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“When found, make a note of."-CAPTAIN CUTTLE.



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Ng 9 Ser. 8

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- Assassination of


those contributors whose loyal and priceless service

makes N. & Q.' what it is. He promises, moreCONTENT 8.-N° 1.

over, to use his best effort to prevent the intrusion NOTES : –Editorial Suggestion-A Tempting Invitation, 1 into literary opinions of any form of acerbity, George Cruikshank, 3-Danteiana, 4-Saxon-Sir John Hawkins Adeste Fideles, 5-Initial Epitaphs-Carlyle | One more suggestion he couples with his best at Haddington—Night Courtship-Drawings of Cathedrals wishes for the New Year to his contributors. Ques-Jubilee, 6.

tions which are fully answered in a book so acces. QUERIES :-Portrait of Dake of Gloucester-Houbraken sible as Bartlett's Familiar Quotations' come with Prints--Soult's Carriage-Sussex Songs—Biographies of M.P.s–Maps -Sacred Plant of DruidsBowyer Book-plate irritating persistency. The question as to the origin -Genealogical-Charles I., 7-Baron Bunsen-Cowden of the phrase " Pour oil on troubled waters " prePolishing Sides of Books-Parish Clerks-Before-Thomas Cholmley-Armorial-Wheat thrown at Weddings-Allu- sents itself every other week. With every wish ture of Capt. Bowles – Hallowe'en - Colum-Bayonet, that it cannot be necessary to occupy space with sion in Jeffrey-Child's Book-Arms of Malta, 8-Minia- to aid all who consult its pages, the Editor holds Pancras Lane"Nose out of joint,” 9.

questions that can be answered from the most REPLIES :--Will of Margaret, Countess of Richmond, 9St. Parnell -- Calderon's St. Elizabeth, 10 ---Sobieski- obvious sources of reference. This counsel is not, Anne d'Autriche-Signatures of Town Clerks –-“She is of course, needed by those who are the chief supalone the Arabian bird” — Moore's 'Devonshire,' 11Taronged–The Nile-Survivors of Unreformed House of port of 'N. & Q. The previous counsel, however, Commons - Beauties of Cataloguing

concerns some of these most of all, EDITOR. Buckingham-Poems concerning the Cat, 12— Wonders of the World '-Spanish New Testament, 13-Barber's SignSt. Christopher: Hob-Nob, 14-Byron Volume-Planetoid

A TEMPTING INVITATION. -Naked, 15—Ecclesiastical Functions of Emperors—Pontefract Castle, 16—May Dew Folk-lore-Barrel-Organs, 17- 'N. & Q.’in its long career has contained many Dr. S. Turner-Circumnavigation of Africa-Folk-lore

original letters of great interest, but few, I venture Old Coins, 18. NOTES ON BOOKS:-Gosse's 'Gossip in a Library',

to think, of greater interest than the subjoined Kennan's Siberia and the Exile System -Constable's invitation to Garrick to visit Ireland. Admirers Bernier's Travels in the Mogul Empire'.-Craig's Oxford of Garrick, of Johnson, and of Swift, students of Soakespeare' - - Leland's Works of Heine' "Poetical Works of Pope'-Lane-Poole's Stories from the the social history of the last century, lovers of Arabian Nights.

anecdote, all may find in it something to enterNotices to Correspondents.

tain them. Sir James Caldwell had previously asked Garrick to pay a visit to Castle Caldwell.

Garrick's reply, promising to do so when free Notes.

from the responsibility of managing Drury Lane, EDITORIAL SUGGESTION.

where he was giving his final performances, drew At the outset of a new series the Editor thinks

forth the following warm-bearted letter, which is it pardonable to speak a few words upon the one

copied from vol, ii. of the Forster MSS. at South difficulty which attends the discharge of duties he Kensington, the peculiarities of spelling in the ventures to think honourable as well as agreeable.

original being retained :No regulation is more fully understood among con

Castle Caldwell, the 34 of June, 1776. tributors than that which excludes from ' N. & Q. you my sincere thanks for your most obliging and polite

DEAR SIR, I take the first opportunity of returning all matter tending to political or theological con- letter. I know no one from whom such an attention troversy. Yet the moment a subject points in would give me a bigher gratification, and what adds this direction contributors rush in with an appetite Garrick at this place in the best manner in our power.

much to it is the pleasing hopes of receiving you and Mrs. for the fray recalling that of Homeric heroes. Amplification takes the place of compression, and will make Berwick, Edinburgh, Glascow, and Ayr your

If you come by the

way of Scotland it is probable you the exercise of editorial supervision becomes a road, and take that opportunity of paying a visit to the matter of annoyance and complaint. Such super- literati of those towns. . You will find (as I have been vision

, however, is indispensable, if for no other lately informed by a Scotch officer) the roads, accomidareason than because the insertion of all that is sent tion, and post horses very good the whole way to Portwould be practically to confine 'N. & Q.' to the very well appointed; and I shall be rejoyced to hear

patrick, where the packet boats, lately established, aro matter in dispute. On the subject of Mr. Cal- Mrs. Garrick admit that her passage from thence

to deron's 'St. Elizabeth' the Editor is deluged Donaghadee was but like a summer's pleasuring on the with correspondence, a large quantity of which is Thames, the difference only known by the impending polemical. The subject of Socialism and

Libraries' Scotch and Irish mountains. From Donaghadee you

pags by Newtown Ards, distant from thence seven miles. is one that can scarcely be discussed with the Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, who by the changes and chances Serenity that is necessary if N. & Q. is to dis- of this world are worth 14,0001

. a year, live in this town; charge its useful and unostentatious mission. One their house is an excellent plan for an inn. Their son, of two other subjects scarcely less provocative of who was first married to Lord Hertford's daughter, and strong feeling may easily be mentioned. In coming I could wish that you and Mrs. Garrick would avail

lately to Lord Camden's, is a polite, sensible young man. to the determination to arrest these matters the yourselves of the attention I am sure he will show you Liitor counts on the support and approval of the moment he hears of your arrival in town, as it will


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