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8 cents for every thousand feet, board measure. For 9 clapboards and staves per thousand, forty cents.

For 10 shingles per thousand, twenty cents. For hard wood 11 and bark per cord, thirty cents. For spruce,

hemlock, 12 and other soft wood, twenty cents per cord. For all 13 timber and masts, thirty cents per ton. For all other 14 lumber, in proportion to the above rates. For all 15 kinds of goods, wares or merchandise in boats or on 16 rafts, fifty cents per ton. For lime casks or other bar17 rels, two cents each. For lime, eight cents per cask.

. 18 For live stock, to wit: for cattle, twenty cents per 19 head; for sheep, calves or hogs, six cents each. For 20 all passengers in freight boats or passage boats, six 21 cents each. For all boats or rafts, twenty cents in 22 addition to the above. Which toll shall commence 23 and become payable when the said river shall have 24 been made navigable for boats from Seven Tree pond 25 in Union to the head of the tide in Warren. And 26 the said corporation shall have a lien upon the same 27 articles, and shall have the power to detain the same 28 for the toll aforesaid, until the same shall be paid; 29 and at the expiration of ten days from the time said 30 toll shall become due, may raise the same by public 31 or private sale of so much of said articles as will pay 32 the amount due for said toll, and the expenses for 33 collecting the same, or the corporation may sue for 34 and recover the same by an action of debt in any 35 court proper to try the same. And said corporation 36 may by their directors, establish and fix the rates of 37 toll for transportation on said canal and through said 38 locks which shall be constructed above said Seven 39 Tree pond and above said town of Union, in accord40 ance with the above rates and not to exceed the same 41 rate for the same number of locks ; which when so 42 established shall be recoverable in the same manner 43 as herein provided. And they may also by their di44 rectors establish from time to time a less toll than is 45 herein provided, on any article or articles, and appor46 tion the toll among the several locks or sections of 47 said canal or waters; and also establish a proportional 48 toll on every article not herein enumerated.

Sec. 6. If said corporation shall not make and 2 complete said canal, locks and dams, so that the said 3 waters shall be navigable for boats from said Seven 4 Tree pond to the head of the tide in Warren, within 5 three years from the passage of this act, then this act 6 shall be void.

Sec. 7. Said corporation may build or purchase 2 and hold or sell such boats and rafts as they judge 3 best-to be propelled by steam or other power, for

4 the purpose of navigating said ponds and river, and 5 of conveying goods, merchandise and other property 6 and passengers in the same; and for performing such 7 services, they shall have the right to demand and re8 ceive such sums as may have been agreed on by the 9 parties, or as may be just and reasonable, and may 10 establish such wharves, depots, and warehouses as 11 may be necessary for the convenient management of 12 their business aforesaid.

Sec. 8. The capital stock of said corporation shall 2 consist of not less than fifty thousand nor more than 3 one hundred thousand dollars, to be divided into shares 4 of fifty dollars each. And the immediate government 5 and direction of the affairs of said corporation shall 6 be vested in five, seven, nine or eleven directors, 7 who shall be chosen by the members of said corpora8 tion in the manner hereinafter provided, and shall hold 9 their offices until others shall have been duly elected 10 and qualified to take their places, a majority of whom 11 shall form a quorum for the transaction of business ; 12 and they shall elect one of their number to be presi13 dent of the board, who shall also be the president of 14 the corporation; and said stockholders shall have au15 thority to choose a clerk, who shall be sworn to the 16 faithful discharge of his duty; and also a treasurer

17 who shall give bonds to the corporation, with sureties, 13 to the satisfaction of the directors, for the faithful dis19 charge of his trust. Any three of the persons

named 20 in the first section of this act may call the first meet21 ing of said corporation, by giving notice in any 22 newspaper printed in Thomaston, of the time, place, 23 and purposes of such meeting, at least ten days before 24 the time mentioned in such notice, at which meeting 25 a board of directors shall be chosen. The annual 26 meeting of the members of said corporation shall be 27 holden on the second Monday in January, or such 28 other day as shall be determined by the by-laws, at 29 such time and place as the directors for the time 30 being shall appoint, at which meetings, the directors 31 shall be chosen by ballot, each proprietor by himself 32 or proxy being entitled to as many votes as he holds 33 shares, provided however no person shall be entitled 34 to more than twenty votes, and the directors are here35 by authorized to call special meetings of the stock36 holders, whenever they deem it expedient and proper, 37 giving such notice as the corporation by their by-laws 38 shall direct.

Sec. 9. Every person who shall have subscribed for 2 the capital stock in said company shall be holden by 3 such subscription to pay to the directors or treasurer

4 of said company fifteen dollars on every share sub5 scribed for, at such time or times as the directors may 6 order, and thereafterwards further instalments or

7 assessments may be laid to an amount not exceeding 8 in the aggregate on each share said sum of fifty dol9 lars. Sec. 10.

Said corporation shall be subject to the 2 laws now existing, and such as hereafter shall be made, 3 regulating the salmon, shad, and alewive fisheries on 4 Georges river.

Sec. 11. This act shall be in force from and after 2. its approval.

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