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18 until the board of education is organized; and he 19 shall receive therefor such compensation as shall be 20 allowed by the governor and council, not exceeding 21 two hundred and fifty dollars.

Sec. 15. This act shall take effect from and after 2 its approval by the Governor.


IN SENATE, June 24, 1846. Ordered, That 1,000 copies of the foregoing Report and accompanying Bill, be printed for the use of the Legislature.

DANIEL T. PIKE, Secretary.


No. 19.





AN ACT relating to hawkers and pedlers.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows:

SECTION 1. Every hawker, pedler or petty chap2 man, or other person, not having been five years a 3 citizen of this State, who shall hereafter travel from 4 town to town or place to place, on foot or with a 5 horse, carriage, or otherwise, carrying to sell or ex6 posing to sale, any goods, wares or merchandise, shall 7 forfeit a sum not exceeding fifty dollars nor less than 8 twenty dollars, to be recovered by complaint or indict9 ment, and all articles and merchandise aforesaid, one 10 half to the town where the offence is committed, and 11 the other half to the prosecutor.

Sec. 2. Any justice, on complaint made to him, 2 may cause the arrest of the party accused, and the

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Wm. T. Johnson, Printer to the State.

3 seizure of such goods, and detain the same until trial; 4 and in case of conviction of the offender, the same 5 shall be decreed forfeited to the uses aforesaid and 6 sold in the same manner as goods seized on execution 7 for debt.

Sec. 3. Any person who shall hereafter travel from 2 town to town, or place to place, in the State, for the 3 purpose of vending any goods, wares or merchandise, 4 shall first obtain a license therefor, from the county 5 commissioners of the county in which he resides, and 6 pay therefor, a certain sum for the use of the State. 7 to wit: every person who shall travel on foot for the 8 purpose aforesaid, shall pay the sum of ten dollars. 9 Every person who shall travel with any carriage drawn 10 by one animal, for the purpose aforesaid, shall pay 11 sum of fifteen dollars; and if drawn by two horses or 12 other animals, twenty dollars. Any person who shall 13 transport or convey any goods or merchandise by 14 water, in any boat or other water craft, for the pur15 pose of vending the same as aforesaid, shall first ob16 tain a license therefor, as above specified, and shall 17 pay the sum of ten dollars for the use of the State: 18 and all licenses granted as aforesaid, shall expire in 19 one year from the time of granting the same. Pro20 vided that every person who shall travel as aforesaid,

pay the

21 for the purpose of vending any jewelry or playing 22 cards shall be subject to all the penalties and liabili23 ties provided in the first and second sections of this 24 act.

Sec. 4. No person shall receive license under the 2 provisions of this act, until he shall have proved to 3 the satisfaction of the county commissioners, that he 4 sustains a good moral character; that he has been 5 five years a citizen of this State, and that he has re6 sided in some city, town, or plantation in the county 7 where he shall apply for license as aforesaid, for the 8 term of one year next preceding the time of such 9 application.

Sec. 5. Any person who shall transgress any of the 2 provisions of the third section of this act, shall forfeit 3 and pay a sum not exceeding double the amount re4 quired to be paid for such license as he is bound to 5 obtain by the provisions of said preceding section; 6 and all fines and forfeitures for the transgression of 7 the foregoing provisions or requirements, shall be re8 covered in an action for debt, before a justice of the

in any county where the offense may be com10 mitted, by any person who may prosecute for the 11 same, for the use of the county where such offense 12 shall be committed.

9 peace,

Sec. 6. Any person who shall travel for the pur2 poses aforesaid, shall exhibit his license at any and all 3 times, when required to do so by any justice of the 4 peace, or any constable of any city, town or planta5 tion, and a refusal to exhibit such license when re6 quired as aforesaid, shall be deemed as evidence of 7 not having such license; and if prosecuted after such 8 refusal to show his license, the production of his 9 license at the time of trial shall not avail him in the 10 defense of such prosecution, and the person so refus11 ing, shall be dealt with as is provided in the fifth sec12 tion of this act. Sec. 7.

The carriages, goods, wares and merchan2 dise of any such person as is described in the third 3 section of this act, who refuses to exhibit his license 4 as provided in this act, may be seized by warrant 5 from any justice of the peace, and detained until such 6 justice shall decide whether such person is liable to 7 any fine imposed by this act, and until such fine, if 8 any, shall be paid.

Sec. 8. Every person who shall apply to the county 2 commissioners for the purpose of obtaining a license 3' as aforesaid, shall present to said commissioners a 4 certificate of his good moral character, signed by the 5 selectmen of the town where he has his residence, as

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