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Н. Р. EASTMAN, А. м.

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The author of this work was born in Indiana, A. D. 1851. His education began in Arkansas and was "finished” in Trinity University, Texas.

Professor Eastman, so far as education is concerned, is not to be measured by any college diploma, since he has, from boyhood to the present time, been a hard and faithful student, hence his acquirements are broader, deeper, higher and more extensive than any college course would indicate.

In all his reading, the author of this work has nad one object in view, to wit: To surpass as an educator; and his eminent success in this line is patent to all who know him and are informed as to his work in this direction.

The founder of two colleges, the educator of many of our distinguished men, Professor Eastman has been the means of arousing more than ordinary interest in the educational work of this country; indeed, too much cannot be said commendatory of this distinguished educator.

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