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(C.) authorizing a committee to examine into the
condition of the Wisconsin Marine and Fire In-
rance Company; 360, 361, 365, 366.
(C.) relative to the American almanac; 363, 364,

(H. of R.) relative to the appointment of a joint
committee to inquire into the legality of the pre-
sent session, 6, 7.

(II. of R.) relative to the appointment of a commit-
tee to draft a memorial to the president for the
removal of J. D. Doty, 28, 29.

(H. of R.) relative to a message to the executive


(H. of R.) relative to a joint committee to wait on
the governor, &c., 43, 44, 45, 57, 58, (of C.)
5, 178.

(H. of R.) relative to adjourning the present session,

49, 50, 51, 52--title amended so as to read,
"Preamble and resolutions relative to the present
session of the legislative assembly.”

(H. of R.) authorizing the purchase of stationery,
64, 67, 70, 75, 85, 86.

(H. of R.) relative to revising the joint rules of the
two houses, 5, 76, 77.

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(H. of R.) limiting the time for the presentation of
demands, 83, 88.

(H. of R.) concerning an estimate of the expenses
of the present session of the assembly, 84, 85,

(H. of R.) relative to referring certain papers rela-
ting to the capitol, to a joint committee, 96, 98,

(H. of R.) relative to a committee to confer with the
governor, 115, 116.

(H. of R.) to authorize a committee to administer
oaths, 122.

(H. of R.) relative to the meeting of the two houses
in convention, 166, 167, .169.

(H. of R.) relating to renting a certain room in the
capitol to the county of Dane, 173, 174, 176,
239, 247, 256--approved.

(H. of R.) concerning the order of business, 178,

(H. of R.) relative to the creation of new towns,
&c., 189.

(H. of R.) relative to wood for the governor's and
secretary's offices, 204.

(H. of R.) relative to the bonds issued for the com-
pletion of the capitol; 215, 224, 225, 239, 245,
258, 266, 279, 283, 286, 292.

(H. of R.) concerning the investigation of several
matters therein named; 253, 275.

(H. of R.) to rescind a resolution providing an of-
fice for the auditor and treasurer; 280, 293, 296,

(H. of R.) for a committee to cancel certain scrip;
320, 322, 323, 324.

(H. of R.) relative to the debts of the territory;


(H. of R.) concerning the purchase of stationery
for next session; 368, 369; indefinitely postpo-

SEATS, within the bar of the Council-65, 69, 74, 75.

SECRETARY OF COUNCIL, directed to inform the house of the or-

ganization of the council, &c., 4, 5, 178.
directed to transmit to the house, a copy

of the report of commissioner of pub-
lic buildings, 35, 36.

to inform the house that the council
were ready to adjourn, 38, 175, 370.
to inform the house that a quorum of
the council was in attendance, &c.,
42, 57.

authorized to emply persons to engross
and enroll bills, 100.

resigns his office, 201.

John P. Sheldon appointed by resolu-
tion, 201, 202.

SPEECH, of the president, (Mr. Strong,) on taking the chair, 10,

11, 12.

(Mr. Strong,) on resigning his place as president, 124,
125, 126.

STANDING COMMITTEES-32, 63, 80, 82, 138, 182.


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