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is the way, walk in it, when he discerns the frame of our hearts to be such, as that we have no mind to walk in it? when he fees we are bent upon our own ways which we like better. But when a Man can truly and in the uprightness of his heart say, lo here I am to do thy will O God, only be thou pleased to shew it me, and let me but understand what thy pleasure is. I am at thy dispofal, ready to comply with thy Counfels whatsoever they shall be, and to follow thee whithersoever thou shalt lead me : when I say a Man can truly say thus unto God, and when this is the secret frame of his heart, then he need not make any question but that God will be most ready to vouchsafe him his Counsels, and make known his mind to him.

But perhaps you may here say, I find my heart will not be brought to that frame of Indifferency which you speak of. I observe there is a great inclination of my Heart and Affections one way, and I cannot remove it. In this case what is to be done? I Answer,

1. You must earnestly beg of God that he would be pleased to subdue your heart unto himself, and correct the in


ordinate Propensions and Inclinations thereof to any thing which he


fee is not safe or fit for you.

2. If this abate not your inordinate Inclinations, and bring not your heart to a more even and equal temper, yet however take up firm and stedfast Resolutions that


will follow whatever Counsels God shall give you, though never so much against your own Inclinations. Resolve that if it shall appear to you that he would have you go another way, you will be ready to deny your self, and cross your own Inclinations that you may conform your self to his will. The taking up of such Resolutions, is the least that you can do whensoever you would ask counsel of God. So much concerning the first Instance.

2. Let us trust in God for Safety and Preservation in all our dangers. Here I understand those dangers which we may be exposed unto or meet with in the ways of our Duty. For when we are out of God's way, we are no longer under his protection. But while we keep within those Bounds which God hath fet us, and serve him Faithfully and Conscienciously in our places, we


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may warrantably cast our selves upon him for our safety and protection. 'Tis true, oftentimes when we should do our duty, and the performance thereof is attended with Hazards and Dangers, the counsel of the Flela, and of Satan joyning with the Flesh, is, spare your self ; if you should

go on, such and fuch Evils you may run upon and incur. It concerns you therefore to consult your quiet and safety, and not to adventure


self where in all probability you will suffer for it. But where any Duty or Service is to be performed, we must not consult with flesh and blood, much less with Satan, but do our Duty whatever may come of it, or whatsoever may upon that account befal us. This I speak upon supposition that we are convinced that 'tis a Duty, and cannot without sin be waved or neglected. When our Duty lies plain and clear before us, we muft not care whose difpleasure we incur by the performance of it, nor what Inconveniences or Hazards threaten us, unless we decline, it. Being in these Circumstances, we must chearfully address our selves to the performance of what God requires of us, and trust him with our safety and


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preservation. And in all cases of this nature, for our better encouragement to trust in him, let these Considerations lye before us.

1. That the honour of God is ingaged to own his Servants and stand by them, when they adventure themselves for him, and in his Service : I mean, unless the case so stands, that it would be more for his Glory that they should suffer, then be Exempt from suffering.

2. God hath promised that he who will lose his life for his fake shall save it, Matth. 10. 39. And on the contrary, hath threatned that he who in such cases will save his life, shall lose it. So then a Man cannot better provide for his fafety and security, than by adventuring himself in his Service,and upon his Account, when he hath a call thereunto. And on the other side, when consulting with Carnal Wisdom,a Man neglects his Duty that he may decline danger, he takes the readiest course to endanger himself so much the more, and many times brings greater Evils upon himself than those which he ought to shun and avoid. In short, if we do our duty, and trust God with our safety, we shall thereby so provide for and secure our felves, as that


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either we shall not suffer, or if we do, we shall be no losers by it in the end, our Sufferings shall turn to our Advantage. And this may suffice to have been spoken concerning the Second Instance.

3. Let us trust in God for the supply of all our wants. This may seem to be a very easie thing to those who enjoy plenty, and whofe Cup overflows; to such as were never acquainted with the Temptations that attend a strait and indigent condition. But such as are reduced to great straits, and have none to help them, find it a hard matter to trust in God, and depend on him for the supply of their necessities; sometimes it may be they find they can cast themselves upon God, and relye on his providence for their daily bread, but otherwhiles, how apt are they to call in question his care of them, to distrust · his providence, and to disquiet themselves with endless distracting and vexatious cares about the things of the World, saying with themselves, what shall we eat, and what mall we drink ? and wherewith Mall we be clothed ? But notwithstanding all the mil-givings of our distrustful hearts, we have ample encouragement to trust in God in our greatest


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