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Then shee said, choose thee, gentle Gawaine, truth as I doe say,

wether thou wilt haue me in this liknesse

in the night or else in the day

And then bespake him Gentle Gawaine,

wth one soe mild of Moode,

sayes, well I know what I wold say, god grant it may be good!

To haue thee fowle in the night
when I wth thee shold play;
yet I had rather, if I might,
haue thee fowle in the day.

What! when Lords goe wth ther seires," shee said,

both to the Ale & wine;

alas! then I must hyde my selfe,

I must not goe withinne.

And then bespake him gentle gawaine,

said, Lady, thats but a skill 6;

And because thou art my owne lady,

Thou shalt haue all thy will.

Then she said, blesed be thou gentle Gawain,

this day that I thee see,

For as thou see me att this time,

from hencforth I wilbe:

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Come kisse her, Brother Kay, then said Sr Gawaine,

& amend thé of thy liffe ;

I sweare this is the same lady that I marryed to my wiffe.

Sr Kay kissed that lady bright,
standing vpon his ffeete;
he swore, as he was trew knight,
the spice was neuer soe sweete.

Well, Coz. Gawaine, sayes S Kay,

thy chance is fallen arright,

for thou hast gotten one of the fairest maids

I euer saw wth my sight.

It is my fortune, said Sr Gawaine ;

for my unckle Arthurs sake

I am glad as grasse wold be of raine,

great Joy that I may take.

Sr Gawaine tooke the lady by the one arme,
Sr Kay tooke her by the tcther,

they led her straight to K. Arthur
as they were brother & brother.

K. Arthur welcomed them there all, & soe did lady Geneuer his queene, wth all the knights of the round table most seemly to be seene.

K. Arthur beheld that lady faire that was soe faire and bright,

he thanked christ in trinity

for S Gawaine that gentle knight;

Soe did the knights, both more and lesse, reioyced all that day

for the good chance that hapened was to Sr Gawaine & his lady gay. ffins.



[blocks in formation]

1 In the west of Scotland, at this present time, in many cottages they pile their peats and turfs upon stones in the middle of the room.

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