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you, and prevail with you to trust in God for them?

But it may be you will say, I am not so much troubled about the outward Estate and Temporal concernments of my Children, in case that I should be taken from them, as about their Spiritual and Everlasting condition.

1. If I should Dye, I know not who would take care of them to instruct them, and bring them up in the fear of God. When I am gone, for any thing that I know, they may fall into the hands of those who may either wholly negle& them as to what concerns their Souls, or which is worse, who may corrupt and poyson them.

2. We live in dangerous times; the Anti-Christian Party have been long attempting to bring us once more into Bondage ; to set up Popery amongst us, and to abolish the Protestant Religion. If so heavy a Judgment fhould come upon the Land, my Children might be brought up in Superstition and Idolatry, to the everlasting Ruin and Destruction of their Souls, which I cannot think of without Horror. When I conlider how great our Dangers are, how


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Slippery our present condition and ftation is what dismal Calamities may be coming upon us, what Miferies may be even at the door ; methinks I could for mine own part be very willing to leave this World, and to be taken

amay from the evil to come : but when I again consider what misery may befał the Souls of my Children when I am gone this makes me unwilling to leave then in such a Perilous and Critical feafon, and I am more Thoughtful and Solicitous about them, than about any other concernments that I have in all the World.

These I grant, are very great and important matters, and fuch as deserve your most serious thoughts. But yet however you must take heed that you be not Inordinately and Sinfully difquieted about them ; which you may easily be, if you give way to the workings of your own heart. You may af fli& your mind with endless thoughts of these matters, but when all is done,you must fix on this at laft, that God is to be trusted with these things as well as with any thing else. When the time is come that you must bid farewell to all things under the Sun, and pass into


another World, with whom can you trust them safely and securely, but with God? Who is there in all the World that can be relyed on for these matters, but he who is the Supream Governour of the World, and manageth all the Affairs and Transactions thereof according to the counsel of his own will ? But to speak a few words more particularly to both the fore-mentioned grounds of your trouble.

1. You are troubled about the Education and Instruction of

your Children when you shall be taken away from them. Here these Two things are incumbent on you in Relation to them.

1. That you be careful to discharge your Duty in Relation to their Souls while you are with them; that is to say, that you pray much for them, that you instruct them if they be capable thereof; that you endeavour to check and suppress vice in them, that you inure them to the practice of Religious.

that you walk before them in the

way to Heaven, and give them good Example, and the like.

2. That you take the best and most prudent order that you can for the good of their Souls, after that you fhall be


Duties ;

taken from them; that you endeavour as much as in you lies, to leave them to the Care, Tuition, Instruction, and Government of those concerning whose faithfulness in the discharge of so weighty a trust, you have the greatest confidence. These two things having been performed, you have done your Duty; and as for what may further concern them with Relation to the good of their Souls after your Decease, you must refer your self and them to God, cast them on God's providence, and trust in him for what relates to their Spiritual and Everlasting good, as well as for their Temporal well-being. And that you may the better do it, Consider

1. That God hath promised to be the God of his People and of their Seed after them. This promise he made to Abraham the father of the faithful, Gen. 17.7. And the same promise is made to all true Believers who tread in the steps of Abraham ; for they are the children of Abraham, Gal. 3. 7. They are the Children of the Covenant, and to them the promise Extends, even to as many as the Lord shall call, A&s 2. 39.

2. God hath promised to Circumcise the heart of his People, and the heart


of their Children, Deut. 30. 5. To pour his fpirit upon their feed, and his blessing upon their of Spring, Ifa. 44. 3. To bem mercy unto thousands of them that love him, and keep his commandments, Exod. 30. 6. Which promises, and whatfoever else there are to the like effect, though they are not so to be understood as if God by them did absolutely ingage himself to bestow Grace upon all and every one of the posterity of his Children, yet is there very much in such promises, so much, as that a true Believer may upon that account with much inward peace and quiet, leave his posterity to the care and disposal of God in what concerns their Souls, and trust him with them

3 yet fo, as not prescribing to him what he fhould do for then or with them, but fubmitting all to his most Wise and Righteous disposal.

2. As for the other ground of your trouble, viz. that if Popery should prevail amongst us, your Children might be trained up in Superstition and Idolatry, and fo everlastingly miscarry ; this I say,

1. Though we have cause to fear upon several accounts that Popery may at last prevail, especially confidering our horrid


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