on, and fed upon. Its cheerfulness, in that it seems to exult under all kinds of violence and suffering. You roll it, and it is stronger the next day ; you mow it, and it multiplies its shoots, as if it were grateful ; you tread upon it, and it only sends up richer perfume. Spring comes, and it rejoices with all the earth, — glowing with variegated flame of flowers, — waving in soft depth of fruitful strength. "Winter comes, and though it will not...
Sidan 18 - They are but the blunt and the low faculties of our nature which can only be addressed through lamp-black and lightning. It is in quiet and subdued passages of unobtrusive majesty, the deep and the calm and the perpetual; that which must be sought ere it is seen, and loved ere it is understood; things which the angels work out for us daily and yet vary eternally, which are never wanting and never repeated, which are to be found always yet each found but once; it is through these that the lesson of...
Sidan 27 - But to war with that living fury of waters, to bare its breast, moment after moment, against the unwearied enmity of ocean ; the subtle, fitful, implacable smiting of the black waves, provoking each other on endlessly, all the infinite march of the Atlantic rolling on behind them to their help, and still to strike them back into a wreath of smoke and futile foam, and win its way against them, and keep its charge of life from them.
Sidan 19 - ... sunsets among the high clouds. I speak especially of the moment before the sun sinks, when his light turns pure...

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