The Irish Rebellion; Or, An History of the ... General Rebellion ... Oct., 1641 ...: Added Sir H. Tichborne's History of the Siege of Drogheda ... As Also, The Whole Tryal of Connor Lord MacGuire

E. Golding, 1751 - 245 sidor

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Sida 234 - ... hurdle to the place of execution, and there you shall be hanged by the neck, and being alive shall be cut down, and your...
Sida 230 - ... and remit them all and every one of them their offences, notwithftanding any thing to the contrary. Now that thefe principal letters of ours, which cannot be conveniently brought to every place, may the fooner come to the notice of all, our will and pleafure is, that any whatfoever copies or tranfumpts, whether written or printed, that are fubfcribed by the hand of a public notary, and which have the...
Sida 64 - England could not be able to send -forces into Ireland before May, and by that time there was no doubt to be made but that they .themselves should be supplied by the Irish beyond seas, who, he said, could not miss of help from either Spain or the Pope."* Such was the plan proposed by Moore; but lord Maguire informs us that the company did not entirely adopt his proposal...
Sida 20 - that he moved the said Hugh to forbear executing of that business, and to discover it to the State, for the saving of his own estate ; who said he could not help it ; but said, that they did owe their allegiance to the king, and would pay him all his rights ; but that they did this for the tyrannical government that was over them, and to imitate Scotland, who got a privilege by that course.
Sida 88 - James Geare, of the county of Monaghan, deposeth, That the rebels at Clownes murdered one James Netterville, proctor to the minister there, who, although he was diversely -wounded, his belly ripped up, and his entrails taken out, and laid above a yard from him, yet he bled not at all, until they lifted him up, and carried him away...
Sida 234 - ... Ireland^ or a Jury here ? The Court did fo far deliberate in it, as to allow you Counfel to plead with the beft Advantage you could : And afterwards, this Term, 'there hath been two Arguments at the Bar on each Side; where hath been faid as much for you as can be. The Court over-ruled that, and fo you are tried by a Jury ; and you had the Liberty to challenge them, and had all the Advantages that the Law will afford, and take all the Exceptions you could. Truly, for my part, I fee that there...
Sida 123 - His will be done ;" whereupon the rogue thrust three times at her naked body with his drawn sword, and yet never pierced her skin, whereat he, being as it seems much confounded, went away and left her ; and that he saw this woman, and heard this particular related by divers women who were by, and saw what they reported.
Sida 234 - I would therefore warn you against anything of that kind. Now, having said this, I am obliged to pronounce the sentence of the law, which is — That you, Dr. William Dodd, be carried from hence to the place from whence you came ; that from thence you are to be carried to the place of execution, where you are to be hanged by the neck until you are dead.
Sida 215 - ... inftantly. We do not defire this to be produced again, and if it be, we know not how it could be material one way or other. After this the lord Mac-Guire further urged the court to the former purpofe : to which it was anfwered, that he was then brought to his tryal as a prifoner upon the indictment, and that both the lords and commons had approved of the opinion of the court therein. Mac. Pleafe you fir, one word more : I defire to appeal to the lords.
Sida 238 - Macguire seemed not to regard his discourse, but read out of his paper to the people as followeth : " ' Since I am here to die, I desire to depart with a quiet mind, and with the marks of a good Christian; that is, asking forgiveness first of God, and next of the world. And I do forgive, from the bottom of my heart, all my enemies and offenders, even those that have a hand in my death.

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