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4 Here may his doctrines drop like rain,

His speech like Hermon's dew distil,
Till green fields smile, and golden grain,

Ripe for the harvest, waits thy will.
5 And when he sinks in death-by care,

Or pain, or toil, or years oppressed
O God! remember thou our prayer,
And take his spirit to thy rest.



Ordination Hymn.
1 O Lord of life, and truth, and grace,

Ere nature was begun,
Make welcome to our erring race

Thy Spirit and thy Son.
2 We hail the church, built high o'er all

The heathens' rage and scoff;
Thy Providence its fenced wall,

" The Lamb the Light thereof." 3 Thy Christ hath reached his heavenly seat,

Through sorrows and through scars;
The golden lamps are at his feet,

And in his hand the stars.
4 O, may he walk among us here,

With his rebuke and love,
A brightness o'er this lower sphere,

from worlds above.
5 Teach thou thy youthful servant, Lord,

The mysteries he reveals,
That reverence may receive the word,
And meekness loose the seals.

* Rev. ii. 1.


For an Ordination.
1 O God, whose presence glows in all
Within, around us, and above!
Thy word we bless, thy name we call,

Whose word is truth, whose name is love. 2 That truth be with the heart believed,

Of all who seek this sacred place;
With power proclaimed, in peace received

Our spirit's light, thy Spirit's grace. 3 That love its holy influence pour,

To keep us meek, and make us free,
And throw its binding blessing more

Round each with all, and all with thee. 4 Direct and guard the youthful strength

Devoted to thy Son this day;
And give thy word full course at length

O’er man's defects, and time's decay. 5 Send down its angel to our side

Send in its calm upon the breast;
For we would know no other guide,
And we can need no other rest.

647. C. M. H. WARE.

On opening an Organ. 1 All nature's works his praise declare

To whom they all belong; There is a voice in every star, In every breeze a song.

2 Sweet music fills the world abroad

With strains of love and power; The stormy sea sings praise to God

The thunder and the shower. 3 To God the tribes of ocean cry,

And birds upon the wing;
To God, the powers that dwell on high

Their tuneful tribute bring. 4 Like them let man the throne surround,

With them loud chorus raise, While instruments of loftiest sound

Assist his feeble praise.
5 Great God! to thee we consecrate

Our voices and our skill;
We bid the pealing organ wait

To speak alone thy will.
6 Oh, teach its rich and swelling notes

To lift our souls on high;
And while the music round us floats,

Let earth-born passion die.


For a Meeting of Ministers 1 LET Zion's watchmen all awake,

And take the alarm they give; Now let them, from the mouth of God,

Their solemn charge receive.
2 'Tis not a cause of small import

The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel's heart,

And filled a Saviour's hands.

3 All to the great tribunal haste,

The account to render there;
And shouldst thou strictly mark our faults,

Lord! how should we appear? 4 May they, that Jesus whom they preach,

Their own Redeemer see;
And watch thou daily o’er their souls,

That they may watch for thee.

649. L. M. Mason.

God Reflected in Christ.
1 THOU, Lord, by mortal eyes unseen,

And by thine offspring here unknown,
To manifest thyself to men,

Hast set thine image in thy Son.
2 As the bright sun's meridian blaze

O'erwhelms and pains our feeble sight,
But cheers us with his softer rays,

When shining with reflected light, 3 So in thy Son, thy power divine,

Thy wisdom, justice, truth, and love,
With mild and pleasing lustre shine,

Reflected from thy throne above 4 O thou, at whose almighty word,

Fair light at first from darkness shone,
Teach us to know our glorious Lord,

And trace the Father in the Son.
5 While we thine image, there displayed,

With love and admiration view,
Form us in likeness to our Head;
That we may bear thine image too.

650. H. M. PRATT'S COLL.

Missionary Hymn.
1 Rise, Sun of glory! rise,

And chase the shades of night,
Which now obscure the skies,

And hide the sacred light;
O chase those dreary shades away,
And bring the dawning of the day!
2 Now send thy Spirit down

On all the nations, Lord !
With great success to crown

The preaching of thy word;
That heathen lands may own thy sway
And cast their idol gods away.
3 Then shall thy kingdom come

To all our fallen race,
And all the earth become

The temple of thy grace;
Where pure devotion shall ascend,
In songs of praise, till time shall end.

651. 7 & 6s. M. Bp. HEBER.

Missionary Hymn. 1 FROM Greenland's icy mountains,

From India's coral strand, Where Afric's sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sand; From many an ancient river,

From many a palmy plain, They call us to deliver

Their land from error's chain.

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