Insignium Astartes: The Uniforms and Regalia of the Space Marines

Black Library, 31 jan. 2006 - 64 sidor
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This incredibly detailed and full color scourcebook from the world of Warhammer 40,000, is the most comprehensive account to date of the colors and insignia of the Codex chapters of Space Marines. This includes unit markings, chapter organization, vehicle markings and special troop types. Taking the Ultramarines chapter as its prime example, Insignium Astartes closely examines the elite super-warriors known as Space Marines and explains the significance, history and complexities of their incredible heraldic costumes - making this book a must for anyone with an interest in humanity's greatest champions

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As one of Games Workshop's longest serving employees, Alan Merrett has held many important posts over the years - from being in charge of miniatures design, the production studio, the Golden Demon awards and the Black Library - to his current position overseeing the development of Games Workshop's Intellectual property. He has also written the narrative for BLP's Horus Heresy art books.

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