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2 with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed; 3 and this act shall take effect and be in force from and 4 after the fifth day of November next.




July 17, 1846. Ordered, That 350 copies of the foregoing amendment, offered by Mr. Barnes of Portland, to bill entitled “an act to repeal chapter 126 of the Revised Statutes,” be printed for the use of the Legislature.



No. 29.



RESOLVES providing for amendments to the constitu

tion in relation to the meeting of the legislature, and the term of office of the governor and other officers.

Resolved, That the constitution of this State be 2 amended, in article second, section fourth ; article 3 fourth, section fifth, part first; article fourth, section 4 fifth, part second ; article fourth, section first, part 5 third ; article fifth, section second, part second ; arti6 cle fifth, section first, part third ; article fifth, section 7 first, part fourth ; article ninth, section fourth ; article 8 tenth, section fourth, by substituting in each of said 9 articles and sections, the word biennial, for the word 10 “annual”; and article fifth, section second, part first, 11 shall be amended by substituting the words two years, 12 for “ one year", and next after the biennial election, 13 for “ in each year"; and article fifth, section second, 14 part first, shall be amended by substituting two years

W T. Johnson, Printer to the State,

15 for "one year”, and biennial for “ annual”; so that 16 each of the officers named in said sections shall be 17 elected for and hold their offices two years instead of 18 one year, and the legislature meet biennially instead 19 of annually.

Resolved, That the aldermen of cities, selectmen of 2 the several towns and assessors of the several planta3 tions in this State, are hereby empowered and direct4 ed to notify the inhabitants of their respective cities, 5 towns and plantations, in the manner prescribed by 6 law, at the annual meeting in September next to give 7 in their votes upon the amendments proposed in the 8 above resolve; and the question shall be submitted 9 in the following words : “shall the constitution be 10 amended by adopting the above resolve for the 11 amendment of the constitution, passed by the legis12 lature, proposing to elect the governor, members of 13 the legislature and other State officers for the term of 14 two years, and that the legislature shall meet once in 15 two years?"

And the ballots shall be received in sep16 arate boxes ; those in favor of said amendments voting 17 “yes”, and those opposed voting “no”; and the 18 ballots shall be received, sorted, counted and declared, 19 and lists made out of the votes, by the clerks, and 20 returned to the office of the secretary of state, in the



21 same manner as votes for senators; and the governor 22 and council shall count the same, and make return 23 thereof to the next legislature, and if a majority of 24 votes are in favor of said amendment, it shall become 25 a part of the constitution.

Resolved, That the secretary of state shall prepare - 2 and furnish the several cities, towns and plantations, 3 blank returns in conformity to these resolves, accom4 panied with a copy of the resolves.

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