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Isaiah 26.4.
Trust in the Lord for ever, for in the

Lord Jehovah is everlasting Strength.

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2. ET us also trust in God with

Relation to Temporals. I shall

here instance in Four Particulars. Let us trust in God for Counsel and Advice in all our Affairs ; let us trust in him for Safety and Preservation in all our dangers ; let us trust him for supply of all our wants ; and let us trust in him for our posterity, and those that come after us.

1. Let us trust in God for Counsel and Advice in all our Affairs. A Man shall often find in the courfe of his life, that he is in those Circumstances, and surrounded with those Difficulties, that


he knows not what to do or which way to turn him. He can neither resolve himself what is fittest and safest to be done ; neither can he meet with any other Man that can resolve him. Now in such perplexities, what other course hath he to betake himself unto, then to look up unto God, ask counsel of him, and depend on him for it? This he hath all manner of Encouragement to do, whether he shall consider the Wifdom of God, the Goodness of God, the Promises, or his own Experience.

1. The Wisdom of God is such, that there is no Case, there can be no Cafe so Intangled, fo Difficult, so Perplexed, but he is able to counsel and advise, to dired and guide a Man therein. Though the Wifest amongst Men may be at their wits end, yet his Wisdom is never at a loss. 'Tis easie for him by the unerring due of his Advice, to lead us in a plain and smooth way out of those perplexities which no Wit of Man can dilintangle us from

2. The Goodness of God is such, as that he will not deny us his Counsel

, Direction and Guidance, when in the sense of our own weakness and utter disability to direct our own steps, we have recourse to him for counsel, and relye upon him for his guidance. God never fails to shew them the course they should take, and to point out to them a safe way, who in their Distresses and Perplexities trust in him, and cast themselves upon him.

3. He hath by many promises afsured them thereof, if they look up to him, trust in him, and commit themselves and their affairs to his Conduct, Counfel, Guidance and Disposal. Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass, Pfal. 37. 5. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and the thoughts of thy heart shall be established, Prov. 16.3. Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, lean not to thy own understand: ing, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths, Prov. 3. 5. Thine ears shall here a word behind thee, Saying, this is the way, walk in it, when thou turnest to the right hand, and to the left, Isa. 20. 21. I am the Lord thy God that teacheth thee to profit, and leadeth thee by the way

that thoui mouldest go, Isa. 48. 17. The Lord Mall guide thee continue ally, Isa. 58. 11. If any man lack wisdom let him ask it of God, who giveth liberally and upbraideth not, and it shall be Hh

given given him, James 1. 5. Add thereunto that 'tis the Style and Title of Christ to be the Counsellor of his Church, Isa. 9.6. and the Apostle speaking of Christ,faith, He is of God made unto it wisdom as well as righteousness, Sanctification, and redemption, 1 Cor. 1. 30. By all these Scriptures it appears, that God is most ready to counsel, advise, direct, and guide those who come unto him, and relye on him for it. But here however we must take one caution along with us, which is this; whensoever we ask counsel of God, and beg his directions in any thing, we must be careful to get our hearts to be so framed and disposed as that we may be truly willing to be ruled by him ; to receive and follow whatever counsel he is pleased to give us. We often ask counsel when we are resolved before hand what course to take ; and when our Resolutions and Purposes are so fixed already as no counsel that can be given us shall be of force to remove us. When therefore we would address our selves to God for counsel in any Business or matter of concerpment to us ; 'tis a great and a most necessary thing that we should in the First place labour to get our hearts subdued to the

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will of God, and that we should bring them to a perfect willingness to be at his difposal in the Business concerning which, we apply our selves to God for counsel ; for otherwise we do but mock God when we ask counsel of him, as did the diffembling and false-hearted Jews, Jer. 42. 20. Who being already resolved to go down into Egypt came to the Prophet to inquire of the Lord whether they should go thither or no. And though we be not fully resolved what to do, yet many times we shall obferve a sensible Byas and strong Inclination in our hearts one way rather than the other way. Till this Inordinate Byas and Inclination be in some measure removed, and till our hearts come to be equally poised, and to be in a readiness to do any thing, to take any course that shall appear unto us to be according to the mind and will of God therein. I say till our hearts be come to this frame, we are not fit to ask counsel of God, neither have any feason to expect that he should be ready to counsel us. For to what end should he counsel us when he sees we are not willing to be counselled by him ? To what purpose should he say to us, This

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