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No. 20.





AN ADDITIONAL ACT relating to the Kennebec Log

Driving Company.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows;

SECTION 1. Whenever the directors of the Kenne2 bcc Log Driving Company shall judge it for the in3 terest of the owners of logs and other timber remain4 ing in the booms or in any place exposed to loss, after 5 the first day of October in any year, to collect and 6 deposit in suitable and convenient places and proper7 ly secure the same; they are hereby authorized so to 8 collect and deposit such logs and timber thus situated, 9 and to use all reasonable care safely to keep the same, 10 until removed by the owners thereof, or are otherwise 11 disposed of in the manner provided in this act.

Sec. 2. Upon all logs and other timber thus col

WM. T. Jubinson, Printer to the State.

2 lected and deposited, the directors shall assess the ex3 pense actually incurred thereon, with such additional 4 sums as may be deemed necessary to cover necessary 5 future expenditures upon them while in their charge; 6 and the method of proceeding for the collection of 7 assessments thus made, shall be the same as provided 8 by law in relation to assessments for driving logs upon 9 Kennebec River; and said company shall have a lien 10 upon the logs and other timber for the full payment 11 of all expenses ; or the treasurer may recover such 12 assessments, and all other assessments made by virtue 13 of an act relating to said company approved March 14 third, A. D. 1843, in an action of debt in the name of 15 the Kennebec Log Driving Company, in any court 16 competent to try the same; and no action shall abate 17 by reason of all the owners not being joined as defend18 ants; and the owners of all logs and other timber thus 19 deposited, upon the full payment of the sums thus as20 sessed upon their respective marks, shall be at liberty

to take the logs and other timber thus deposited be22 longing to them respectively.

Sec. 3. If any logs or other timber shall remain in 2 the depositories upon the first day May next ensuing, 3 upon which the assessments have not been paid, the 4, directors may iminediately thereafter advertise for

5 three weeks successively in some newspaper printed 6 in each of the towns of Augusta, Gardiner and Bath, 7 notifying all owners of logs and other timber, deposit8 ed under this act, to remove the same within thirty 9 days from said first day of May; and all logs not re10 moved prior to that time, and upon which the assess11 ments have not been paid, may be sold at public auc12 tion, and the proceeds thereof, after deducting all un13 paid assessments and necessary expenses of sale, shall 14 be paid upon demand by the treasurer of the company 15 to the owners of logs and other timber thus sold, and 16 all logs and other timber not removed by the owners, 17 by virtue of this act, remaining in said depositories 18 upon the first day of June, shall be at the expense of 19 the owners thereof.

Sec. 4. A committee shall be chosen at each annual 2 meeting, who shall be authorized, whenever they shall 3 judge the interest of the log owners to require it, to 4 collect and secure all logs and other timber which 5

may drift below the Chops (so called) on said river, 6 and for all expenses incurred by said committee, a 7 lien is hereby created upon all logs and other timber 8 so secured, and said committee shall be authorized to 9 assess upon all such logs and timber, a tax sufficient 10 to pay such expense ; and if such tax is not paid or

11 secured, and the logs removed prior to the first day of 12 August, they may proceed to sell at public auction, in 13 Bath, all such logs and other timber not previously 14 removed and the assessments thereon paid ; and prior 15 to proceeding to such sale, notice thereof shall be 16 published three weeks successively, in some newspa17 per printed in each of the towns of Augusta, Gardiner 18 and Bath, and the proceeds of such sales, after de19 ducting all necessary charges, shall be paid by the 20 treasurer of said company, on demand, to the owners 21 of such logs and other timber thus sold.

Sec. 5. So much of the eighth section of an act 2 relating to this company, approved March the third, A. 3 D. 1843, as relates to the publishing a list of marks 4 of logs, with the amount assessed upon each mark, is 5 hereby repealed, and in lieu thereof, the treasurer 6 shall be required to give notice of the time and place 7 of sale of all logs referred to in said section, without 8 giving each mark separately, in all other respects 9 complying with the provisions of said section.

Sec. 6. The fourth and twentieth sections of the 2 act relating to the Kennebec Log Driving Company, 3 approved March third, A. D. 1843, and also the whole 4 of the act extending the authority of this company, 5 approved March seventeenth, A. D. 1845, are hereby

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