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5 within the limits of any one town, otherwise to the 6 assessors and treasurer of the oldest town out of 7 which any part of such district is taken.

Sec. 4. The district may appoint an agent or 2 agents to contract a loan as aforesaid, who are au3 thorized to bind the district therefor, and to give the 4 necessary evidence of debt therefor, and a copy of 5 such evidence of debt shall be, by such agent or agents, 6 filed with the town clerk of the town aforesaid and 7 shall be entered on the town records. The money 8 procured on such loan shall be received by the treas9 urer of the town before mentioned, and shall be ap10 plied and paid out for the purposes aforesaid, in the 11 same manner as is now or may hereafter be provided 12 in case of money raised for building school houses, 13 by taxation.

Sec. 5. At each annual assessment of town taxes, 2 after the receipt of such money by the treasurer of 3 the town as aforesaid, the assessors of that town shall 4 assess the amount of the instalment and interest pay5 able in that year, upon the polls and estates of such 6 district, in the same manner as is now provided for 7 the assessment of moneys voted to be raised by any 8 school district, by taxation. And such annual instal9 ments assessed as aforesaid, shall in like manner be

10 collected and paid to the treasurer of the town afore11 said. And the treasurer shall pay the amount of each 12 instalment and interest, as the same becomes payable, 13 on demand of the person to whom the same may be 14 lawfully due.

Sec. 6. The assessors, collector and treasurer em2 ployed as aforesaid, shall be under the same liabilities 3 and shall have the same authority and compensation 4 in respect to the services so performed by them for 5 any school district, as is now or may be provided by 6 law, in case of raising money by a school district, by 7 taxation.

Sec. 7. When any school district shall have ob2 tained money on loan as herein provided, the limit of 3 such district shall not be altered in any manner,

until 4 after the last assessment shall have been made for the 5 payment of such loan.

Sec. 8. After the passage of this act, no school 2 district shall be authorized to borrow money, except 3 for the purposes and under the regulations prescribed 4 by this act.


HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, July 11, 1846. Ordered, That 350 copies of the foregoing bill, reported by Mr. Barnes of Portland, from the Committee on Education, be printed for the use of the Legislature.



No. 25.





AN ACT to incorporate the Telos Canal Company.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Legislature assembled, as follows:

Section 1. Rufus Dwinel and Calvin Dwinel, their 2 associates and assigns, are hereby incorporated a body 3 politic by the name of the Telos Canal Company, with 4 all the powers, rights and privileges of similar cor5 porations.

Sec. 2. Said corporation shall have the right, and 2 it shall be their duty, to construct, maintain and keep 3 open and in repair, a proper sluiceway or canal with 4 suitable dams, gates and other erections for the pas5 sage of water, logs and lumber, between Telos lake 6 and Webster pond, on township number six in the 7 eleventh range, in the county of Piscataquis, and to 8 afford a safe and convenient passage for all logs and

Wu. T. Jolingon, Printer to the State.

10 may

9 lumber which the owner or owners of said lumber

desire to pass through said sluiceway. And said 11 corporation shall have the right to preserve a free 12 passage for logs and lumber from Chamberlin lake to 13 the said canal or sluiceway, and it shall be their duty 14 to suffer said logs and lumber to pass down from said 15 Chamberlin lake to said sluiceway without any hind16 rance or obstruction whatever. And said corporation 17 shall have the right to demand and receive as a toll, 18 the sum of twenty-four cents for each and every 19 thousand feet, board measure, of all logs and lumber 20 which may pass through said sluiceway, to be ascer21 tained and fixed by the scale usually denominated the 22 Woods scale. And said corporation shall have a lien 23 on all logs and lumber which shall pass through said 24 cut, and on all lumber manufactured therefrom, 25 whether the same remain in the possession of said 26 corporation or not, until the full amount of toll due 27 on all the logs of the owner or any particular mark, 28 shall be paid. And if not paid within ten days after 29 said logs or lumber arrive at the Penobscot boom, or 30 within ten miles of said boom, said corporation may 31 sell at public auction, after ten days public notice in 32 some newspaper printed in the county of Penobscot, 33 so much of said logs or lumber as may be sufficient 31 to pay said toll and incidental charges.

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