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Isaiah 26. 4.
Trust in the Lord for ever, for in the
Lord Jehovah is everlasting Strength.
EEING these Words contain a

perfect and intire Sense in them

felves, it is not needful to trouble our felves about the coherence of them. An exact enquiry into the context might occasion the discusiing of some difficulties which would take up some time,and when all is done be of very little use, as affording no Light at all to the Text, which cannot easily be made plainer than it is. In the words we have, as you see, a Duty enjoyned, together with an Encouragement thereunto. Trust in the Lord for ever, that's the Duty. For in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting Strength, that's the Encouragement to the Duty. That which I purpose chiefly


to insist on, is the great Duty of trust ing in God; and as for the Encouragement, I shall only make use of it and improve it as a Motive to the performance of the Duty, when I shall come to the Application. In treating of this Subject I shall

1. Endeavour to shew what it is to trust in God.

2. What are the Grounds of our trusting in God.

3. What the Properties of Trust in God are.

4. What are the most proper Seasons for exercising and acting Trust in God.

5. What are the underminers and weakeners of our Truft.

6. I shall make Application of what shall have been spoken. I begin with the first of these, which was to shew what it is to Trust in God. To trust in God is nothing else but to depend on him for what we are concerned in. Now our concernments being Spiritual and Temporal,our dependance in God relates to both of them.

TheNature of trustinGod is best understood by those various expressions whereby in the Holy Scriptures the Nature of it is set forth unto us.

1. In Scripture Trust in God is sometimes expreffed by our relying on God.


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So 2 Chron. 13. 18. the Children of Judah under the Reign of Abijah are faid to have prevailed over the Israelites, because they relyed upon the Lord God of their Fathers. So Asa and his People are said to have overcome the Æthiopians and Lubims, though a huge Host, because Afa relyed on the Lord; 2 Chron. 16. 8.

2. Trusting in God is sometimes expressed by resting on him. Thus Asa professing and pleading his trust in God; faith, Lord it is nothing with thee to help whether with many or with them that have no Power ; help us O Lord our God, for we rest on thee, and in thy Name we go against this multitude, 2. Chron. 14. 11. So Psalm 37. 7. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him. Rest in the Lord, that is, trust in him, depend on him.

3. Trusting in God is sometimes expressed by staying our selves on God. So Psal. 18. 18. They prevented me in the Day of my Calamity, faith David, but the Lord was my Stay. "So Isaiah 26. 3. Thou shalt keep him in perfect Peace whose Mind is stayed on thee, because he trusted in thee.

And Ifa. 50. 10. Who is among you that feareth the Lord, that obeyeth the Voice of his Servant, that


walketh in Darkness, and hath no Light? Let him trust in the Name of the Lord, and stay upon his God.

4. Trusting in God is sometimes expressed by looking unto God ; that is, by looking unto him for help. So Psal, 34. 5. They looked unto him and were lightned, and their Faces were not ashamed. So Isa. 45. 22. Look unto me and be Saved all the ends of the earth, for I am God and there is none else. And Micah 7. 7. Therefore will I look unto the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation. So also is our trust in God expressed by having our Eyes upon him. When there was a Combination of several Nations against Jehoshaphat and his People, We have no might, said he, against this Company that cometh against us, neither know we what to do, but our eyes are upon thee, 2. Chron. 20. 12, Our eyes are upon thee, that is, our Trust is in thee, and all our expectation of relief is from thee. Thus we see how many ways our trusting in God is expressed and set forth in Scripture ; namely, by our relying on him, by our refting on him, by our staying our selves on him, by our looking to him, and having our Eyes upon him. him. By all this variety of


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