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Sidan 183 - A Study of Kansu and Honan Aeneolithic Skulls and Specimens from later Kansu Prehistoric Sites in Comparison with North China and other Recent Crania.
Sidan 19 - ... images of another sort which fitted in with the requirements of their abstract metaphysical minds. A round jade disk with a large hole bored in the centre, represented Earth. With these were jade shapes representing each of the Four Quarters, North, South, East and West. Laufer says that " the Chinese did not conceive of their cosmic gods as human beings, but as forces of nature with a well defined precinct of power, and they constructed their images on the ground of geometric qualities, supposed...
Sidan 8 - Primarily, Earth was neither a distinctly female nor a distinctly male deity, but rather sexless; nevertheless it falls under the category yin, the negative, dark, female principle, as already indicated in the Book of mutations (Yi King), where the notion of yin is defined as the action of Earth (yin ti tao).
Sidan 183 - The Human Skeletal Remains from the Sha Kuo T'un Cave Deposit in Comparison with Those from Yang Shao Tsun and with Recent North China Skeletal Material (Paleontologia Sinica, Series D, Vol.
Sidan 88 - ... haches. Quand on divise en quatre parts le métal, et que l'étain remplace une de ces parts, on a la proportion des lances et des piques. Quand on divise le métal, en trois parts, et que l'étain remplace une part, on a la proportion des grands couteaux ou épées. Quand on divise le métal en cinq parts, et que l'étain remplace une part, on a la proportion des couteaux ā écrire, des pointes de flčches. Quand on divise le métal et l'étain par moitié, on a la proportion des miroirs métalliques...
Sidan 120 - J. Abercromby, A Study of the Bronze Age Pottery of Great Britain and Ireland and its associated grave-goods (2 vols., Oxford 1912).
Sidan 6 - ... d'ętre prise, attend ses vainqueurs en habits de deuil, tenant dans ses bras son dieu du sol et faisant présenter par un de ses hauts dignitaires les ustensiles du temple ancestral ' , il offre ainsi son pays tout entier au triomphateur ennemi. — Un grand incendie ā Song est annoncé d'avance par une voix prophétique dans le temple ancestral et par un oiseau qui crie sur l'autel du dieu du sol1, car c'est en ces deux endroits sacrés qu'il est des larmes pour les événements néfastes...
Sidan 95 - Wischnu, die dritte und weichste Schiwa; und nachdem die drei Götter sich davon gelöst, blieb der Stamm im Dreieck allein noch übrig, und Schiwa übernahm seine Obhut (s.
Sidan 19 - Foremost, it is the symbol of Earth as a deity, it is symbolic of the shape of the earth which is round in its interior and square on the outside;1 that is, in other words, it represents the real image of the deity Earth.
Sidan 5 - ... wooden tablet' for the corpse (if really a corpse is intended; the word shi is ambiguous) proves the \muzhu\ to have been an image of the corpse, and therefore he translates \muzhu\ by 'wooden statue'. Nothing could be more arbitrary. The \muzhu\ , wooden ancestral tablet, was the resting place of the ancestor's spirit, once his body was dead and decomposed. In this sense it was a substitute for his body, his spiritual force had entered it, and therefore it was carried into battle, bringing this...

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