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The types used in the following pages are as follows:
Authors, full-faced, as:-Abbott, Henry L., etc.

First word entry, biography, and ordinary references, in antique, as:-Annuaire du cosmos, etc.; Frémont, Joba C., Life of. See Upham, C. W.

Subjects, antique caps, as :-ACONITE, etc.

Geographical names and references, Roman small caps, as :-ABBEVILLE, etc. See BosTON. Public library.

References to volumes in a set, in antique, without the word See, as :—Abridgments English Patents, No. 10.; Smiths'n contrib., v. 9. ; 9 Manuels Roret; etc.

[In references to Acad. roy. des sci.; Arts et métiers, when two numbers of volumes are given, the former refers to the folio, the latter to the quarto edition.]






A ***. Pratique de l'art de chanffer par le | ACCLIMATION. Zeitschrift für Acclima-

thermosiphon ou calorifère à eau chaude. tisation. See BERLIN.
Hlus. 80. Paris, 1844.

ACCOUNTANT, The national. See Smith,
AACHEN. Kgl. Westphälische Polytechni- J.C., and Jenkins, F. W.

sche Schule. Katalog der Bibliothek. | ACCOUTREMENTS. Abridgments En-
120. Aachen, 1872.

glish Patents, No. 10.
Programm. 80. Aachen, 1871- | Accum, Frederick. Culinary chemistry.

120. London, 1821.
ABBEVILLE. Mémoires de la Société impé-

Manuel théorique et pratique du bras-
riale d'émulation d'Abbeville. 80. Abbe-

Traduit par M. Riffault et A. D.
ville, 1865-67.

Vergnaud. 80. Paris, 1828. 105 Ma-
Abbildungen von Turn-Uebungen, in 20 nuels Roret.
Tafeln. fol. 1868. n. t. p.

Practical treatise on gas-light. Illus.
zur Krankenpflege im Felde. See

on London, 1818.
Gurlt, E.

A treatise on adulterations of food a d
Abbot, Henry L. Report upon the Missis- culinary poisons, exhibiting the fraudu-

sippi River. See Humphreys, A. A., and lent sophistications of beer, wine, tea,
Abbot, H. L.

coffee, confectionery, and other articles
Abbott, Simon B. The southern botanic employed in domestic economy, with me
physician. 120. Charleston, 1844.

thods of detecting them. 120. London,
Abel, C. D. The action of the patent laws 1820.
in promoting invention. 80. London,

Parkes, Samuel, and Griffin, J.
1864. pp. 38.

Manuel de chimie amusante; traduit
Abeie, Hyacinth. Die Violine, ihre Ge- de l'anglais par A. D. Vergnaud. 18o.

schichte und ihr Bau. Illus. 120. Neu- Paris, 1835. 6 Manuels Roret.
berg, 1864.

Acharius, Erik. Lichenographiæ sve-
Abercrombie, John. The hot-house cicæ prodromus. 80. Lincopiæ, 1798.
gardener, etc. 80. London, 1789.

ACHROMATIC microscopes, A treatise
Abhandlungen der kgl. technischen Depu-

See Beck, Prichard.
tation für Gewerbe. 1 Theil. Nlus. fol. ACIDS, alkalies, oxides, and salts. Abridg.
Berlin, 1824.

ments English Patents, No. 40.
ABOLITION of patents, Recent discussions Ackerbau (Vom) und von dem Zustande der
on the.
See Recent discussions.

den Ackerbau treibenden Klassen in Irland
ABORTION, Criminal. See Storer, H. R., und Grossbritannien. 2 Bde. 8°. Wien, 1840.
and Heard, F. F.

Ackland, William, How to take stereosco-
ABRIDGMENTS of English patents. See pic pictures, etc. 89. London, 1857. pp. 33.

Patents and other privileges; also, ACONITE. Properties of aconitum na-

GREAT BRITAIN. Great Seal Patent Office. pellus. See Fleming, A.
ACACIA tree, The. See Withers, W. ACOUSTICS. See Bartlett, W. H.C. El-
ACANTHUS, Guide for drawing the. See ements of natural philosophy.
Page, I.

Die Akustik grosser Räume. See
ACCLIMATION. Acclimatation et do- Orth, A.
mestication des animaux utiles. See

Die neueren Apparate der Akustik.
Saint-Hilaire, Isidore G.

See Pisko, Fr. Jos.

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By с.

8. W.

ACOUSTICS. Theory of sound in its rela- | ADMIRALS, Lives of British. See South

tions to music. Sec Blaserna, Pietro. ey, R., and Bell, R. Lardner's Cabinet International scientific series, v. 22. Cyclopædia, vols. 70-74.

Wirkungen ans der Ferne. See Dove, Adorno, Juan Nepomuceno. Mélographie; Heinrich Wilhelm.

ou nouvelle notation musicale. 4°. Paris, ACRIDIDÆ of North America.

1855. pp. 39. Thomas. See UNITED States. Interior Adts, N. Canons rayés; systènio Cavalli

dept. Geolog. survey. F. V. Hayden. et Armstrong, avec leur projectiles et leur ACTA. See Transactions.

fusées, etc. Paris, 1861. Actæa (pseud.) See Agassiz, Elizabeth C.

Des canons rayés. Recherches nouACTES. See Transactions.

velles sur les canons rayés et sur l'artilAdam, Benno. Abbildungen der Rind- lerie en général. 89. Paris, 1862.

viebracen und Schläge der Schweiz. 4o. ADULTERATION of food, A treatise on. Bern, 1849.

See Accum, Frederick. Adam, J. August. Kunst- und Gewerbe

in food and medicine. See Hassall, blatt, red. von. See MUNICH, Polytech- Α. Η. nischer Verein.

ADULTERATIONS of food; by J. Scotfern. Adams, Daniel. Book-keeping by single See Gore, G., Sparling, M., and Scoffern, entry. 8°. Keene, 1849.

J. Orr's Circle of sciences, v. 7. Adams, F. M. A treatise ou the law of Verfälschung der Nahrungsmittel u. trade-marks. 80. London, 1874.

See Klencke, H. Adams, George. Astronomical and geo- ADVERTISING. See Men who advertis :: graphical essays. 89. London, 1789. ADVOCATE, The inventor's. See In

Essays on the microscope. 21 ed., ventor's. with adds. by Fr. Kammacher. Illus. Aelfrick's Anglo-Saxon homily. See 49. London, 1798.

Klipstein, Louis F. Geometrical avd geographical essays. AERIAL world, The. See Hartwig, G. 89. London, 1803.

AERONAUTICA. See Mason, Monck. Adams, John. A system of astronomy. | AERONAUTICS. Abridgments Eng. 180. New York, 1848.

lish Patents, No. 41. Adams, Jobn Quincy. Reports upon Experiments and adventures in the

weights and nieasures. 80. Washington, atmosphere. See Turnor, Hatton. 1821.

Die Luftschifffahrtskunde. See Stein-
Adams, John S. A complete dictionary of mann, F. 166 Neuer Schauplatz der

five thousand musical terms-of Latin, Künste.
Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, System of. See Wise, J.
Spanish and English. 12o. Boston, 1851. AEROSTATICS. Des aérostats. See Mel.

New musical dictionary of fifteen ler, P.
thousand technical words, pbrases, abbre- AFRICA. Droits du Portugal sur les ter-
viations, initials, and sigos. 12o. New ritoires de la côte occidentale d'Afrique.
York, 1866.

See Sa da Bandeira, Vicomte de. Adams, William Bridges. English pleas

Droits du Portgal sur les territoires ure carriages, &c. Illus. 89. London, 1837. de la côte occ dentale d'Afrique. See Adhemar, Alphonse Joseph. Révolu- Santarem, Vicomte de.

tions de la mer; déluges périodiques. 80. Over de Afrikaansche vijge-boomen.
Paris, 1860.

See Miquel, F. A. W.
Adie, Alexander. Description of the pat- Agassiz, Elizabeth Carey. A first lesson

entsympiesometer; or new air barometer. in natural history, by Actæa (pseud.]
80. Edinburgh, n. d. pp. 8.

16c, Boston, 1859. Adler, George J. A dictionary of the Ger- and A. E. R. Seaside studies in na

man and English languages. 2 parts: 1st. tural history; marine animals of MassaGerman and English; 2d. English and chusetts bay; radiates. 80. Boston, 1865. German. 80. New York, 1853.

Agassiz, Louis (John Rudolph). ClassifiA dictionary of the German and Eog- cation of insects from embryological lish languages; abridged from the au- data. Smithsonian contributions to thor's larger work. 12o. New York, 1852. knowledge, v. 6.

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AGRICULTURAL implements, Catalogue of. See Allen, A. B., and co.

Catalogne of. See Coyle, F.
Catalogue of. See Mapes, C. V.

Catalogue of. See Nourse,
Mason and co.

Catalogue of. See Ralph and co.

Catalogue of. See Rapalje, J., and co.

Description des instrumens d'agriculture. See Thaer, A.

Farm implements. See Tho

mas, J.J.

Agassiz, Louis (John Rudolph). Lake Su

perior, its physical character, vegetation, and animals; with a narrative of the tour, by J. Elliot Cabot. 80. Boston, 1850.

The structure of animal life. 80. New York, 1866.

and Gould, A. A. Principles of zoölogy. 12°. Boston, 1851. Agnew, William Fischer. The law and

practice relating to letters patent for in

ventions. 80. London, 1874. Agricola, Georgius. Georgii Agricola

Kempnicensis medici ac philosophi clariss. de re metallica libri xii. Quibus officia, instrumenta, machinæ ac omnia deniqne ad metallicam spectantia, etc. ita ob oculos ponuntur ut clarius tradi non

possint, etc. fol. Basileæ, 1657. AGRICULTURAL chemistry. See Squarey, Charles.

Agriculturchemie. See Goebel, C. H. T. F.

Cours de chimie agricole. See Malaguti, F.

Discoveries in. See Johnson, C. W.

Di . Fortschritte der Agriculturchemie. See Hoffmann, R.

Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der Agriculturchemie. See Hoffmann, R.

Lehrbuch der Agriculturchemie. See Mayer, Adolph. Principles of.

See Liebig, Justus von.

eng neering, Treatise on. See Andrews, G. H. Weale's series, Nos. 6365.

exbibitions. Concours agricole quiversel de Paris en 1856. Liste des récompenses. See Paris.

Concours agricole universel de Paris en 1856. Contributions. ÉtatsUnis, Sardaigne, Toscane, Mexique. See Paris.

Concours des machines à moisRapport. See FOUILLEUSE.

· La Sicilia all'esposizione agra. ria di Parigi. See SICILY.

implements. Beschreibung der Ackerwerkzeuge. See Rau, L.

Catálogo de instrumentos de agricultura. See Allen, A. B., and co.

Catalogue des machines et instrumens. See Ransonies and Sims.

Geräthe und Maschinen für Landwirthschaft. See Hamm, W.

Illustrirtes Maschinen-Verzeichniss. See Burg, A., and son.

Implements of agriculture. See Ransome, J. A.

- Instrumens d'agriculture à l'exposition de Londres. See BELGIUM. edd. Landbouw-werktuigen.

See Jenken, w.

Landwirthschaftliche Geräthe der Londoner Ausstellung, 1851. See Rau, K. II.

Landwirthschaftliche Gerätbe Englands. See Hamm, W.

Landwirtbschaftliche Maschi. nen. See Schneitler, C. F., and Andree, J.

Landwirthschaftliche Maschinrn auf der Industrie-Ausstellung, 1862. See Pintus, J.

Landwirthschaftliche Maschinen und Geräthe. See Schneitler, C. F.

Landwirthschaftliche Maschi. ven und Geräthe. See Schneitler, C. F., and Andree, J.

Landwirthschaftlicher Theil der Ausstellung zu Paris, 1855. See Hamm, W.

List of machinery and implements. See Slight, J.

Machines agricoles. See Gaudry, J.

Machines d'agriculture. See Borgnis, J. A. Mécanique appliquée aux arts, v.5.

Manuel des instruments di’agriculture. See Boitard, P.

Matériel agricole. See Jourdier, A.

Mémoires sur les instruments aratoires. See Valcourt, L. P. de.

Plough-wright's assistant. See Gray, A.

Price-list of. See Bentall, E. H.




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v. 1.

AGRICULTURAL implements. Pricelist of. See Wedlake, M., and co.

Prix-courant. See Dray, W.

Rapport sur les descriptions des instrumens aratoires de Thaer. See Héricart de Thury, L. E. F.

Rapport sur les instrumens aratoires. See Héricart de Thury, L. E.F.

Trial of, at Geneva, 1852. See NEW YORK (state) agricultural society.

Zeichnungen landwirthschaftlicher Maschinen. See Lange, J. C. E, and Stegemann, M.

machinery, Price current of. See Sinclair, R., jr., and co. Agricultural (The) museum.

Georgetown, Ca., 1811.
AGRICULTURE. Ackerbau in Irland und
Grossbritannien. See Ackerbau.

Agriculture anglaise. See Caird.
Agronomie. See Boussingault, M.

Allgemeine Zeitung für deutsche
Land- und Forstwirthe. See Allgemeine

American agriculturist. See American.

Anleitung zum praktischen Ackerbau. See Schwerz, Johann Nepomuck.

Annalen der deutschen Landwirthschaft. See Annalen.

Annalen der Landwirthschaft. in den Preussischen Staaten. See Annalen; also, PRUSSIA.

Annales d'agriculture. See LYONS. La société d'agriculture.

Annales de l'agriculture des colonies et des régions tropicales. See Madinier, M. Paul.

Annales de l'industrie: Mémoire sur l'agriculture. See Le Normand, L. S., and Moléon, J. G. V. de.

Applications of chemistry and geology to. See Johnston, J. F. W.

Arcbiv der deutschen Landwirthschaft. See LEIPSIC.

Berechnung der Feldsysteme. See Wulffen, Karl.

Bernische Blätter für Landwirthschaft. See BERNE.

Bibliotheca aconomica. See Engelmann, W.

Bibliothèque physico-économiqne. See Bibliothèque.

Der Boden und seine Benutzung im Kaiserstaate Oesterreich. See Reden, F. F. W. von.

Bulletin de la classe d'agriculture de la Société des arts de Genève. See GeNEVA. Société des arts.

Bulle in de la Société d'agriculture de la Sarthe. See Le Mans. Société d'agriculture.

Bulletin du conseil supérieur d'agriculture. See BELGIUM.

Centralblatt für die gesammte Landeskultur. See PRAGUE.

Chemistry applied to. See Chaptal, J. A.

Chemistry of. See Christy, D.

Communications relative to husbandry to the board of. See GREAT BRI. TAIN. Board of agriculture.

Country gentleman. See Country.
Cours d'agriculture. See Cours.
The cultivator. See Cultivator.

Die deutsche Landwirthschaft. See
Elsner, J. G.
Dictionary of. See Complete farmer.

Dictionnaire de l'agriculture. See Courtin, E. M. P.

Dictionnaire de l'agriculture, etc. See Laboulaye, C. L.

Dictionnaire de l'industrie agricole. See Baudrimont, A., and others.

Elements of. See Waring, Geo, E., jr.
Elements of practical. See Low, D.

Encyclopädie der Landwirthschaft. See Schnee, G. K.

Encyclopædia of. See Loudon, J.C.

Eacyclopédie de l'agriculture. See Moll, L.

Englische Landwirthschaft. See Weckherlin, A. von.

Die Entdeckung der wahren Pflanzennahrung. See Schultz, C. H

Essays and notes on. See Ruffin, Edmuud.

Farmer's register. See Farmer's.

Feinde der Landwirthschaft. See Nördlinger, H.

Fiinfundzwanzig Jahre Fortschritt auf dem Gebiete der Landwirthschaft. See Settegast, H.

Gardeners' chronicle and agricultural gazette. See Gardeners'.

Geschichte der teutschen Landwirthschaft. See Anton, C. G.

Grundzüge der Landwirthschaft. See Hamm, W.

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