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Sins by which we have deferved that fearful judgment; yet we are not without fome Grounds of hope also to ballance our fears : God hath of late eminently appeared for us notwithstanding all our Sins, by discovering the bloody Counsels of our Enemies, and in great part blasting them : and this affords us fome encouragement to hope that he will not now forsake us, and after all that he hath done for us abandon us at last, and give us up to the will of our Enemies.

2. If God, to punish us for our Sins, and for other Reasons known to himfelf, should permit Popery to break in upon us with an Irresistible Torrent, yet he can quickly turn the Torrent, and Remo establish the true Religion amongst us with advantage. Though the Storm may be sharp, yet he can fo over-rule matters, that it shall be foon over.

3. If such a rueful state of things should continue long, yet he who reserved to himself Seven Thousand in Israel that never bowed the Knee to Baal even in a time of Universal Corruption and Apostacy, most easily could, and we are well assured would reserve to himself a remnant to maintain and keep up


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Preached when we

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the true Religion,soundness of Doctrine, and purity of Worship, and to propagate, deliver over, and transmit the Jame to posterity, by training up the

younger fort in the principles and This was practice of the Reformed Churches. In

Thort, whatever times come, God will were up- take order, and provide means, that der great whatever shall tend most to his Glory, Popery

the good of his Church, the propogation of his true Religion, and the accomplishing of his Promises, shall in his time be fulfilled : and there we must leave it. · Great things belong unto the Lord; but things revealed to us and to our Children, that we may do them. Wherefore do your Duty while you are here, and cast all your care upon God for the future. You must Dye, but God will still be alive to take care of such as you leave behind you. Trust in the Lord for ever ; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.




Psalm 147. 5.
His understanding is Infinite.


HERE are two Books which

Reveal God unto us, the Book

of the Creatures, and the Book of the Holy Scriptures.

In the Book of the Creatures, we may read God in such broad and legible Characters, that he must shut his Eyes and see nothing that will not see and acknowledge a God.

Not only the whole Creation, the intire Body and System of the Creatures, and the admirable Order, Connexion, and Dependance of the parts thereof in relation to one another, and in relation to the whole, proclaim aloud unto us the Being, Wisdom, Power and Goodnefs of God'; but every single Creature considered in it self, and apart from the whole Mass of Creatures, may discover


something of God unto us ; even the very meanest and most ignoble of all the Creatures ; there is not a small Shrub or Plant, though no better than a Weed, but hath the impress of God's Workmanship and therein of his Wisdom and Power, Presentemque refert, quælibet herba Deum.

And this is that which the Apostle teacheth us, Rom. 1. 20. The invisible things of God from the Creation of the World are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his Eternal Power and Godhead.

But among the visible Creatures, there is none that bears such lively Impreflions of the Deity as Man doth, who was made after the Image of God : Whose Image though he principally bears in Respect of his nobler part the Soul, yet is there fo much of God's Wisdom and Power displayed in the admirable Frame and Composure of his very Body, that Galen, though an Heathen, after his Excellent Discourses of the frame of Mans Body, the various uses of the several parts, and the wonderful exactness of the Workmanship, and the most Wife and Admirable accommodation and fitness of every part


for the uses unto which it was designed, being even wrapt into admiration, he could not contain himself, but he must Compose an Hymn in the Praises of his Maker.

But however, the Book of the Creatures discovers much of God, yet the Book of the Scriptures discovers much more ; and in truth, this Book helps us the better to read and understand the other Book

This corrects our false Notions of God, and furnisheth us with sound and right principles concerning him. Which principles we bringing along with us to the Study of the Book of the Creatures, we shall be enabled to make a right use of them, and through the Manuduction of them as by a Clew, be lead more safely into the Knowledge of God, and be kept from becoming vain in our imaginations of God like the Heathen, Rom. 1. 21.

We shall be kept from those Mistakes and Errors concerning God, which without the light of the word, notwithstanding all the help the Creatures afford us, we should certainly run into.

Among many other things which the Scriptures acquaint us with concerning Kk


God s

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